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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      Does anybody have any idea how to hook the Developer Version up to Cura? I'm aware you have to use an earlier version but it still doesn't work

    2. Yoni Schipper on

      Hello ,

      When can I expect receiving my printer ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicos Onyx on

      Have you started shipping to Denmark yet? I have not received the printer yet, if you could please contact me with further details <3

    4. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Tauber on

      Hello, When is starting the shipping to Austria?

    5. Missing avatar

      tony carini on

      have not received printer

    6. Missing avatar

      Junghwan Kim on

      I have not received my printer.
      Where is? plz, send shipping number..

    7. Missing avatar

      Don on

      Backer number - 1060

      one nice thing about not getting my printer is

      one - that the bad motors may have been a bad lot and have burned through

      two - that I may get the color printer (yellow) I ordered

      But I will say I expected before now and really would like to have it

    8. Missing avatar

      James Roden on

      where is my printer

    9. Missing avatar

      Sriancho on

      Me too, So when should I expect to receive my printer??? >:(

    10. Missing avatar

      Maggie Avila Griffin on

      I'm filing a fraud complaint with the US government...

      Most of the people who backed your product have not received anything and you are asking us to spend more money to get a pen that we can buy at Michael's Arts and Crafts supplies..

      This is a total joke!!

      I have want a refund do to your poor communication and product delivery I'm no longer going to back anyone on Kickstarter...

    11. Missing avatar

      Douglas Daniel on

      So when should I expect to receive my printer??? >:(

    12. Jeroen on

      Hello, could you email me and tell me more when I receive my printer?? Thank you!

    13. Larry Stewart on

      Any word would be welcome on when my printer is going to ship. If it makes any difference my backer number 2,466

    14. Julien Leclaire on

      From this website :
      CEO would be some Paul Keung, let's find him and ask him question directly.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dennis Dormady on

      Sure would be nice to have an update....I'm getting pretty much turned off of Kickstarter projects for the future.

    16. Ben Wang on

      Hopefully the printer will receive before New Year at the very least...

    17. Spencer on

      How many printers are left to be shipped?

    18. Missing avatar

      Hugh Cooper on

      You need to post a response to all the people questioning where their printer is. Like them, I have not received mine and the lack of updates is starting to worry me. Your last update of more than 2 weeks ago, leads us to believe that you have shipped some printers. It is almost Christmas now and many of us had hoped to have our printers before then. We had also hoped that we would have the time to put it together and to test it so that we could show our kids how to use it. How about an update. How about letting us know if our printers have shipped.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alvaro Nassutti on

      So, is this another scam?

    20. Missing avatar

      Marsupilani on

      I did not receive my 3d printer, have you guys shipped all of them yet?

    21. Missing avatar

      Jamal Dabas on

      I did not receive my 3d printer, have you guys shipped all of them yet?

    22. Missing avatar

      Loknarys on

      Hello to all the world I would like to know when I would receive the printer with the 10 filament because I really hate to use it: D

      Good courage for the continuation and still bravo has all the mode.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason Leung on

      Where is my 3D Printer? anybody here?

    24. Missing avatar

      Laseracid on

      I got the printer all set up but i wont print anything even the test from your site all i get is a clump and string i sent a email 3 days ago and still no reply also would like to know why it cant be controlled via the USB port in my design version CURA keeps saying no printer connected?

    25. Jack van der Steeg on

      Please can you tell me when my printer will arrive at my adress?

    26. Missing avatar

      Paco Andersch on

      No printer received. No blog updates. No communication from you at all...Any comments from you would be appreciated, even bad news or whatever...

    27. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      Normally I wouldn't be concerned about this and I have heard of several people in this feed getting their printers. I was told that they would easily have them out by the holiday season and it looks like that isn't going to happen. The complete lack of communication is really annoying.

    28. Missing avatar

      Aaron Rothwell on

      Just received my printer yesterday, although I only quickly opened the box last night it is blue and I ordered the red one, c'est la vie.

      I didn't get any notification from the company, just notification from UPS that I would be getting a package. Also, not sure who was at fault but my package according to the UPS website went from China, to Canada to china, to japan, to Alaska, to Kentucky, South Dakota then back to Canada.

    29. Missing avatar

      Idan on

      I haven't received the printer yet.
      What is the status?
      backer number 906

    30. Missing avatar

      Álvaro Pascual López on

      what is the status of the shipment my Backer number is 3.117.

    31. Missing avatar

      Andrey on

      Where is my PRINTER?
      Backer number 3,780

    32. Hofer Jean-Claude on

      Bonjour, pas encore reçu mon imprimante. La Chaux-de-Fonds / Suisse. Salutations.

      Hello, not yet received my printer. La Chaux-de-Fonds / Switzerland. Greetings.

    33. Missing avatar

      Itzikbenabu on

      what is the status of the shipment my number is 950.

    34. Bill VanGlahn on

      Shipping update, please. #2291

    35. Darren Apps on

      Well same as every one else, dead motor on arrival rendering the unit useless, also the usb does not work (but that could be user error).

    36. Shingo FUKUYA on

      My backer number is 2818.
      Please...please my printer...

    37. Biran on

      Does anyone already received his printer?
      Is there any phone number to call those guys from 101hero?

    38. Missing avatar

      Tan Soon Chiang on

      Hi there , it seems like there is no notification of delivery for my backed 3D printer . Kindly feedback ...

    39. Missing avatar

      Alan B on

      Ok, got my blue printer assembled and here are the problems so far: fan would not work, outer shell broken and impeding blades; would not print, pins on SD card adapter not soldered; doesn't print correctly; rail bearings frozen on one side rail.
      Going to see if it is salvageable.

    40. SD-09 watches on

      HI Creator, I did not get any email about the delivery status, can u help to follow up?

    41. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kramm on

      Hey, many printer arrived with brocken motors. Why? Whtat happend?
      Give it replacement?
      You get free replacement?

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert Cole on

      Got an email this morning with the tracking number. I thought - great. Only an hour later, there was a package at the door. What a fast delivery (sure....).
      First disappointment - it's blue and I asked for green. Second - only one power supply to share between the printer and the pen? Third - no SD card included.
      Goes together reasonably easy. Three different uprights. One with a different slot for the wires. One with a very long wire for the stepper (limit switch wire was shorter then the other ones- odd). The included PLA filament is very short too. Good thing I have some of my own.
      Hope it prints well. Should find out tonight.

    43. Missing avatar

      bas roeters on

      Just received a meesage from is this message Coming from you Guys or is it spam?

    44. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      Got my printer so happy to receive it, just got to get it together, good work guys :)

    45. Manel Rives on

      I'd just like to know when you think I'll receive the printer. I know I live in Spain and the package will take longer to reach here but, could you tell me a date? Thanks so much

    46. Missing avatar

      Allen D Shaw on

      @101Hero I could really use a better estimate. There are people getting these and have not been sent a confirmation email or a tracking number. I am about to relocate in 28 days and want to make sure I receive my printer.

    47. lasinir on

      Like everyone else here I would like to know (tracking number) of where the hero I backed leaves/delivered

      HOWEVER - I am not going to harrass, defame, echidna (we don't have badgers in Australia) or platypus these people over it.

      THIS IS A KICKSTARTER... that they are actually shipping and it looks like most every backer will get it within 3 months of the promised backing date IS BETTER THANK 82% OF ALL KICKSTARTS.

      So all you people who are posting "Where's my Hero??" remember that. Anybody who has ever backed a lot of kickstarters show know that dates are almost never on time. EVER!.

      Live with it.

      oh and for the coming holiday festivals - BAH witchetty grub (again - no humbugs in Oz).

    48. Brian Gregory on

      Yup, repeat what everyone has posted.

    49. TJ on

      How long is it going to take to get these? :-(

    50. Missing avatar

      Vignal on

      I still did not received information about my order's shipment?? Where is it ?? Did you received my address ? Just a piece of communication would be nice. =/
      Thanks in advance