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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. Alexis Caporale on

      Hi, guys. We have our Hero but we can't make it work properly. We have 6+ years working with 3D printers so we can understand different variables but we can't succeed in making it work properly. Please, help. We can be a great partner distributing worldwide if the machine works well.

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      Lynn on

      I got my 101 hero shipped to me but the glass plate came broken. It's in bubble wrap that's extremely frigid and soft so wouldn't have done a great job protecting the glass plate. Pls can you send me a new one?

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      Ivan Rollings on

      Finally received, yet to try it out but the glass bed got broken in transit. Hopefully everything else works as I am sure I can source more glass. While late a much better experience than Pebble.

    4. Hartmut Kast on

      Backer number #1.029
      Received my 109 US$ red dv version in late january.
      Unfortunatelly its defektive, so i need spare parts.
      If you are in Germany and want to sell your RED DV Version 101hero, drop me a note at Pls tell any known defects and expected price.
      I will pay via paypal and take care of the transport (DHL Paket) costs.
      Regards, Hardy

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      Tohru Ochiai

      I have not received a reward.
      I have not received the inquiry mail response.

    6. Missing avatar

      MM on

      Backer number #1,555

      I did never receive anything........
      Please contact me for my delivery detail

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      nick beckloff on

      I have yet to be contacted about the delivery of my printer. Backer # 4,201.

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      Victor Avila on

      Everyone, I would recommend that you go to the campaign page and scroll to the bottom and report them. There is an option to report for "Post-funding issue" such as lack of communication, or in this case, potential fraud. They are not shipping anything at an acceptable rate, and those items that DO ship out seem to be mostly defective (broken bed, broken motors, broken control module). I get that there are no product guarantees with Kickstarter, but in this case I believe we were lied to. In reviewing the campaign, I noticed that they include many little Lego-like blocks, as well as some figurines made of blocks. There is no way that this toy printer can print something of that quality, and I believe we were all misled with respect to the print quality and their ability to deliver a product.

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      Wybe Buising

      Something went wrong with the delivery of my printer and I got the wrong package, which I returned. After that 101Hero said I already received my printer. I contacted the delivery company, they gave me proof I didn't get the shipment.

      101Hero then told me to sue the delivery company. Eventually, they contacted the delivery company and understood that a mistake was made and promised me a new printer would be sent. It has been over three weeks now and they stopped replying to my emails.

    10. Matt Dyson on

      I still have my non functioning printer that arrived a month ago and no replies back from messages, emails and comments.

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      Scott on

      Btw, attorney here. Anybody interested in joining my class action lawsuit against the creators of this project? Im really fed up that theyve taken my money and are just ignoring me now. If there is enough interest, I will get the ball rolling. Let me know your thoughts everybody.

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Why dont you reply to messages about the status of the order? No clue where mine is.

    13. Ferruzoft on

      Still waiting for mine to arrive though I'm dreading discovering if it will work or not. I'm from Peru and my backer number is 2,593

    14. Mario van der Niet on

      Asked for a refund (didnt received the printer yet and read the reviews. Those were not good, so decided to ask for refund). Got about 90% of the money back and that is fine to me. Took 6 weeks before they refunded through paypal. So thank you 101 for the refund. Hope the people who receive the printer are happy with it!

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Kiessling on

      Can someone able to source the stepper motors 28BYJ48 1/32 in DE/EU?

      I have also received broken stepper motors. So it would be great if 101hero can replace them, I already requested that, but with-out response.

      I would also pay for new once or source myself, but the 28BYJ48 motors with 1/32 gear ratio seem to be impossible to source in Germany/EU. If someone can source them in Germany/EU, please contact me! (

      Best Regards

    16. Daniel Ward on

      Mine arrived DOA. The LED lights on the control module and the fan on the extruder runs and that's it. No other movement. I have messaged the creator twice and... absolute silence. No answer.

    17. Nicholas May on

      Still waiting for mine to arrive though I'm dreading discovering if it will work or not.

    18. Missing avatar

      Steven Zeldis on

      How do I get software for some projects?

    19. Victor on

      It dont't work. Two of my stepper motors broke in shipping. So the thing is useless. Many people have the same problem.

    20. Missing avatar

      skshih on

      As mentioned in my previous comments, please update me on the defect motor. What is the point of keeping up the deliveries while you cannot deliver quality goods.
      Really disappointed with the customer service, literally I have no feedback received once I raised my concerns.
      This maybe the worst kickstarter of all time. Totally a waste of money.

    21. Grigory Berezovsky on

      Мой принтер приехал и работает. Спасибо! Если бы вы еще общались с плательщиками вообще бы все хорошо было!

    22. Missing avatar

      Glenn Perez on

      Hopefully mine will arrive in good working condition. too much negative reviews here.

    23. Missing avatar

      Russell M Irving on

      I received mine and it was DOA repeated attempts to get responses other than "What you mean?" have proven fruitless. I invested enough to get at least three printers. I got one that didn't work at all period. This is the last kickstarter for me.

    24. Missing avatar

      Victor Avila on

      So when will you be handing out replacement for all the DOA parts? My printer has been gathering dust because the servos were broken upon arrival.

    25. Missing avatar

      MM on

      I have no update for my shipment at all

    26. 임종현 on

      Answer me and do not lie!

    27. Andreas Bergmeister on

      Please answer to my RMA Requested.
      Waiting about 4 months for a answer

    28. Missing avatar

      Philip Fay on

      Congrats on the shipping!

      I got mine in January and assembled it last week. The print head burnt out after running 20 or so calibration prints. Do you sell spare hot ends or print heads? If not, could you send me a link to someone who does?

      I sent a message via your website, but haven't heard back in over a week. I know you folks are busy, so a reply is very appreciated.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Miribel on

      Same symptoms as others... only fan working...

    30. Missing avatar

      Sigoillot on

      I received one blue a couple of weeks.
      After mounting, nothing works, except fan (!). I have run test program, but not resolved problem.
      Bad Kickstarter experience. What can we do ?

    31. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai

      I am waiting for reward arrival in Japan.
      My Backer Number is 306.
      I have not received a reward.
      I have not received the inquiry mail response.

    32. Randy Rodgers on

      Looking forward to receiving mine...I think. Given the comments below and my recent delivery of a non-working 3D printer from another campaign, I am not expecting much.

    33. Larry Stewart on

      Wait....Do you mean that most of the units have been shipped out? Or (based on the photos) do you mean that almost everything is packed and going out to the shippers?

      I know I have not received my pledge reward!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Turin on

      Received mine a couple of weeks ago. One of the motors/belts is not working. You can hear it clicking, but it does not move up and down. I've run the return home program and the test program and it has not resolved it. I have not tried to push the arm holder up and down, as all the post say this will break it. I've posted multiple times on kickstarter and their contact page in web site for help and no response on how to get help or fix. Please respond.

    35. Sheana Roggenstein on

      "You choose a wrong shipment method to Russia. Tnt company only works with legal entities. Package were shipped but no individual person could receive it here."

      Was that towards me or was it something towards the 101hero team? If it was towards me, I selected the correct shipping method and just verified to make sure. If necessary, I can provide a screenshot. If this wasn't towards me and just sounded like an answer, disregard this please. The wording is throwing me off.

    36. Scott Kuo on

      I think shipping is only for blue, or I am the only one that ordered Yellow. Still nothing!

    37. Missing avatar

      Dustin Burton on

      Thomas Miribel: Mine isn't working either. Will not feed the plastic correctly and cannot get it to line up with the base correctly. i too messaged them multiple times; no response.

    38. Missing avatar

      Thomas Miribel on

      Received a couple of weeks ago. Printer not working... I've immediately sent an email, no response until now...

    39. Shailendra on

      Just got mine delivered. Very exited to check it out �

    40. Missing avatar

      Hugh Cooper on

      To Roland
      See my comments. I got one to work. One is junk because they will not cover bad parts under warranty. I didn't expect the one that did work to give the best prints but as long as you don't print something critical it might be ok.
      If you're in the US and your printer is one of the ones with bad motors but the effector works I would be willing to buy it from you if it is cheap enough. This way I can possibly get mine to work. I have good printers and will be giving this to my grandson's school so that the kids there can do some things with it. Let me know. You can contact me at

    41. Missing avatar

      Timothy Rhodes on

      I got an email 2 weeks ago to give them my phone number and my printer would be shipped within a week. I did, nothing. Sent them an email a week later, no response. Shipping might be almost done but mine isn't.

    42. Missing avatar

      Hugh Cooper on

      Hopefully the last of the printers all work. I received two. One worked and one had a had extruder heater so it was useless. I contacted 101hero and asked for a replacement and still have not heard back about this. They did response about a motor that was jammed after I fixed it but not about the heater/extruder. I did not ask for a complete effector assy, just the extruder assembled with the heater and t/c and I would put it together. There is NO WARRANTY on these printers. I don't know how these people expect to continue in business if they totally ignore their customers and don't care if their products work or not as long as they get their money. At the least this is called ripping people off. If you're going to sell something it has to be something that works.

    43. Jan Karel de Wolff on

      So I finally will get my printer...

    44. MasterVault on

      Anyway, the main one still having a broken motor.

    45. Roland684 on

      Upon their request for my phone number (required for shipping) I sent an email back, but heard nothing. 4 Weeks later I sent another email on which they replied they hadn't received my previous email. So their email doesn't seem reliable and they don't take much action to reach the people they haven't gotten a response from.

      If you're wondering whether they received your e-mail, you should probably send it again until you get a confirmation.

    46. Missing avatar

      Vitālijs Gagunovs on

      To all people, who reached 101hero team. What email are u writing to? Cause i did not get any reply.

    47. Chris Kellett on

      Hey keep going guys you are doing a great job. Looking forward to getting the printer. I still can't believe you have been able to put this together for such a low cost. Well done.

    48. Mario van der Niet on

      had an emailconversation with 101, but now 6 days no reply... still waiting....

    49. Missing avatar


      "Shipping is almost done" Which shipping? Two messages about not having my printer yet. Only to get a message back to send my email to another address and still no word back. Hmm I get to wonder...

    50. Missing avatar

      Roland on

      Has anyone gotten their printer to work? Ours is junk.