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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
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3,698 backers pledged $434,275 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jan Karel de Wolff 43 minutes ago

      I know they log on almost daily. Why don't they give some comments?

    2. Chandrasekar Ramasubramanian about 19 hours ago

      Hey, what's the update on receiving a printer here in Tennessee? Been waiting on this for multiple months with no update.

    3. Kim Reynolds about 21 hours ago

      I got it a week ago and its working great, except it was missing some steps so im in the middle of putting NEMA 17's on this thing!

    4. Russell Sawyer 2 days ago

      I'm not sure why I bother to look at this. It was a scam to begin with. We're either not getting anything or just getting piles of worthless junk.

    5. Ferruzoft 2 days ago

      When can I expect my printer???!! I'm form Peru

    6. Missing avatar

      rick van der Heemst 2 days ago

      When can I expect my printer???!!

    7. chih hua 3 days ago

      Got mine tonight in China.

    8. Missing avatar

      britt 3 days ago

      Still haven't heard anything regarding my printer. Have left several emails to the company directly, but still haven't heard back from them...

    9. Jarvis Stubblefield 3 days ago

      I've been communicating with Berwin for almost a month. I sent him an email (found in these comments). He indicated to me that he would get my order out ASAP. I spent over $100. I was told 7 days ago that it was shipped (after I picked another color and gave my cell phone number), and that I *should* have a tracking number today. This is the second time it's been promised that Berwin would ship it out to me so I'm a bit skeptical. I have encouraged him MULTIPLE times to UPDATE the backers here on Kickstarter... so far I have seen NO updates during this month of communication. In this month of communication I have only received 3 responses from him and I have sent him 6 emails... We have all been waiting since October for those who have supported the campaign BEFORE it was done. So Berwin *seems* to be the way to get your printers people... be courteous, but please email him. Please encourage him to UPDATE Kickstarter instead of ONLY replying to those who get a hold of his email.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mario Araujo 3 days ago

      Where is my printer? Still waiting, so disappointed >.<

    11. Missing avatar

      Ben 3 days ago

      Where is my printer……………………so disappointed……#3326 in TAIWAN.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Eitner 3 days ago

      Still waiting, I am annoyed...

    13. 陳聖翔 3 days ago

      backer frome Taiwan. Still NOT receive anything.

    14. Missing avatar

      Aaron gillespie 4 days ago

      Just got mine tonight and first print is going. Emailing seemed the most effective way of communicating.

    15. Megan Mossy Fish 4 days ago

      Answeeed email during celebration in February. Came home to it on my porch today. Assembling now. Located in NC

    16. Josef Huber 4 days ago

      Why do I have to pay the taxes ?
      I got a message from DHL, they wrote me to pay taxes, I won`t pay them
      I thought this would be in the shipping cost included

    17. Missing avatar

      hardlineratwork 4 days ago

      Got Mail by DHL Germany. Customs want some Documents.

    18. Vincent Leo 5 days ago

      It's taking very long and have not receive anything. Please expedite or keep backers updated.

    19. Martin Gingerass Gingras 5 days ago

      Received mine today. Miss the usb connector and the extra roll are not the good colors.

    20. Farlington 6 days ago

      Still no printer! Give me a refund!!

    21. Andrew Tallarita 6 days ago

      Still no printer in Connecticut. Anyone around here get theirs yet? Creator is logging on but not responding to any request for contact

    22. Missing avatar

      Tracie Overdorff 6 days ago

      I too am waiting for my printers for my school. How do I find out about my order? Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Koji Shimizu 6 days ago

      @Daniel, I don't know who are creators.
      Could you let me know them ?

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Cunningham 6 days ago

      PLEDGE NUMBER 2,642



    25. Missing avatar

      Diede van Abs 6 days ago

      I left 101Hero a question if my printer was shipped and if so if they would have a T&T code for me to track it on jan. 4, got a reply last night asking for my phone no. stating that they would be express shipping it within a week upon receipt of my phone no.
      Just replied to them, now let's see what will happen.

    26. Yasuo Katano 6 days ago

      I'm backer #1131

      Since oct. 2016, I had been waiting for long time.
      There is no response from 101hero.
      I'm very tired to wait.

      I wanna cancel this pledge.
      I ask you to kindly carry out the necessary procedure for cancelling.

    27. Daniel (SPYBUG) Goldschmidt 7 days ago

      If you haven't received you printer or any info about it, message the creators. I did and mine should be shipping to me this week

    28. Colin Bitterfield on March 19

      Also; you need at least a 1.2 extrusion multiplier. Using matter control for slicing and printing

    29. Colin Bitterfield on March 19

      I'll say some good things. I am printing with mine tonight. My big printer is on a 4-hour job. I am making a servo motor mount for a skittles sorter project. I posted a video of it working. The only downside, it is slow and it took 6 runs to get it calibrated. It really needs a Z-probe to be clear. It takes some adjustment between prints. To be fair, I had to add a Z-probe to my big printer too.

    30. Mirko Almasi on March 19

      Backer No. 587, Germany.
      Printer received some days ago.
      Assembled. Mechanical parts worked ok but filament wont come out in sufficient amounts.
      Dont know if it is the feeder or the tip not being hot enough. It is just printing rubbish..little blobs and cobwebs.... Adjusting the three arms is also a PITA and does not work well enough for me.
      All in all...i took it apart again and will put it on ebay. Maybe theres somebody who has more patience than me.
      A cheap 3D printer for everybody is a nice idea... but not if the set-up is that complicated.
      Also, there is no official help on technical questions on this printer.
      So it actually works simple...insert SD card and off it goes. But if there is a problem, wheres the simple solution then?
      Definitely no product for beginners.

    31. Brian Gregory on March 19

      Address and info were correct, still no printer.

    32. Missing avatar

      Koji Shimizu on March 19

      I sent a survey response to kickstarter on 20th Oct. 2016 .
      So far I've never received shipping infos .
      I live in Japan, please let me know which transporter would carry 101Hero if you had shipped, USPS?

    33. Phạm Trường on March 18

      What the day today ? March 2016 ??? Or march 2017 , you said Oct 2016 ? Where is my printerrrrrrr

    34. Missing avatar

      David Stankovic on March 18

      received my printer last week, put it together today. it is kind of working, over all I am not happy with the 101hero but what could i honestly expect for that amount of money. just crap.

    35. Martin Gingerass Gingras on March 18

      Check your spam mail. I have send them infos they requested and now have shipping infos with tracking number.

    36. Missing avatar

      Koji Shimizu on March 18

      I'm backer #2478 .
      I've got nothing yet .
      How is it going ?

    37. William Forsth on March 18

      Hi - I am pretty sure I allso ordered a 3D pen, but I did not recive it with my 3D printer

    38. HAO-TSUN KUO
      on March 18

      @RowanDaughty Hi I live in London and I emailed them with a screenshot of my backer number and pledge on the 6th, they replied on 16th asking my phone number and said today(18th) they will arrange an express shipping next week. Hope this helps.

    39. Markus Hietanen on March 18

      For any of you out there whose printer fan spools up but the extruder doesn't heat up or the motors don't move: I was able to fix this by using a bigger SD card. I tried 128, 256MB, but it wouldn't accept it until I used a FAT formatted 2GB. I hope this helps some of you out there.

    40. Missing avatar

      Güray Yıldırım on March 17

      They did not even answer to messages. I get nothing. Wondering when I will get!

    41. Missing avatar

      Rowan Doughty on March 17

      Soo any word on what's happening with these printers? I backed for a yellow one here in the UK and still no sign of it. Honestly at this point I just kinda want the 10 rolls of filament as I've been looking at a proper 3d printer anyways...

    42. Morton H on March 17

      Russel M Irving. Are you in the US. If so I have a working printer that I would be glad to give to your friend. Just pay for shipping.

    43. Missing avatar

      Monir Mahdi on March 17

      Hi, at first I did not reveice an email from 101hero - i contacted 101hero myself. then i changed the color because my color wasn't yet available. then i got a call and an email from dhl express because my package was at the toll authorities.. i hope this helps you all!

    44. Missing avatar

      Frazzle Berry on March 17

      Do you receive an email when the printer has been dispatched/sent to you?

    45. Hiram on March 16

      I have a dream... that I'll get my printer.

    46. Brody on March 16

      WHERE IS MY PRINTER! if i dont get an answer i will be contacting kick starter about this issue.

    47. Missing avatar

      Russell M Irving on March 16

      I got my printer I'm a backer in the 900 count. Once I got it I took it to my friend who is disabled because that's who I got it for. I really believed in these guys. I had told him to watch every video and read every bit of information. He did. It doesn't work. Period. Computer sees it. Printer basically says screw off. So he sends multiple emails. No response. I happen to get a news letter. So I sent an email back to the email address explaining the problem. I get an email back asking"what do you mean?". So once again I stated the problem and informed them I would like either a working printer or my pledge back. No answer of course. Emailed kickstarter"ohwellwearesorrynotourfaultbye!". So I'm sitting here out money with a broken promise to a guy who really needed this. Hope they sleep good.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ivan Accoto on March 16

      where the hell is mine?

      101HERO must give us an answer!

    49. Missing avatar

      Monir Mahdi on March 16

      101Hero is working on it!!!

      The devices are still shipping.
      I got mine this week.

      It was at the toll-station, but i got it. Now i have to assemble :-D (i will tell you all if it is working or not...)

    50. Missing avatar

      Oscar on March 16

      I want my money back!!

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