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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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3,698 backers pledged $434,275 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Hakan Evirgen on

      I ordered red and received blue today :( why???

    2. Missing avatar

      Dzuy Tran on

      Any news when you will be shipping the Blue one for me? I have not gotten any respond or any acknowledge for anyone yet. I have filled out my survey for the shipping address long ago and also had reply to the survey for the color selection, but still no one have acknowledge or letting me know when you be shipping me the product.

    3. Francesco Peeters on

      Any news on when you'll ship the red ones? ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Onkarr Singh Sandhu on

      What is the latest for the delivery dates out in the UK? I don't think I can wait any longer =D

    5. Francis Hui on

      Any update on the delivery?

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Salter on

      @Creator : When do you anticipate shipping the first (Blue) batch?

    7. Missing avatar

      John Hesselschwerdt on

      Is it possible to order more filament within the delivery? There was no place in the survey to tell extra wishes :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Richter

      If the Blue pieces are ready, when do you anticipate the start of shipping?

    9. Missing avatar

      jerry Fletcher on

      I filled out the Survey. I selected blue for the faster delivery. I been so busy I forgot about purchasing is printer until I read the email. now I can't wait to get it.

    10. TJ on

      People respond throught the surveys that were sent out, check your inbox that is associated with your kickstarter account. If you cannot find that, go to the campaign page < clcik manage your pledge < there should be a option in the middle that says survey, fill out your survey there.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicos Onyx on

      Green! (Turquoise)

    12. Missing avatar

      Stefan Gautschi on

      it was just possible to change your informations a few minutes after you filled out the survey

    13. Dániel Somogyi on

      Hi! I tried to upgrade my informations, but i keep getting back the same thing.
      To be honest the only thing i wanted to change is the colour of the machine from red to blue. Is it still possible?
      The updated survey response still say red.

    14. Missing avatar

      Quentin Golay on

      Do you have 3D renderings or pictures for the different colors ? That would help to choose more easily ;)

    15. Richard Melker on

      I'm so excited about this :D It has been fun following you on your way towards this goal, you should be very proud of yourselves because you have done an amazing job!
      I just filled out the survey and looking forward to try it out, I wish you the best of luck and happiness for you. <3

    16. Todd A Naber on

      Better be Blue- that's the color for me!
      Green is great too, but I can't wait !

    17. iskyguy on

      How did you fill out the survey and get the discount on the 3d pen

    18. Benny W on

      Nice :) survey filled in and 3D pen ordered. Looking forward to this arriving soon!

    19. 101Hero Creator on

      @Wil Stevens, all the printer only has the color, do not have any print on that. We just would made a "tattoo" printable file and upload on our web, and the backers who want it could download it and print it as a sticker.

    20. 101Hero Creator on

      @Pat, yep, the pen use 1.75 filament

    21. Missing avatar

      Kitty Yasashii on

      I'm a bit confused. I thought the color options were for the stickers on the printer. Are there color options for the printer, or are they all the same color? Because if they are different colors, I have to change the color on my survey.

    22. Pat on

      question about the pen does just use standard 1.75mm filament because i didnt any other filament on their site.

    23. Wil Stevens on

      I have seen the email survey, is there an option for no pokemon?
      ...I'd prefer just plain blue please.

    24. Missing avatar

      Spymode on


      World/EU-Friendly, or Customs Declaration: Commercial Sample (No Gift)...

      Thank you so much,

    25. Missing avatar

      Wybe Buising


    26. Missing avatar

      jose pizarro

      the survey seems to have omitted the DV version option in order to correct problem with pledges

    27. Missing avatar

      Amir on

      Whatever gets my hero sooner, blue please.

    28. Missing avatar

      Nadua on

      I do want the pen, I've already buy it

    29. Missing avatar

      Nadua on

      Blue! where can I see the 3D printer pen?

    30. Eugeny Perepelyatnikov on

      Is there a way to get additional printer now?

    31. David Horton on

      Love the red! That is my favorite!

    32. Missing avatar

      Laseracid on

      Blue it is gets here faster :D didn't see filament choice.

    33. Dan Ciarlette on

      The pen and link is mentioned in update #14 near the bottom. I added that. I thought it was a great deal. I can't wait to get my 101Hero and now the pen!

    34. Missing avatar

      Sylvia Sieglen on

      Hello, this is a really nice idea. I would like the red color, after all, he's called HERO right? �

    35. Missing avatar

      Itzikbenabu on

      I order green and try to change to blue but the change not work I get email update with green.
      what to do?