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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. Missing avatar

      Spymode on

      @Creator @101Hero, ship with Customs-Friendly Worldwide service(Example with "ShipNaked"), or Customs Declaration: Commercial Sample (No Gift), Value: € 15, Total Value with shipping: € 20... (< 22€)

    2. 101Hero Creator on

      @Chocolate Glad to know that you like Mr. Hyde. Sure, we will include Dr. Jekyll in our library so you can print it out!

    3. Missing avatar

      IreneY on

      @creator, from your comment, do you mean that with optimization, the Hyde print could've looked better? The print quality looks very different than the examples shown on the campaign page, What settings were different? (Perhaps this is obvious for the more experienced, but I'm just a beginner here)

    4. 101Hero Creator on

      @Vishal Pai Thank you for raising up the question about materials. We will discuss your proposal with our engineers and examine how it will influence the performance and cost.

    5. 101Hero Creator on

      @Soham Malakar Thank you for your acute observation. Our engineer will take you advice when working on production model.

    6. 101Hero Creator on

      @Jan Karel de Wolff Thank you for your kind comment! Your words mean a lot to our team. @Mario Santos Ramos @RetromanIE Thank you for letting us know your high expectation on 101hero. The size of the Mr. Hyde was 1.45 inch high (will shown in next update) though and we didn't do any optimization. We just honestly presented what came out from the printing process. The 101hero 3D print was designed mostly for beginners and 3D printer fans who don't mind have one more to print out some toys on their own. with priorities given to affordability, simplicity and reliability,

    7. 101Hero Creator on

      @Nicholas May Hey, Nicholas,The printer is compatible with open source software such as slic3r, or Cura. It supports STL for sure. If VRML file can convert to STL with any aformentioned open source software, it will be ok. Hope that answers your question.

    8. 101Hero Creator on

      @Batuhan Bilik @Spymode Hey, sorry to hear that you two have to pay so much to custom. What do you think we can do with EU custom?

    9. Mario Santos Ramos on

      I just want to point out how big the difference in quality this print is to the ones in the campaign page. Had I seen this one first I might not have pledged.

    10. Mario Santos Ramos on

      I'm having the same concerns as others here. This print doesn't look good at all. Not that I expected the same level of detail and quality as a professional printer but I was waiting for an update with a printed object to make sure of my pledge.

    11. RetromanIE on

      Hmm, even for such a cheap and cheerful printer the quality is very bad on this. For the money i wouldn't expect fast prints or big build volume or the highest quality prints. But this looks bad enough to be useless. It almost looks like it was done with one of those doodle pens that 3d print :0) I think I will cancel my pledge, but I already have a few printers(cheap and not so cheap) and this was more of a curio than anything to me.
      I think if the quality can be improved it would be a great little printer for beginners.

    12. Nicholas May on

      Will STL and VRML files be compatible with this printer? Or is there a way to convert them to a format the printer will accept?

    13. Batuhan Bilik on

      Eu/World-Friendly, please :))

    14. Jan Karel de Wolff on

      If you want better quality, you should be willing to spent more money!
      I think that it is OK for a printer that costs less than $50.
      EU friendly (ship from within the EU) would be nice though.

    15. Francesco Peeters on

      Also agree with @David Boyd:
      Print some of the 'standard' stuff that 'everyone' uses, so we can compare quality!

    16. Francesco Peeters on

      Agree with @Spymode!

      VAT here in Europe is very high (19-24%, depending on country, mine is 21%) and it is charged on the total amount (for commercial items over €23 and non-commercial items - ie presents - over €43), and when they do, the carrier usually also charges an administration fee that is approximately the same as the VAT amount...
      So we'd pay anywhere between 30-50% extra!...

    17. Soham Malakar on

      I really appreciate that you have posted this video. We all want this 3d printer and we want to help you with our feedbacks. Here is what I noticed during the print. I saw that the print head slightly tilts when it moves outward. However it stays vertical when it is near the center of the machine.
      As you may already guess the problem, more compact design and stiff links may improve this.
      I hope this is just a prototype printer and your production printer would not have this problem.
      Thank you.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      Hey, I've been printing for a while now and that really doesn't look the best. Were there any issues? Please let us know what the situation is because that could just be a print with high microns, but also it could just be a prototype print. Please let us know!

    19. Missing avatar

      Vishal Pai on

      The print looks good for the prototype.But the lack of fine detail (read:Precision of XY ) is what bothers me.You mentioned in the previous update/comments that the frame body and the arms are going to be ABS.What is the flexural strength of the ABS material you are using? Would you be able to tweak the molds and use Polyamide (more stiff,less flex than ABS) instead ?
      I foresee flex of the structure and the arms under compression being a big problem to the XY precision.Good luck!

    20. Digital Siberia on

      @Creator Can you please reply to my messages?

    21. Missing avatar

      David Boyd

      Honestly, that print is pretty bad. Lots of missing parts of layers showing extrusion problems (typical if printing too fast), I also see evidence of ringing.

      Guys, there are TONS of standard 3D print test pieces out on thingiverse and other places that can be actually used to diagnose issues with printers and determine print quality.

      Please print at least the following:

      1. All items in The Essential Calibration set:
      2. 3D Benchy:
      3. Delta bed level calibration objects:

      Frankly, based on the quality of that print, if this ever gets delivered I suspect I will just scavenge it for parts.

      PS - Read you partial answers to my questions in Update #2. You really glossed over several issues. It would help if you got someone whose primary language is english to help with your responses.

    22. Chocolate

      Oooooo it would be awesome if the Dr. Jekyll piece was a hollow nesting piece to fit inside a hollow Mr. Hyde, since they are one and the same!

    23. Chocolate

      I feel so honoured to have inspired this print! I'll print Dr. Jekyll to inargurate my 101Hero when it arrives! Any chance to have the design in the 101Hero library as a nod to this KS project?

    24. Missing avatar

      Spymode on

      Eu/World-Friendly, please :))

      Customs problem - Es. for Italy, Pledge 79$ + shipping $30 = 109$=> 98€ + Customs (+22% + 5,5Euro) = 125,06€ :(

    25. Benhaim on

      @lucbenhaim Come on guys !

    26. 101Hero Creator on

      @Daniel Fallas Feel so encouraged with your nice comment. Sure, we will keep it up and deliver what we promised, lol!

    27. Daniel Fallas on

      Looking high detail on that print! Keep it up, even more excited now!