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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. Randy Rodgers just now

      Finally arrived, to my pleasant surprise. I assembled it today (pretty easy) and ran a couple of test prints. Not horrible so far. I left a bigger job printing when I headed home from work. I will be interested to see how Yoda looks in the morning.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin Tan about 3 hours ago


      I have to receive my printer still. The last tracking number provided was not for me. Please advise.

      I have filled up every single survey you have sent and have been waiting patiently since first backing it back in June 2016.

      This is getting too much.


    3. Benjamin Oberneder about 7 hours ago

      I have not gotten my Printer yet

    4. Missing avatar

      James Knox about 9 hours ago

      Michael, sounds like you are in the same shape that I am. Just sits there with the fan humming (by default), and the LED glowing (only requires that power be on). [You mention "LEDs"? Does your unit have more than one?]

      I would double check the connections as to the correct order. Make sure they are well seated and into the correct numbered slots. At this stage, some matter more than others. Wish we had at least a wiring diagram and some basic information. We could at least make a stab at determining what is wrong with all these DOAs. Would help both us and the developers.

      They mentioned being about to bring up a repair/replacement web page for us. That was, unfortunately, on May 24th, and nothing on it since then.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Ng 2 days ago

      This is backer #2629
      I finally received the printer about a week ago. I assembled it and somehow it is not moving at all. None of motor ever moves except the fan and only thing I see is just the LEDs. I tried the Motor tests and couple other test files got from the site and no success.

      I made my attempt to send email to "" and posted a message on the website. After almost a week and I did not receive any response. Do anybody here have such DOA experience and able to contacted the TechSupport in 101Hero ? Thx

    6. midnite
      3 days ago

      Dear 101Hero,

      Please reply your email for the missing 101Hero reward.

      Thank you.

    7. Toshio Chiyojima 6 days ago

      I finally got my 101hero last saturday after long long and long time . And many round pawns were printed out . For preventing motor gear break , motors were already backed home. It is good job.

    8. Alex van der Mout 6 days ago

      Backer # 2,010

      Still waiting on ANY communication. Been over a year

    9. Missing avatar

      Luís Henrique dos Santos Silva 7 days ago

      As I didn't received any update after several forms filled, e-mails answered and about an year waiting for the printer.

      I would like to be refunded.

      At least this you owe me.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tohru Ochiai
      on July 16

      I filled out the form at the time of update # 25 and sent you my phone number. After that, there was no contact from you, and I received an email asking for the telephone number for some reason at the beginning of July. I thought it was worthless to complain here, so I immediately sent a phone number with that email reply. But ten days later, no contact from you.
      First of all, I've emailed you my phone number many times. And, the error message of several times is returned.
      You should have used the means of form because you thought it was difficult to collect the phone number by email. Why do you ask me to send you another email when I send my phone number in the form?

      Where is my reward now?

      My backer number is 306.

    11. Jack McCracken on July 15

      Still waiting on mine with no update of when I'd receive it even after giving my phone # and email address multiple times.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Ng on July 15

      This is backer #2629
      Finally the 101Hero box arrived my US address. I went back and checked the email records, I received the notification on 6.16.2016 telling me the project had been funded. After 13 months...

      Ok. The truth is I really don't mind waiting for a little time, although I admit it is way too long IMO. What made me frustrated is the lack of communication. I would certainly feel much better if I am able to receive more information from the company telling me where my units is, when it is going to send, or at least a note telling me what has happened. I hope it is a good lesson to everybody. I meant everybody - the company, the backers, and the people who are thinking to be a backer.

      I will try assemble it over the weekend and see... Hopefully it will work seamlessly. Good Luck to myself and to others

    13. Gregory Hillsley on July 14

      Wow mine turned up this week. Thank you 101Hero, you suck it out. My words earlier may have been ruff. Time to set it up and try it out.

    14. Missing avatar

      Malte Willms on July 13

      Backer Nr 1788,
      haven't got a package nor any other info.
      Please bring some updates

    15. Missing avatar

      Vivek Khandelwal
      on July 12

      Hello !

      It's been a long long time and there is no update on shipping.

      Kindly refund my money as I don't need this any longer.

      Urgent refund please.

      Many thanks,

    16. Missing avatar

      David on July 11

      Baker Number 358: 101 Hero forgot to add my second name to the address field. The customs service needs it to process it.

      @101Team, please keep that in mind.

    17. Missing avatar

      James Knox on July 11

      To their credit, it appears they ARE making an effort to (slowly) send everyone their orders. This lack of communication on their part is frustrating and aggravating, but at least some one is working in the background. For this, I will cut them a bit more slack.

      The next issue, of course, is all of us that received DOA units. Back in May they posted a note that they would be soon setting up a page for us to identify problems and get them corrected. Unfortunately, it has been almost two months since then and new information. We will wait (if not entirely patiently) and hope ...

    18. Missing avatar

      David on July 11

      Baker Number 358: I just got a call from DHL that there is a problem with a package from Hong Kong, I am assuming that this finally is the printer. They tried to contact the seller, but couldn't reach him, thats why they contacted me.

      BTW, I haven't got any email, or notification. This package appeared out of nowhere, I already thought my money is gone...

    19. Scott Kuo on July 11

      I guess i am not the only one, no printer, no refund, not even a response from email or comment.

    20. Cantidio Fontes
      on July 10

      backer 1,238 and still didn't received mine. I sent many messages and as others i've been ignored. Nice.

    21. Missing avatar

      Matthew on July 9

      Backer 3707, arrived end of last week. Yet to put together but all parts appear to be there including spools.

    22. Missing avatar

      michele on July 9

      Backer 2,041 still waiting for mine !!

    23. Gerrit van der Bij on July 8

      Backer 1631. Received printer, it's working but I need to calibrate it.

      Shipping was with DHL and due to the shipping cost not specified on the invoice they assumed 110 euros for shipping(!) in calculating duties. Please mention shipping cost on your invoice..

    24. Missing avatar

      L.H. Chua
      on July 8

      Backer 636 still waiting no respond from creator?

    25. Klaus Mühlhausen on July 7

      ... still nothing

    26. Missing avatar

      Mikhail Zmeyev on July 7

      backer #2079 Received my 3 printer!!
      were l can find printer specification?

    27. Missing avatar

      Tsuyoshi Hasegawa on July 6

      My backer number is 2621. Still waiting.

    28. Missing avatar

      Antony Manley on July 5

      Still nothing. Fancy actually delivering my printer within the next 10 years?

    29. Meera Hussien on July 5

      Hi there...
      I am backer no #187 from Malaysia. I have not received my 3D printer. Still hoping to receive them.

    30. Adam Nock on July 4

      Aaand then it homed the head to one side and drove the hot nozzle into the base. nice

    31. Adam Nock on July 4

      A) It works. Well done!
      B) I can actually see at least the extruder was tested because its started printing a nice yellow star. Which is impressive seeing as its loaded with black PLA.

    32. vmakar85 on July 4

      My backer number is 2,979 - where 101 printer !?

    33. Adam Nock on July 4

      Wonders upon wonders it arrived

    34. Spencer on July 4

      Still missing 3d printer pen

    35. A. Mearns on July 3

      Received my 3 printers but have yet to receive the 6 spools of filament as per my pledge and the 3D pens which I paid for. Any update would be greatly appreciated.

    36. Shingo FUKUYA on July 3

      My backer number is 2818.
      Not get.

    37. Missing avatar

      David Burren on July 3

      Just an update. Mine was a yellow one (I think blue was out first) but I have no idea if that affected the production/shipping timeline. Seriously I'd about given up, so the delivery was a surprise. There'd been zero communication.
      Meanwhile, the printer is assembled and has passed initial tests. Hopefully deliveries to other backers accelerate!

    38. Missing avatar

      Eric webber on July 3

      Backer 3,626 sent in my info as request several times also purchased the add-on for the handheld printer still no printer when will it ship? Thanks

    39. Chris Kellett on July 3

      Hey I'm backer - 368 nothing yet please could you update me on my personal shipment thanks.

    40. Jan Karel de Wolff on July 3

      Miracles do exist. I got mine in The Netherlands 1 hour ago. Box seems ok. I'll make the printer sometime this week.

    41. ernest on July 2

      Backer #288 from Hong Kong still waiting

    42. Missing avatar

      David Burren on July 2

      P.S. regarding my just-delivered Hero: I'm backer # 1856 for what it's worth.

    43. Missing avatar

      David Burren on July 2

      Wonders will never cease! Here in Melbourne (Australia) a UPS courier just (finally!) delivered my Hero!
      Box seems in good nick. Hopefully this week I'll have time to get it set up and check it works.

    44. Steven Caelius Thirlwall on July 2

      I too am waiting for my item being sent to Australia.

    45. Maleus Maleficarum on July 2

      Is there someone at kickstarter that can mediate between the backers and the maker ? Or it is like kickstarter just is providing the website to make these kind of fraud and nothing else? We trust in the makers that put their products in this site due kickstarter has a reputation (I guess) ...

    46. Missing avatar

      toreyy on June 30

      Backer number 3323 Still waiting............

    47. Missing avatar

      Gunjan Gupta on June 30

      Hey, you can't provide us with any real status, can you please refund us our money? I am backer number 2,632 and same as everyone else that are commentig here, I have also not received any printer yet, despite sending you details multiple times.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ján Laurovič on June 30

      Still nothing. Backer 4,180.
      So what?

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