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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. Pinaut 2 days ago

      no shipping. no communication. sadly a project that sucks!

    2. Robert Clayton 3 days ago

      We’re my Printer ??????

    3. Missing avatar

      keisuke arima on November 14


    4. Wildcat JM on November 13

      I've been waiting since Oct 2016 and still no printer. Last communication from them was to update my phone number and still nothing. Really disappointing.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas Treu on November 10

      No printer!!!! Want a refund!!!

    6. Ji Ho Jang on November 10

      Spend money wastefully. Be unable to receive goods. 돈을 날렸다. 사기당했다.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai
      on November 7

      no printer. no communication.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Roden on November 5

      Still haven’t gotten mine

    9. Lloyd Watkin on November 5

      Hi, linux driver missing on sil website,

      Could you provide an updated URL please as I can not communicate with printer.

    10. Spencer on November 5

      Still waiting on that extra 3d printer pen

    11. Missing avatar

      James Knox on November 1

      Felipe, I agree with you. We used to have a sign up in a lab I worked in: "Anybody can build just one!" It was an attempt to explain to management why, after we got a prototype running, it still took lots of time and money to turn it into production. I strongly suspect the 101Hero people did not understand that. They had a noble idea, and no idea what it would take to actually mass produce a reliable useful printer. Now, having had their noses rubbed in a pile of reality, I fear they have panicked and run back into the bushes, even though their original intentions were probably good.

    12. Missing avatar

      Felipe Zuntini Abella on November 1

      Sad to see a nice project with so many problems.
      I too have no printer and no comm, but somehow, I still want to believe in you guys!

    13. Missing avatar

      Karl on October 31

      Still no printer!!! I'm disgusted in this project!! I want a refund!!!

    14. DevilCry on October 27

      No printer, no answers.

    15. Ahmad Al-Benali on October 25

      I did not receive a printer

    16. Maleus Maleficarum on October 24

      Besides all of the comments regarding to the author of this shitty project, I already contacted kickstarter and they wrote that the platform were built to allow direct communication with the author and shall be used to make a direct agreement between the two parts with no interference of kickstarter; bottom line, kickstarter doesnt do enything for the backers to force any refund. Shame of platform as well.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wangta Liu on October 24

      no printer. no communication.

    18. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai
      on October 23

      no printer. no communication.

    19. Chad William Manning on October 23

      Are we going to ever see our Printer?

    20. Missing avatar

      Keith Fung on October 17

      I never received my USD 25-00 refund for the lack of Filaments they were supposed to ship to me as part of my pledge. From the recent comments, I can see we backed a dodgy developer. Sad!

    21. Missing avatar

      Tom S
      on October 17

      Thieves I say... Send us what we backed.

    22. Robert Clayton on October 16

      Backer 20 wants to know we’re my f printer

    23. Carol Wilson English on October 15

      What is our recourse for never receiving our printers?

    24. midnite
      on October 15

      Can we sue them? I think Kickstarter should take a look into this and help us.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gunjan Gupta on October 14

      Backer number 2632. Still no printer. How can you claim you shipped all printers without sharing any tracking IDs? Refund my money you cheats!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      James Knox on October 13

      Sadly, Garrett, I strongly suspect you are correct. Their other page, which states that "the web site for getting replacement parts will be up very soon" was dated May 24th, and no announcement (or even comment) since then. A couple of people have said that they sent them additional money for replacement motors, but never got anything.

      After considerable effort on the printer I received (which only printed for less than 2 minutes), I have it working. Probably $5K worth of billable hours on it, but it sort of prints recognizable stuff. [Repaired controller board. Repaired SD card adapter. Modified alignment/calibration. etc.] There are a lot of additional things I could do (there are folks who have made new pylons, replaced all four motors, replaced the hotend, replaced the controller card and power supply, and put in new software - yeah, what's left?). However, it will never be a quality printer - for a large number of reasons.

      For those who never got theirs, well, this is not much consolation. For the rest, I suggest we consider this a "learning experience" and that anything we managed to print is "entertainment value." [Sort of like buying a lottery ticket.]

    27. Garrett Grenier
      on October 11

      I believe your comments are wasted guys, there last login was September 14th, they saw your comments and obviously didn’t care. I have my printer so at least I have an expensive box but it’s a trash project, barely works and you will probably lose more hair trying to get it to work once you get it then if you don’t get it at all. I’m with you I’m more then over with crappy kickstarters

    28. Missing avatar

      Thomas Treu on October 8

      still no printer, no communication and no refund :-(

    29. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai
      on October 8

      no printer. no communication.

    30. Missing avatar

      yu on October 5

      no printer, no refund. backer #2188

    31. midnite
      on October 3

      Hi there, I have still not received my 101hero. Please get in touch asap.

    32. Missing avatar

      Pakorn Sangsurane on October 3

      Is there anything we backers can do? I have not gotten my printer either and Obviously i am not alone .

    33. Pinaut on October 3

      A total rip-off!

    34. Pinaut on October 3

      still waiting!!! no response from you guys! poor poor situation!

    35. Lihod Rachmilevitch on October 3

      I want a refund now! Still waiting for my printer too!!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Karl on October 2

      I want a refund now! Still waiting for my printer too!!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      George E. Bozinis on September 28

      I am backer 2567, US$ 134. No printer. Is this a scam?

    38. Missing avatar

      Scott on September 27

      Fucking scammers

    39. Mariappan Jawaharlal on September 23

      I have never received the printer. When did you ship?

    40. Missing avatar

      Thomas Treu on September 22

      still no printer!

    41. midnite
      on September 22

      Hi there, I have still not received my 101hero. Please get in touch asap.

    42. Klaus Mühlhausen on September 20

      I have still not received my 101hero. Please get in touch asap.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai
      on September 19

      no printer. no communication.

    44. Scott Kuo on September 17

      Not received one here either.

    45. Jack McCracken on September 13

      I suppose there's no way to get our money back? It's almost a year after the expected delivery date and I still have not received my 3D printer.

    46. Missing avatar

      Erik Ortega
      on September 12

      I have a blue printer brand new never used, i open the box just to see if everything was there but i never put it together if anyone needs it shoot me an email

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