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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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3,698 backers pledged $434,275 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Cantidio Fontes

      I already sent you my phone number, even though I provided it before and I still have to receive mine. Can you help me with that?

    2. Missing avatar

      Valentin Rul on

      I've send you my cellphone number but still haven't got my printer.
      Your staff provided me with tracking number: ea261486065cn.
      It's 121 days old and I still haven't got my printer.

    3. Missing avatar

      yu on

      I do not understand why you need my phone number. I don't understand why I have to give it via some shady webforms (yes Google is the most shady part of it, Google doesn't have to know my phone number.). You have my address - you ship to it. It is that simple. Anyway some time ago I have asked for a refund and got no response. I am repeating again I would like to get a refund.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Taylor on

      Can you ship me my printers? I have given you all the information you have requested, multiple times. Do I need to travel to china to pick up my printers????

    5. Erick Jakson on

      Got mine yesterday, box was TOAST. haven"t checked the shape its in though

    6. Missing avatar

      Derek Leung on

      I'm an angry backer on 101Hero as well as Kickstarter. Every single action they posted and released arouses my anger.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hank on

      I will sum up my experience in one word ..... FRAUD.
      Paid $130 last June and I would have had more satisfaction lighting that money on fire and watching it burn. At least I would have know what happened to it!
      I had high hopes, but I also realized that played into this swindle. Requests for correspondence are the customer equivalent of sending a letter to Santa. You are pleasant, eager and hopeful and fully invested into that unexpected deception. At least in that situation you may have gotten some response in the delivery of some kind of present.
      My only desire at this point is to recover that investment as quickly as possible.
      I would not have made this purchase if the initial terms stated that product delivery will be around 12 months, if you are among the lucky. Now, I use that term loosely upon seeing the sizable amount of negative user reviews and complaints.
      I now have fully let myself become among the frustrated. I no longer desire anything but a refund. Not a hasty delivery, not a pen-pal type relationship of slow emails, not a phone call like some drunken Aunt on an anniversary of her husband's death - that you don't even want to speak to, and especially not a lack of action to refund my money.
      Lack of any response, except repeated form letters referred to as surveys, are even more offensive than if the seller posted a stream of pictures of the debauchary they purppotrated on a tere of drugs, prostitutes and gambling on a celebratory trip to Vegas, to blow their ill gotten gains, then rub their victims noses in it. At least folks might get some closure in that.
      I fear that the best I can hope for would be to make a bunch of posters and start hanging them on telephone poles in my neighborhood, with the caption "missing! Have you seen this money? It was last seen June of 2015, with the last contact being the 101Hero Kickstarter Team." Now, like a cold case file, hopes of ecovering the body are fading, and I am left with more questions than answers.
      Lesson leaned, by me at least- and no, not the typical "buyer beware", "you get what you pay for" or "if it seems too good to be true, it is". My lesson is one of inspiration. I see a fantastic framework that I can build to make a lot of money from just using a great platform like kickstarter, promise some McGuffin that will never get delivered, and collect my winnings! What a dumbass I've been all my life, working to make an honest living! It was all right there waiting for me to learn by experiencing it first hand!
      If you have read this far, you too are probably among the group of those who have fallen for what I would hope is nothing more than some kids with good intentions, that had a great idea, lots of marketing skills, and complete failure to grasp the scope of their commitment to their customers and got in way over their heads with orders they struggle to deliver. Like me, your hopes are that you at least get your money back. Your frustration from what I equate to the response one gets from talking to inanimate objects, has landed you here. Feels like a victim recovery group in some dark basement room, where every sad story is met with the same from every new member. Some are mad, most are disappointed and the new ones are still in a state of denial or false hope that the purchase is still on its way and it only happens to someone else.
      Why do I suddenly understand Tyler Durden so much better now? YOU ARE NOT A BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE SNOWFLAKE!
      Take heed fellow consumer! There are reasons for why folks vent stuff like this on comment boards, and now I know fully well why.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexander Goeminne on

      I've already send you guys my cell phone nr 6 times, and still no answer... even when i reply to your personal mails... This looks more and more like a scam. I'll contact Kickstarter and paypall.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gareth Thomas on

      Have sent the requested phone number five times but still no printer or even a reply email, it's about time Kickstarter took all our complaints seriously and acted on breaches of their terms

    10. Missing avatar

      D B on

      Mine was dead on arrival....piece of crap...waste of money...

    11. Sheana Roggenstein on

      I haven't gotten mine and I sent the required information. I will send it AGAIN.

    12. Kelley Hendrix

      I got mine quite a while ago, but it never worked. :(

    13. Missing avatar

      stefan on

      Worst kickstarter experience ever.

    14. Missing avatar

      Steven Greenberg on

      Can't show any projects because I can't get help calibrating.

    15. Missing avatar

      Wind on

      This is so frustrating! I sent my contact emails multiple times and I'm still get this stupid notification about missing cell phone. I want a full refund. I don't want your damn printer.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nadua on

      I already sent all my info, but as you dont reply I don´t know if you really receive it or not, can you please let us know that?

    17. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai

      I have sent emails many times. But, let alone the reward, there is no reply to the question I wrote in the email. At the very least, you need to send me a reply that you received an email. Or have not received an email from me?

      When I send an email to you with an Internet service provider that I usually use, I always get an error message. I sent an email from a service that I don't normally use, and I didn't get any errors, but I'm worried about what really arrived because there is no response from you. Therefore, the direct message of Kickstarter and the contact form of have been sent, but there is still no reply.

      In this situation, why do you insist on contacting a specific email address? Why not use Kickstarter's direct message? There are also a number of reliable means of communication, such as Backerkit and Google Survey services.

      In the first place, you have not read the comments here or the direct message of Kickstarter. If that is the case, you are committing a violation of Kickstarter's serious terms.

      Very infuriating.

    18. Missing avatar

      Steve Christiano on

      Mine is broken right out of the box. One of the arm servos has a gear that slips. Will not mive the arm properly. Can i get a replacement?

    19. Missing avatar

      Steve Christiano on

      Mine is broken right out of the box. One of the arm servos has a gear that slips. Will not mive the arm properly. Can i get a replacement?

    20. Missing avatar

      Wybe Buising

      I have sent you my information multiple times but you haven't replied for weeks, even though I've sent 4 or 5 emails...

    21. Missing avatar

      Manabu Izurumachi on

      I have never seen a yellow version of 101Hero on the Internet.
      And 101Hero Team is showing us a yellow version of 101Hero.
      Has anyone already received a yellow version?

    22. Michael Josten on

      Zur whole thing is crap... van Broken and the company refuse to help.

    23. Jan Karel de Wolff on

      For the 3rd time I have send you my phone number now! I question why you need it.

    24. Roland684 on

      If you are not going to respond to e-mail or have a very unreliable email service, you should really open up a support forum where users can check if their problem is a known problem and whether other users already have solutions for it. Where users can share experiences and tips.

    25. Missing avatar

      Patryk Topczewski on

      The printers are broken anyway

    26. Lloyd Watkin on

      All these updates but you never reply to users who's printers arrived damaged/broken?!?