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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Watling just now

      Well got it built without too much trouble and managed to get it to print the test pattern. (8gb card partitioned to 2gb and FAT formatted) It needed a tweek to the height as the extruder was too close to the bed. I tried to print something bigger but found the supplied tape for the bed was too smooth and the print came off once after it got a few mm high. I found some rougher masking tape at home and that works ok. I've not got it talking to Cura on the PC yet but managed to print the Mickey Mouse file from the 101Hero site via the SD card.
      Didn't turn out too bad. A few little holes and the resolution is pretty low.

    2. Yorick Chan 19 minutes ago

      Got mine today

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin Houser about 5 hours ago

      Also... The suggestions to use rubber bands on the arm pairs helps.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin Houser about 5 hours ago

      Loading new filament when the prior filament runs out is a PITA. It's easier if you have a PC/Mac connected in order to home the head and heat it up to the melting point and then pushing the remnant of the prior filament on through the extruder with a small tool. But... It worked.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Houser about 16 hours ago

      The following two YouTube videos were useful 101hero info as we built and calibrated everything:

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Houser about 16 hours ago

      Calibrated the print head height a little bit. Freed up the bearing and put a small piece of cardboard behind the bearing mount to provide more pressure against the filament feed into the extruder. Those minor adjustments resulted in successful prints. So far we've printed for about 4 hours total and things work well, but print quality could be improved.

    7. Joe Schalk 1 day ago

      Splice it together.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mario Measor
      1 day ago

      got my printer, but as i was putting it together i noticed there was a blue wire coming off the extruder that was cut. can anyone tell me if that is expected or do i have to splice it together again?

    9. Larry Stewart 2 days ago

      My son's 101hero finally arrived! Now to go through all of the build comments and see what issues people have been having so we can minimize potential problems!

    10. casanova 2 days ago

      Thank for the 30€ off import tax for France
      After more than 10 kickstarter i have never to paid it.
      Fucking stupid to have a a storage in Europe

    11. Missing avatar

      Diede van Abs 2 days ago

      @Andrew Watling be glad, DHL in The Netherlands demanded a whopping €48 (€30,50 VAT and €17,50 administration costs).

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Houser 2 days ago

      Formatted an 8gb SD card to FAT and dropped the motor test file in the root as "101hero" and that worked. Next I'll try the test print...

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Houser 2 days ago

      Assembled it last night and double checked the wiring. Tried the motor test file on a FAT formatted 16MB MMC card but no motion. Grrr. I'll try a 1 or 2GB SD card formatted FAT16 later today...

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin Houser 2 days ago

      Just received my 101 Hero tonight in Arizona. Backer #356. All parts inspected look ok. I'll assemble and test over the next few days. I hope it works.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Watling 3 days ago

      OMG!! it actually turned up here in the UK, I'd given up. Rip off DHL wanted another £16 (£5.13 in VAT and the rest handling!). Almost not bothered to even put it together as looking at the comments here it's highly unlikely to work anyway. Still enjoying Kickstarter, this is the only one out of 22 so far that has been truly crap.

      I like the idea of a 3D printer so I'll probably invest in something much better like a Prusa i3 MK2S

    16. Henry Hwang 3 days ago

      Anyone willing to file a class action lawsuit against the company behind this? I would be interested in doing so to put them accountable for the faulty printers that a majority of us have suffered.

    17. eddie guerrero 3 days ago

      Well I got my printer together and a stepper is broken its trash

    18. Lam Sai Tat 3 days ago

      Got mine and after scrolling pages of comments I followed a guy's tips to format the sd card in FAT16 2GB and it will start reading the card and print. For mac users follow this guide Demo model here

    19. Missing avatar

      Geoffery Bechtold 3 days ago

      Backer 2,276. Got my printer three days ago and have had no problems. Hooked it up to my computer today and, after a little bit of finagling, I got it to work perfectly. I highly recommend getting better filament though.

    20. Andrew Tallarita 4 days ago

      Printer received - doesn't work. None of the test files do anything. Garbage - filing for a chargeback due to fraud with my credit card on this junk.

    21. Ashton Humphrey 4 days ago

      I also tried the motor test and that did nothing.

    22. Ashton Humphrey 4 days ago

      Hello My Printer arrived this morning, It started to work fine with the test print or about 30 seconds, then it stoped and hasn't moved since. My printer is not working, it stopped at the bottom. The arms no longer will move in any directio and hitting the reset buttom does nothing. It just sits there at the bottom. Doesnt' even move up and down. Ive tried restarting the printer and even unpluging it a couple times. Still does not move. I even downloaded the back home file off the website and that did no thing. I've tried 4 different SD cards each formatted correctly with the files and nothing. Its just stuck sitting at the bottom. The fan is moving on the arm and the led light is on but the arm it self is just sitting there no matter what I try

    23. Missing avatar

      Diede van Abs 4 days ago

      Oh, great.
      DHL returned my unit to Signapore in spite of agreements to keep in storage until I would schedule a new delivery date after sorting the exorbitant import fee. Said they would keep it in storage for a couple of weeks, but then only waited until after easter (2 working days...). Printer is back in Signapore again.

      Turns out this is on request of the shipper (101Hero).

      Didn't get a reply to my emailed request for an invoice with shipping specified, they just asked for the printer to be returned.

      Nice :-(

      Going to try and get my money back now.

    24. Missing avatar

      pete gurney 4 days ago

      hi Jan, thanks but I did see the period on the end of the email address and removed it.
      I have tried to send several emails to this address and always get the following error.
      A message that you sent to the following recipient could not be delivered due to a permanent error. ** The remote server responded with: ** 550:Ip frequency limited.… This message was created automatically by mail delivery software on the server avasout01.

      i'm sending the email from the UK, perhaps it's the way it's being routed.
      but what ever the reason I can't respond to their request, and although I sent it to them through kickstarter email service they act as if I haven't sent it.

    25. Jan Karel de Wolff 4 days ago

      @pete gurney Make sure there is no . at the end (after the .com). That email-adress is working.

    26. Missing avatar

      Patrick de Zoete 5 days ago

      Had to pay an extortion import fee to the Dutch postal service to get my printer, but I received it! Right color, good packaging. Didn't set it up yet but considering the money spent it actually looks decent! Thank you 101hero for coming through and delivering :-)

    27. Brian Graham 5 days ago

      Oh my.... I got mine, everything appears in working order, and I've made several prints. It's not as "good" as a $500 machine, but crap.... it worked, and it worked with very little adjustment on my part after calibration.

      I backed to see if it was possible to make a $49 printer. Now, in no way is this something that is robust enough to use a lot. And I can see why so many are having issues. It's not a robust design. But mine works for now. Too bad so many people are having issues. (I hope you all weren't expecting a robust, professional system. This is more of a novelty item, not a regular user.)

    28. Li Ho Tat 5 days ago

      just not working

    29. Missing avatar

      pete gurney 5 days ago

      why do you keep requesting my phone number asking me to reply to: which bounces instantly. I sent you my details viakickstarter and you don't respond. so if you tell me how to send it you by some other method other than the non working email address you keep sending i'll gladly reply.

    30. Alessandro Virdis 5 days ago

      101zero rubbish. I hope someone will receive a working unit

    31. Missing avatar

      MIchael Ferritto 5 days ago

      Don't be in a rush to get it. You only hasten your disappointment. Dead on arrival.

    32. Gregory Hillsley 5 days ago

      Seven months after estimated delivery still nothing. WTF.

    33. Spencer 5 days ago

      Also recommend repetier as you connecting software

    34. Spencer 5 days ago

      If you're printing pla 190 should be enough, just set the temp to print at or above 190. This printer will never print abs because it just can't get hot enough, unless you got lucky I guess

    35. Missing avatar

      swedik 6 days ago

      Hi, do you have anybody experince how to set proper temperature of extruder?
      I can see temperature of extruder in simplify3D and Cura ...after heating it will stop all the time 230°C which I guess is possible maximum.
      If I set printing temp or temt of first layer of printing to 200°C and around, it will not start print becourse waiting for M105 (gcode) temperature which is set to 200, but real is still 230. Looks that there is not possible to control temperature at all :o(

      READ: ok
      READ: T:230.1 E:0 W:?
      SENT: M105
      READ: T:230.1 E:0 W:?
      SENT: M104 S190 T0
      READ: T:230.1 E:0 W:?
      SENT: M104 S190 T0
      SENT: M105
      READ: T:230.1 E:0 W:?
      READ: T:230.0 E:0 W:?

    36. Kristian Moon 6 days ago

      Did anyone actually get a working 101Hero??
      Looks like all of them are DOA so far...

    37. Missing avatar

      swedik 7 days ago

      Hi, anybody knows how to slice and print in Cura3D? My issues:
      1. There is not working profile 101hero - show that there is some error and can slice any model.
      2. Installed drivers but still I can directly send files via usb cable - optio is only save to hard drive od SD card. In other sw its possible, so driver is fine. Maybe some uncompatibility with Cura?
      3. eve if I can export gcode to DC card from Cura it will not start printing. Somebody puts here post that it could be related with temperature and waiting it for correct one or heat enought, but I can see in othere sw that tepmerature of printer is 230°C so it should be enought...
      If I uncheck in simplify3D waiting for temp, it will starti printing....

    38. Missing avatar

      paulo cesar marcon on April 16

      Backer #190.
      I have not received my printer yet, so can You please send an ETA?

    39. Roland684 on April 16

      I received my printer last Friday. Did not receive a tracking number, but I had to sign for it.
      Wrong color, but I don't care.
      Calibration prints fine.
      But sometime during printing of more complex shapes, the printer regularly stops completely for a fraction of a second. And it seems that one or 2 of the motors skipp a steps at that time. The topmost layers end up off center and completely non-level. The whole print becomes an unrecognizable mess and at best seem printed skewed at a 45 degree angle.

    40. Eddy Ortega on April 16

      Just receive mine 3 days ago, functional Al first then extruder not working

    41. Hartmut Kast on April 16

      Backer number #1.029
      Received my 109 US$ red dv version in late january.
      Unfortunatelly its defektive, so i need spare parts.
      If you are in Germany and want to sell your RED DV Version 101hero, drop me a note at Pls tell any known defects and expected price.
      I will pay via paypal and take care of the transport (DHL Paket) costs.
      Regards, Hardy

    42. Missing avatar

      MM on April 15

      Backer No#1555, Up to now, I got nothing at the moment. no tracking number, no message, no response, of course no goods......Like disappear.

    43. Missing avatar

      swedik on April 14

      I receiced a printer, all looks fine. Connected all and tried to test it so load the sd card by 101hero test files for motor or test file, but nothing happend. Looks I am not alone, so how can u help us?

    44. Missing avatar

      Rod Stokes on April 13

      Got my printer (UK). Broken connector on control box with bent pins (= rubbish quality control) but I managed to fix this to get it all plugged together. Can't get past the test prints as nothing seems to produce a decent quality print. Spent hours tweaking height and doing test runs but nozzle fails to deliver a decent supply of melted product. Very unhappy

    45. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lord
      on April 12

      Received my 101 today but no 3D pen as marked on invoice, I paid for it but it was never put in the box, bubble wrap and were sealed tight so it was never there, ripped off again

    46. Missing avatar

      Diede van Abs on April 12

      Would have gotten my printer today, but refused it at the door - reason being a hefty €48 VAT declaration (ok, €30,50 VAT and a further €17,50 administration costs for DHL - bastards). Got in touch with DHL and it turns out this VAT was calculated on some weird printer price and a crazy high shipping cost due to this not being clearly stated on the waybill.
      Sent mail to Berwin for a clear invoice stating both printer AND shipping costs, I hope he can send me because with such a steep VAT declaration I cannot accept this printer. This is even aside the state of the package, which I will try and check before accepting the printer for a second time.

      Dutch backer, #2148.

    47. Rob Bishop on April 12

      I just got mine a minute ago. I'm in Canada backer #767 - glass plate is in 5 pieces - broken. Everything else looks in order so far. I have not started to put it together.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ricard Boronat Rosello on April 12

      I've got mine, it seems everything ok... It is very well packaged, so let's hope it will be when I assemble and try to print !

    49. Missing avatar

      MIchael Ferritto on April 12

      Same here. I have a spinning fan and that's it. Garbage. Why go through the effort of manufacturing something that doesn't work?

    50. Spencer on April 12

      I recommend using repetier for printing because the heat nozzle won't heat up past the 190 degrees mark unless temperature is set above 200ish. Also the g code that should print but doesn't, this is because the nozzle isn't hot enough to print, the g code is searching for 200 degrees temp, change the coded temp to 190 and it should work.

      If your printer is not extruding correctly try and have the bend in the plastic opposite direction to the filliment extruder.

      If you can't find a correct repetier configuration I'll post mime later tonight.

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