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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. Simon Gonzales on

      I still have not recieved my 3D printer

    2. Vivienne Mountford on

      Hi, my backing number is 2136, I have sent 2 messages requesting when will I get mine delivered? It should have originally been October and we are now into Feb and still no sign. Can you update me please. Many Thanks, Vivienne

    3. Missing avatar

      DP Dvm on

      I have not received an email about shipping.when can I expect to get the printer

    4. Koichi Tanii on

      Sorry, it started working with another SD card. 101HERO doesn't support small SD card like 32MB?

      But another problem happened. One stepping motor seems crushed, its axis makes noise and doesn't move correctly.
      Please send replace motor soon.

    5. Koichi Tanii on


      I just received my printer today in Japan.
      But all of 3 motors don't seem to start working with TestFile.

      How should I do about this? Please help me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ruo Ding on

      I never received an email notification for shipping. Can you send again?

    7. Matthew Siebenhühner on

      I never received an email notification for shipping.

    8. Audric Gueidan / Takopix on

      same as lot of people, i'm not sure about received an email notification. Have you send all of the unit ?

    9. Chris Kahana on

      Hi All,

      I haven't received an email notification about shipping, is there any other updates for the people not lucky enough to be in the first 2,000 shipped? I've been really looking forward to this, and would love to have an idea on how long till I can start printing.

    10. Michael on

      I did not get any e-mail where I can confirm my data, can you send it again to me?

    11. Missing avatar

      Allen D Shaw on

      @101Hero I could really use a better estimate. There are people getting these and have not been sent a confirmation email or a tracking number. I am about to relocate in 28 days and want to make sure I receive my printer.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rosiane Correia de Freitas on

      Hi, thank you for the update. But I would appreciate a more accurate estimate. When can we expect that?

    13. Missing avatar

      Bruce Jones on

      Thanks for updating, but another update would be nice. I too was hoping for delivery before Christmas. Not sure what the story is on the additional survey to confirm address again. Still waiting for that and will turn it around asap. Delays for second color now seem extreme if even the basic color has not gone out yet. Are all colors at the warehouse/shipping partner? Or will some have to wait even more? A stretch goal or extra option that pushes a launch out two months beyond expected delivery doesn't seem like a benefit. Backer 1,887.

    14. TJ on

      Are we ever going to get tracking numbers for the packages, you said that the ones have already been shipped to the US warehouse and they will be shipped out by the end of the month, well the end of the month is in 5 days, I need to have this printer before the holidays come around.

    15. Missing avatar

      Piotr Dędek on

      Hello, any update about the package arrivals? It's almost end of november and there is no specific information about the package. Thanks

    16. Missing avatar

      Denis V on

      What is your shipping service? Will taxes be imposed? Thanks

    17. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Costa Ferreira Gomes on

      i buyed a two printers in promotion for shipping in october, but i see printers going and my printer nothing, i want a notice, my backer number is 4,059

    18. Brent Crier on

      When you said there were shipping in October I think we pretty much "assumed" thought it was shipping to the backers not to the warehouses. I could really care less about the internal logistics. Just be straight with us.

    19. Francesco Peeters on

      1) Any of the other colors in those shipments, or only the original color?
      2) I assume that, if they went to a warehouse in EU first, and I get one shipped from there, I won't get VAT on top when it arrives?
      3) If #2 is true, what about the later shipments, which - as you say - will be shipped direct, since they'd likely be faced with customs and VAT charges?

    20. Missing avatar

      LEO4NFS on

      Baker 2884. Give me any info or e-mail to know, that I will recive the printer, because I still dont know what to do. Trying to be patient, but...

    21. Ferruzoft on

      What about Peru? Will ship directly?

    22. Pete on

      Watching a kickstarter campaign ship on time is like getting to see a dolphin be born

    23. Evgeniy Ginzburg on

      Very good. Hopefully in a month or something like this hero will sit on my desk. (That's a median time for delivery from China to me.). Nice.

    24. Missing avatar

      Erik Ortega

      October was my shipping date is middle November

    25. Mikhas' Varantsou on

      Does anyone already received it?

    26. Aleksandr Motsjonov on

      What about Australia? Will ship directly?

    27. TJ on

      So when should us in the US be expecting them?

    28. Manoël Trapier on

      Thank you for this update!