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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. Missing avatar

      Treggles on

      I'm chomping at the bits to use this! When is the next update?!

    2. Brian Gregory on

      How far along are we with the project.

    3. Missing avatar

      Arthur W Smith on

      Looks like your doing a FIne job. So how are things going?

    4. TJ on

      When will we be getting the backer surverys? Or an update coming about the printer?

    5. Manoël Trapier on

      Please wait for the creator to send the survey.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matteo Pizzinga on

      Can email to me please
      I wanna send my Delivery address and the color of the PLA to you
      Please reply

    7. Manoël Trapier on

      @Chung: They haven't send the survey to collect addresses, so please wait.

    8. Ken Chung on

      Can email to me please
      I wanna send my Delivery address to you
      Please reply

    9. Missing avatar

      Sylvia Sieglen on

      Hi, looks great, but is it possible to obtain a different color for the printer?

    10. SD-09 watches on

      Looks great! Can't wait to see it soon...

    11. Missing avatar

      Frederik Muylle on

      @Christian +1 for stop that music LOL

    12. Christian Ladewig on

      Nice work. But please stop using that music. PLEASE :)

    13. Anton Rehrl on

      Looking good! Cant wait to et this in my grubby little paws :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Bo Karlsson on

      Great job guys! Keep it up!

    15. Missing avatar

      Onion Salad on

      Hi, are you guys gonna ship the assembled product or parts+instructions for the assembly?

    16. Missing avatar

      Neil Chappell on

      Ta for the update, i hope we get them for October so i can use them in a school i work with.

    17. Ferruzoft on

      Thanks for the update. By the way, When send us the surveys?

    18. Missing avatar

      Camilo on

      nice update, thaks

    19. Missing avatar

      David Boyd

      Looks good. What speed(s) were you printing at for perimeters and infill.
      Can we see the resulting parts from these tests?
      What part(s) are you printing or tests running to verify that the calibration of the delta does not have a bowl effect and that the print nozzle is at a constant height across the entire print surface?

    20. Missing avatar

      Norbert Davis on

      Those look great. My sons will be excited to have one for their own! Can't wait to get it.

      Great job.

    21. Such Doge backer WOW

      Much excites! Wow

    22. Jim Bussing on

      Cant wait to get mine looking really good Love the Blue!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      Fajnie się prezentuje, mam nadzieje równie dobrze będzie wyglądać na moim biurku

    24. Missing avatar

      Angel Alejandro on

      Wow, Thanks for updating. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Christopher Kramm on

      nice:)show some printed parts?:)

    26. Missing avatar

      Jacopo Bracco on

      Uau! So when you'll ship it??

    27. Manoël Trapier on

      Wow it seems to be really slow, but as long as it does the job :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Stefan Gautschi on

      They look soo nice in this colour

    29. Francis Hui on

      good to see it, any is the profile for slicer uploaded to your home page?
      When will we receving the the survey for delivery

    30. Missing avatar

      Ryan Jensen on

      Super exciting, thanks for the update guys!

    31. John Donovan on

      Cool - they look good!

    32. David on

      Great news! Does this mean, that the printers will be shipped soon?