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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. Missing avatar

      osher on

      What I paid for, is not only the printer but a lot of color wheels together with the printer.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nadua on

      Any news????!! I'm still waiting for my printer, it's going to be a year and still nothing

    3. Jason M Snyder on

      Are they still being mailed out? I have not received mine either.

    4. Missing avatar

      Hugh Cooper on

      If there is anybody out there who received their printer and had problems other than the effector (extruder assy) and also can't get parts and would like to sell their assy at a reasonable price to recover some of their loss then email me at and let me know how much you want. For those with the same problem as mine, if I can't get a replacement assy I intend to convert this over to a laser engraver as the tracking isn't too bad and would be easy to do. Just an idea. If you think you might do the same, email me and when I do this I'll let you know how I did it and how it turned out. FYI, won't be doing this for at least a month.

    5. Missing avatar

      Hugh Cooper on

      Received my two printers a few weeks ago. One worked, one didn't. Need a new extruder assy with heater and thermistor. I stated I would install it into the holder but after sending a few email I have yet to get a response. I guess they will not be offering replacement parts if you have a problem. Instead you will need to purchase a complete replacement? For less than 50% more money you can get an Anet A8 assy which I have also purchased and it gives a 1000% better print. I you're not going to be able to repair your printer if you have a problem then why buy it.

    6. Andrew Tallarita on

      March 20th and still no printer or any communication....WTF.

    7. Missing avatar

      Yukinori Uemura on

      When it shipped in? I'd have been waiting for.

    8. Missing avatar

      Evgeniy Zheltonozhskiy on

      Any updates? Still waiting

    9. Missing avatar

      Yaron Ganor on

      Well? I haven't heard anything from december!

    10. Faisal___ on

      Any update regarding shipping?

    11. Daniel Robledo on

      Got mine today (Colombia).

    12. Missing avatar

      Salman Ahmed on

      I also have not heard anything about my order since receiving survey. Any updates will be most appreciated.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew St. Angelo on

      I have not heard anything about my order in a very long time. I recieved a Kickstarter survey for my address, back in October. Since then I have not received any further communication or my printer. What should I be expecting, moving forward? When should I expect to hear from someone?

    14. Missing avatar

      Hugh Cooper on

      Like others, I received a request for my phone number in January and telling me shipments would be after 11 Feb. Finally got both of my printers two days ago. They went together very easily and all motors tested good. I used repetier and manually ran them. When I tried to heat the extruders, one went to temperature (200 degrees C) easily and held temperature good. The other one would not go over 181 degrees C. I figure it's either the controller (I'm going to swap the two to test it) or the heater in the extruder. If it is then I'll need to find out which type it is (I suspect it's a resistor). If anybody has replace the heater and already knows I would appreciate it if you could post it here. I'm going to try a test print tomorrow and will let everybody know how it turns out. While I didn't expect too much from a $49 printer, it is better than I expected.

    15. Missing avatar

      Hugh Cooper on

      I saw on the maker muse youtube that they had to put in a piece of carboard to add pressure to the feed system. If you remove the filament after trying to feed it, see if it looks like its being worn. This would mean that it is slipping due to too little pressure. If you have the DV version use Repetier in manual mode with the door open to the extruder and see if the feeder is turning when you manually tell it to feed. You did cut the filament on a sharp angle so that it would be able to start to feed didn't you? Hopefully this helps some.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Put my together today no problem, then i went to print the test and barley any filament comes out, ive tried a bunch of times, tried adjusting the skrews to get it closer to the bed and nothing really comes out. It is through the second hole i made sure of that. Any one have this issue any help would be appreciated

    17. Sam on

      I got a message about confirming my address in February and it said it'd ship on Feb 15th. Still no printer

    18. Missing avatar

      Hugh Cooper on

      To Alvaro Nassutti , if you are in the US and cannot make this work let me know. If the price is right I'd be willing to purchase it from you for parts. Let me know. Leave a message here and I'll get back to you with my email.

    19. Missing avatar

      Eugenio Mattei on

      I want to share with other backers that I received a message from 101hero asking for my phone number and giving me a shipping date of around Feb 11th. I replied as asked but didn't get any confirmation or tracking number.
      Today,Feb 23rd, I received the printer (I live in the USA). After you receive the email with the phone number, in about 14 working days you should receive the printer.
      Hope this help those who are still waiting.


    20. Missing avatar

      Güray Yıldırım on

      Supposed to be delivered in Oct 2016, nothing. They do not even answer the messages. I think I will report this.

    21. Missing avatar

      Randal on

      Where is this project? No communication? No printer?

    22. Missing avatar

      Randal on

      Where is this project? No communication? No printer?

    23. Vivienne Mountford on

      Mine should have been delivered in Oct 2016,have sent messages and no reply,really think this is rubbish.

    24. Elizabeth Grisard on

      Hi! as of February 16th, no printer....

    25. Faisal___ on

      No printer yet and 2 messages sent with no response. I think I'll report.

    26. John Robinson on

      How about an update on when the rest of us are going to get our printers?

    27. Missing avatar

      Alexander Goeminne on

      Still waiting for an update... and ETA!

    28. Missing avatar

      Stuart McPherson on

      Still awaiting my yellow printer too. From Scotland.

    29. Ferruzoft on

      Same here, not received anything as well from Peru

    30. Muhtasim Muhib on

      hi, it already febuary, i havent recieved anything yet

    31. Lars Hielscher on

      would be nice to have any update on the non working parts.mentioned by a lot of backers

    32. Missing avatar

      bas roeters on

      Time for an update? End of jan but no printer ?

    33. F. v.d. Vliet on

      here also..... please respons
      where is the printer,
      it was expected in November

    34. Missing avatar

      Duncan Kuijpers on

      When can I expect my 3D printer to arrive in the Netherlands?

    35. Missing avatar

      Heather Henlotter on

      Could you give me status on my printer, please.

    36. Missing avatar

      Alvaro Nassutti on

      I just got my RED printer, I asembled it but i cannot make it work. It never started after the 2 minutes, I waited more than 10min, in different occations and tried reset and power it off/on and no luck. The fan in the head works but it never warm up. :( Any idea?

    37. Jeroen on

      Hi I still didnt receice my printer any ETA??

    38. Missing avatar

      bas roeters on

      Any ETA on the printer?

    39. Missing avatar

      Francisca Lampron on


      I'm from Canada and I got my printer this week. (january 17th) I got the yaya pen at the same time, it was in the box. Also, I never get any tracking number from the team but they contact me to get my phone number to ship the printer by express post, I only get it once it was stuck at the borders.

      I think everybody has to be patient, they will ship all printers, the delays are expected in a kickstarter. But I agree more communication would be welcome.

    40. hoàng nguyễn quốc phong

      Hi there
      I'm a backer of your project and i already send your team many message in about 5 month but until now i still don't receive any reply and my Hero101 too. Some one can help me???? my email, Reply me soon
      I'm so dissapointed

    41. Missing avatar

      Mike Wilkins on

      Received a message from asking for my mobile number, with a reply address of ''. Giving a shipping date of around Feb 11th.

      Anyone else getting this? I replied.

      Now, what about that YaYaPen! Still haven't gotten that.

    42. Missing avatar

      Hugh Cooper on

      Looks like 5 or 10 printers are being received each week. Not great but at least it says that there is a chance I'll get the two that I ordered. I suggest going to and look at some of the videos posted by people that have gotten their printers. It does show some of the questions I didn't know to ask about the design of the printer. IE: resolution, stepper steps per turn (shows how fine the movements are), if parts are going to be available if I receive my printer, speed, etc. For $49 I'm not going to expect too much, was only hoping to see what it took to print and to learn. I am only looking to print items that don't need to be 100% critical. We'll see. Hopefully I will get mine soon.

    43. Missing avatar

      Onkarr Singh Sandhu on

      Didn't even get it for Xmas (Dec) or my Birthday (Jan)!!! Delayed much? :(

    44. Chris Kahana on

      Just got my printer tonight in Washington state! Can't wait to put it together and give it a try!

    45. Daniel P. Holder on

      No printer yet, no emails or tracking number either... Where can we check the status?

    46. Andrew Douse on

      Mine just arrived in the UK. so they are out there. Now to put it together...

    47. Missing avatar

      Romain on

      When can I get my printer?

    48. Missing avatar

      wil jones

      got my printer Tuesday the 16th 2017, just showed up at my door! made it to Kentucky package nice....and the great thing is, working like a $49 + dollar printer should work. thx 101hero's

    49. Missing avatar

      Coudeville on

      This project seems to be a very bad joke.
      Our credit cards have been charged a long time ago and there no communication from 101 Hero since last year (sic!).

      It'll be very kind of you, 101 Hero to send us ETA or just an estimation of the volume already shipped ?

      Please inform us...