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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
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3,698 backers pledged $434,275 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. SweetSophie just now

      What is the max temperature 101hero extruder can achieve? The coloured pla I want to buy needs 210 degrees. I can buy the natural coloured PLA that needs 190 degrees minimum. I would like to get the coloured though

    2. Levy4u
      27 minutes ago


      Thanks for the group buy. How long until everything ships?

    3. Sabine Adamek
      about 1 hour ago

      & Post retour. ;-)

    4. Christian Ladewig about 2 hours ago

      @Sabine .. .Sie haben Post :)

    5. Sabine Adamek
      about 2 hours ago

      really, Christian Ladewig? If yes, please contact me ( ;-)
      Und ja, natürlich auf deutsch. :-D

    6. Christian Ladewig about 3 hours ago

      Got mine today....Color Red...still don't need it (Craftbot+ and Prusa i3 MK2 User). Anyone in Berlin, Germany who wants a free 101Hero?

    7. Benson Sim about 4 hours ago

      Received mine 2 days ago. Gotten wrong colour. Motor works fine. But unable to print anything. Seems like the extruder wont get hot enough for it to start printing. Even leaving the printer on for a few hours doesnt work. Anyone manage to fix this issue?

    8. Missing avatar

      Christian about 5 hours ago

      Have resieved an answer to my e-mail.
      They asked for my phonenumber and to confirme the shipping adrees.
      Also the promised express delivery.

      This Notice was atached.
      Notice:The express in our country we will be in the holiday of the Spring Festival .If the printer couldn't be sent before that, it will be sent on about February 11th.

    9. Stefano about 7 hours ago

      excuse me, I have now seen your subscription to the group. ;)

    10. Stefano about 7 hours ago

      You could use it for filament extruder, but you should make some changes, but it would be simple. If you're interested we are organizing a group buy for the XYZ motors.…

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew about 7 hours ago

      Just got my email they will be sending my printer. Backer #2,601. But it won't ship until Feb 11th because there on holiday for the Spring Festival. Finally can't wait.

    12. Missing avatar

      vanseveren about 8 hours ago

      Hello I'm french backer #2308 and i don't receive the printer, do you have a date to send it thanks

    13. Alice Carpenter about 12 hours ago

      Back #902, I haven't received any shipping updates since the survey and have heard that second wave models have already been delivered to other people in Australia?

    14. Levy4u
      about 12 hours ago

      Darn, accidentally bought 1/64 step replacement motors instead of 1/32. Can I still use this? How do I compensate in the code? Trying to print the test piece but the extruder stops (and then starts printing) about 3" above the print bed.

    15. Missing avatar

      Angus Beaton about 13 hours ago

      Backer #1140 from New Zealand. Still waiting for printer / update. Thanks mate

    16. Dru Fernando about 13 hours ago

      just received my printer. time to assemble!

    17. christopher hawkins about 16 hours ago

      Have no email about a phone number for my printer backer #2241.

    18. Stefano about 16 hours ago

      The answer will be that they send you a motor but you have to spend $ 10 Shipping, you should take at least 3, you make them pay $ 1.5 each. But you have the same quality of printer motors. See you, me in November I ordered another printer with spare parts, continuing to insist email but March 1 will not reach anything. You should think about subscribing to the motors of the purchasing group that we organized.
      We are now nearly 100 people, and motors have a better quality.…

    19. Missing avatar

      Uwe Mann about 17 hours ago

      Printer arrived today here in Germany, but one motor is defect. E-Mailed to support for a solution and waiting for answer.

    20. Stefano about 18 hours ago

      I suggest you join the FB Group, Yahoo or forum.
      You can find the links to the right of the shared document.…

    21. Missing avatar

      Cameron Grange
      about 18 hours ago

      @Maks Martynov, this appears to only work if you have the DV version that is connected to the computer. I keep trying to import the downloaded profile, but CURA says that it is not an accepted profile. Can someone post a screen shot of the profile so I can input the correct commands and settings? THank you.

    22. Missing avatar

      David Casado Rodriguez about 18 hours ago

      Good morning I am the sponsor 3524 in Spain I have not received the 3D printer yet This is going to take a long time

    23. Missing avatar

      Maks Martynov about 20 hours ago

      Could anyone confirm, that they are able to get more than 214C from there printer?

    24. Missing avatar

      Agustin Lopez Luna about 20 hours ago

      Backer #4014 Spain
      Where's My Printer? give me my track number

    25. Missing avatar

      Kelly about 21 hours ago

      Thank you Kevin!

      The email was in my junk. They sent it on jan 11

    26. Kevin Cutler about 22 hours ago

      Make sure to check your junk mail! I got an email on the 9th asking for my phone number so that shipping could proceed, but I didn't find it in my junk box until yesterday. Really wish that would have been part of a proper kickstarter survey...

    27. Missing avatar

      Simon Dell about 22 hours ago

      Mine came today, thought I'd let you guys know as some people are getting a bit annoyed. They asked for my mobile number and a few days later it was on its way.
      I think done first time designers/creators miss-judge how long it takes to make stuff. Have faith, be positive... Keep backing!

    28. Adel Wadaah about 22 hours ago

      Backer #468 in US

    29. Adel Wadaah about 22 hours ago

      I don't receive any email :(

    30. Missing avatar

      Mario about 22 hours ago

      I solved the problem, pouring oil to the axles goes more fluid and does not get hooked,
      Now it works without problems, but just in case I will take replacement engines in case they break

    31. Missing avatar

      Greg Whitmore about 22 hours ago

      Your crew really goofed the pledge process, but I'm sure you are aware of the issues. Still hoping to get my printers. What's your plan going forward to provide either printers or refunds?

    32. Ronnie Bains about 23 hours ago

      Still not received printer??

    33. Missing avatar

      Simon Tsang 1 day ago

      #2464 backer received printer yesterday

    34. Missing avatar

      Martin Corso 1 day ago

      Still have not received my printer and I have reached out 5 different times.

    35. Missing avatar

      ATANAS TASHEV 1 day ago

      Hi, I still wait for my 3d printer. Can anyone tell me what happend with my order. Thank you.

    36. Stefano 1 day ago

      I remind everyone, lucky or unlucky owners of 101Hero, we are ordering the motors parts for XYZ movement, we also asked to test the motors for filament extruder, and you can order.
      Hurry and check out the shared document for any clarifications.
      I remind everyone that this buying group was born in a time when the 101Hero team was completely absent and you could not communicate, it seems to me that it is now possible to order from them the motors parts hoping that they did make some improvements by the manufacturer unfortunately, sooner or later the gear yields, is weak, our gears are in POM and should be more resistant but prolonged use of motors can confirm it.
      We carried out trial operation alongside the motors 101Hero with those we ordered and have passed the test.
      Now we'll do one last test and then we will start the order.…

    37. Stefano 1 day ago

      We're ordering motors parts,…

      But maybe you're already a member ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      Le Duc Duy 1 day ago

      Got my printer #3956
      Broken glass plate, too sad to assemble the whole thing. Maybe other things are broken too.
      If you have the spec of the glass plate, please send to me via email duyleekun[a.t]

    39. Missing avatar

      Mario 1 day ago

      I set up the printer this morning and this happens when I test the motors:

      What I can do?

    40. Missing avatar

      kermit henson 1 day ago

      Kickstarter should add some way to penalise this kind of behaviour. The lack of feedback and information is beyond kickstarter standards.

    41. Ji Ho Jang 1 day ago

      i'm Still waiting. give me my track number

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Lane 1 day ago

      So sounds like people ARE getting them. They must be shipping these out one at a time?

      No updates, no nothing. When will I get mine? Probably sometime NEXT Christmas. Maybe after.

    43. Missing avatar

      joan blomquist 1 day ago

      I am backer 761. Still waiting. Worst delivery of Kickstarter ever.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jason Leung 1 day ago

      Got my 2 Printer yesterday in Hong Kong, but one arm servo motor malfunction, how can I get repair parts? No body answer me...

    45. James Hartwell 2 days ago

      I just got mine. Planning on putting it together tomorrow.

    46. Les Murphy 2 days ago

      I got mine yesterday. I put it together and I am just waiting for the test file to print. It took about two weeks after I got the email asking for my phone number.

    47. Philip Spina
      2 days ago

      Backer 2122, requested blue, located in US (outside Chicago). No communication from creator, shipment notification and getting frustrated.

      Rather frustrated Indiegogo and preorders are being delivered before Kickstarter backers. Actually really pissed because they said we'd get ours first.

      Now I'm seeing reports of backers in the 3,000s are getting their printer?!? What the hell 101Hero?! What happened to FIFO?

    48. Chad Fisher 2 days ago

      Got my red printer yesterday in Virginia, USA. Never got a tracking number. It just appeared at my doorstep. Now I just can't get the filiment to stick to the plate.

    49. Missing avatar

      Nikolay 2 days ago

      Backer #452. ГДЕ БЛЯТЬ?
      Where's My Printer? give me my track number

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