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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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3,698 backers pledged $434,275 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Klaus Mühlhausen 2 days ago

      I have still not received my 101hero. Please get in touch asap.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai
      3 days ago

      no printer. no communication.

    3. Scott Kuo 5 days ago

      Not received one here either.

    4. Jack McCracken on September 13

      I suppose there's no way to get our money back? It's almost a year after the expected delivery date and I still have not received my 3D printer.

    5. Missing avatar

      Erik Ortega
      on September 12

      I have a blue printer brand new never used, i open the box just to see if everything was there but i never put it together if anyone needs it shoot me an email

    6. Gonçalo Silva on September 12

      I keep asking kickstarter support to just send me back a simple identifying message that would show they actually read my email and there is an actual person answering, so far I only get scripted messages back.. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?

      PS: I want them to write back "Wubba Lubba dub dub"

    7. Andrew Hodgson on September 10

      No contact from creator and no help from Kickstarter support. A total rip-off.

    8. Gonçalo Silva on September 6

      no answers from campaign's creators nor kickstarter support :/

    9. Missing avatar

      James Knox on September 6

      Sadly, the promise made to have up a web page for those of us with broken units "very soon" is a promise soon broken (since it was made back on May 24th). I strongly suspect by now that the people behind this effort have grown tired of it and moved on to other ventures. Too bad.

      For those who never received ANYTHING, I can only sympathize. For the rest of us, I ask the developers to PLEASE, at least post the development information (schematics, parts list, and software) - so that those of us that DO have broken units can at least attempt to salvage something. I know that I paid extra for the "developer's version" - apparently not what I received. [And it died in less that two minutes regardless.] So I think a couple of minutes of your time is not too much to ask.

    10. Missing avatar

      Pakorn Sangsurane on September 6

      I am also still waiting for the printer or response to the PMs I sent regarding the shipment. Backer 3399

    11. Pinaut on September 6

      2017-06-09 Still waiting for the printer here in Switzerland!

    12. 陳聖翔 on September 5

      I have still not received my 101hero. Please get in touch asap.

    13. midnite
      on September 5

      Hi there, I have still not received my 101hero. Please get in touch asap.

    14. Hyosik Bang on September 3

      Hello.. Did you sent my printer?. I still wait it. Also, I moved my home.
      If you do not send it yet. Tell me I will send my new address.


    15. ernest on September 3

      Backer #288, no news on my printer yet, nor reply from creator.

    16. Missing avatar

      Glenn Perez on September 3

      what happened to my 101Hero? Its been 8months? from the time of the first shipment, I have not received mine?! no update?

      i want my money back!


    17. Chris Williston on September 2

      I have not received any updates on the shipping status of my printer, when can I realistically expect it?

    18. Gabriel Ortiz on September 1

      Where is my 101 Hero??

    19. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Marra on September 1

      Backer #3613
      How can I receive some news about my printers and my 3Dpen?
      I've never received any tracking number ...
      Please let me know

    20. Missing avatar

      Enzo on August 31

      Backer #1412 Still no news about my printer...

    21. Andy Tran
      on August 31

      Can I please get a reply to my emails? No printer... =(

    22. Eduardo Maluf de Campos on August 31

      I havent received mine still

    23. Missing avatar

      Erik Friedman on August 31

      Backer 1176. My printer arrived a long time ago but had broken motors. Contacted Berwin and he told me to pledge $10 more dollars and two new motors would be shipped.(even though you should have just shipped me a new printer in its entirety) It's been 4-5 months with no response and no motors.

    24. Missing avatar

      Diede van Abs on August 31

      Just sent them another mail requesting a refund or a printer. It's a shame how this project turns out to be, it seemed so promising earlier on :-(

    25. Missing avatar

      Diede van Abs on August 31

      Jeah, me too. Nice, this whacky update (and the previous "Yeeeh we sent all the printers" but where is mine? Or my refund?

    26. Robert Clayton on August 31

      Backer #20 still waiting for my printer what the hell going on

    27. Missing avatar

      Jasper Kaempf
      on August 31

      Nothing but spam emails through kickstarter updates....

      Haven't seen my printer. No Reply's. Nothing.

      As Everyone else it seems.

    28. Missing avatar

      nick beckloff on August 31

      Why don't you jaggofs reply to all of the people who received broken printers that are not working or those who have not received them at all?

    29. Russell Sawyer on August 29

      Shipping is all complete now???
      #894 here, still havent seen a damn thing in the U.S.

    30. Felipe Martins Assafin on August 29

      Still waiting my printer too #backer 567.

    31. vmakar85 on August 29

      Hi guys, no printer, no respond,no respond, no printer, wtf?
      Backer number is 2,979 can i receive my printer or return my money? or receive any information about status of my printer?
      at this point a think i was fucked up and feels like a fool!!!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      keisuke arima on August 28


    33. Missing avatar

      Wong Wai Kin on August 28

      When can I receive my printer or return my money? Please reply

    34. Shingo FUKUYA on August 27


    35. Missing avatar

      Suzuki on August 27


    36. midnite
      on August 27

      Hi there, I have still not received my 101hero. Please get in touch asap.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Turin on August 27

      I got my printer in January, but it was defective. I have been sending messages and posting comments since then and have gotten to reply. You are almost better off not even getting your printer. These guys got in way over their heads and cannot follow through. I am about to bin mine and write it off.

    38. Missing avatar

      Alexander Goeminne on August 25

      Let us track them down! Who can help to find them

    39. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai
      on August 24

      no printer.

    40. Scott Kuo on August 24

      Choices are simple, money back or printer. Where the printers be at?

    41. Missing avatar

      Julian Verdugo on August 23

      Still Haven’t received a printer even though they said shipping was complete, Complete Scam!

    42. Missing avatar

      Wangta Liu on August 23

      no printer, no respond, Backer No. 2579

    43. Missing avatar

      cathi zak on August 23

      received an email that all printers had been dispatched. never received the 2 printers i paid for. no answer to several messages to 101 hero.

    44. Missing avatar

      Peng-Chou,Tang on August 21

      no printer, no respond
      I tried to communicate with 101 hero team.
      I still have nothing, I would like my refund now.

    45. Missing avatar

      Scott on August 19


    46. Shingo FUKUYA on August 19

      no printer....

    47. Missing avatar

      Christian Gibert Harvey on August 18

      i don't have the printer yet. That is incredible. How can you do this to a lot of people? you are terrorists!

    48. Asaf Netzer on August 17

      Hi guys,
      No printer, no response
      Please refund my money

    49. Robert Clayton on August 16

      Have not received my printer I'm backer 20 what's going on

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