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3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing starting from only $49.
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
3D Printing for work, home and play. 101Hero gives everyone simple, affordable, and dependable 3D printing
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    1. 101Hero Creator about 2 hours ago

      @Alan B, please take a few photo about the damage and send to Shipping was insured. If the damage was caused by the shipping, we have the process to proceed.

    2. 101Hero Creator about 2 hours ago

      @Vsevolod Veseliy, thanks for sharing. We will look into it and answer.

    3. 101Hero Creator about 2 hours ago

      @Klaus Mühlhausen, we are truly sorry to hear what happened. It is backer`s duty to clear the custom process. We can provide any documents if needed.
      As appreciation you have the exclusivity to receive coupon and discount for product purchase on 101Hero website.

    4. 101Hero Creator about 2 hours ago

      @Stefano, we have no argue. Simple fact, every EACH unit was thoroughly tested manually before shipped out. Just image the countless hours we spent on the overall amount of the units - we are the last one willing to see defects on product.

    5. Klaus Mühlhausen about 3 hours ago

      Herewith I ask the money back for printer and pen! I have not achieved it and it will not reach me either. It does not correspond to German requirements and was stopped at customs by the market surveillance !!!

    6. Stefano about 3 hours ago

      You have the courage to argue that the defects are attributed to a bad assembly, you are ashamed, you still try to clear the guilty to those who supported you economically and not only, I worked hard on the problems that came up and I did not help you, oddly When I replaced the motors with those of Maintex (specially built) they worked well even after they were manually bothered. And the motors are not the only defect.
      Have the courage to admit that you have run this campaign superficial, I've never felt cheated, but being ignored after I offered help is worse.

    7. Missing avatar

      Vsevolod Veseliy about 4 hours ago

      Why when printing a circle with a diameter of 150 cm, a 10x10 cm square with rounded edges is printed. The diagonal of the square is 13 cm.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alan B about 5 hours ago

      My 101Hero was DOA. No DIY Skills needed to see that a bearing was seized on the rail and outside of the bearing housing. No DIY Skills to see that a motor ran freely without any gear movement. Contacted 101Hero and, of course, no reply!! Can't wait to "support" your next endeavor!!

    9. Robert Colbert about 9 hours ago

      @Bruno Nascimento Ferreira, there is an unofficial Facebook group for the 101Hero where other owners share tips and tricks for improving print quality and have worked out a number of easy-to-add changes that can turn the 101Hero in to a good little printer. Many of the upgrades can be made with the sample filament once you are able to successfully print the test file.

    10. 101Hero Creator about 9 hours ago

      @Bruno Nascimento Ferreira, thanks for sharing.
      We are proud to be the first 3D printer under $100 actually delivered.

    11. 101Hero Creator about 9 hours ago

      @Andrew Tallarita, it was super clear and we address in the campaign - it is a product requires DIY skills. We sent the manual and there are many unbox video showing how to assemble and print. EVERY single unit was tested manually before shipping. We will answer any suit you raise - but before that make sure you assemble it in the correct way. Thanks.

    12. 101Hero Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Robert Colbert, passed your suggestion to the engineers. The shape in the software and the one of printing area is not same. Will update more on this question once have clear answer.

    13. Robert Colbert about 10 hours ago

      @101HeroTeam, does this mean you won't be offering free software updates for the Gen1 101Hero?

    14. Andrew Tallarita about 10 hours ago

      ...And don't tell me none were defective, mine will not print with sd card or connected to a PC. I'm looking to file a lawsuit for fraud as not only does my unit not work I never received the 10 rolls of filament I ordered and paid for. This has been the WORST Kickstarter campaign I've been a part of.

    15. Missing avatar

      Bruno Nascimento Ferreira about 10 hours ago

      After a long wait I received mine (in Brazil) and it is working. The manual could be a little more detailed, like to include some specifications (print volume dimension, nozzle and filament caliber, etc).
      Prints are not super high quality, but it is decent for the price paid. At least I was not scammed, like I thought I would, thank's 101hero team.

    16. Andrew Tallarita about 10 hours ago

      101 ---- My Printer is defective - It arrived and never worked no matter how I tried....what are you doing about theses defective units??

    17. 101Hero Creator about 10 hours ago

      @Robert Colbert, the shopify website will be alive to offer parts.

    18. Robert Colbert about 21 hours ago

      @101HeroTeam, will you be releasing firmware updates to those of us who have received printers and found issues we can not solve because we can't upgrade the firmware ourselves (like the printer thinking it has a square build plate)? Many of us have been able to get decent working printers through various hardware upgrades and/or stabilization methods but without your help, we can't overcome software issues without replacing the controller board.

    19. Missing avatar

      Hanako Raku
      about 22 hours ago

      @101Hero team,
      There are 2 problems.

      There was a defective with 1 unit and I was asking for replacement of motor.
      I was still waiting for last Indiegogo perk, but Berwin said "Orders from Indiegogo after 2107 are placed after the project being closed. They still haven't decided to send or refund.".

      Since this reply on 4/8 there are no reply from your team.
      What is going on and please help me with these problems! And please send me PM for reply.

    20. 101Hero Creator 1 day ago

      @David, you will for sure. thanks.

    21. Missing avatar

      David 1 day ago

      @101HeroTeam It looks like you made a 180° change in customer support and communications, great!
      I have sent you my data 3 Times, but didn't got any reply, but I hope it will change from now on.

      I am just curious if we will get emails with the tracking number and shipping information,
      Also did you changed the packaging to ensure, that the glass plate will stay intact during shipment? I have read many comments with broken glass plates.

      Looking forward for my hero:)

    22. 101Hero Creator 1 day ago

      @Stefano, apologize for hurting your feeling. We did our best to manufacture and handle the shipping. It was painful on some points, but overall we are proud that we managed and drove the production out, and thorough tested.

      There was delay, and mainly due to the reason to ensure the quality and each of the product assembled successfully and worked appropriately.

      It was the first we ran campaign, and the pressure was very high to our team - even several assignments during it. That also caused some mis-communication. The case you encountered was because of the pre-order and customer service processes were handled by different people and we didn`t manage the process well.

      Once the new shopify website is ready (targeted to launch in this week), all the re-order and customer service would be improved for sure.

      We also observed the issues our backers encountered, actually most of them were related to assembly - We are going to keep chase our mission, to make creation easier and affordable - and the next generation product will be an out-of-the-box one for sure.

    23. 101Hero Creator 1 day ago

      @Spencer, working on it.

    24. 101Hero Creator 1 day ago

      @Jim Bussing, thanks for the sharing. As addressed and can be proven, each of the unit shipped was manually assembled and tested before it was put in the box. The 'bug' was more related to the DIY process of assembling.
      For some cases it was due to the shipping damage. For these case we will offer coupon with which backer can place order from our shopify website.

    25. Stefano 2 days ago

      It is admirable that you want to deliver all the printers, but you have ignored me for too long, I was one of the first "lucky" to receive the printer (November 2016), I immediately encountered some problems and communicated them to you, advising you Temporarily blocking shipments and solving these problems, of course you ignored me, and when I asked you to buy a new printer and spare parts you answered right away, I was always sure that this would not have been a scam but the post-sell service is It was bad, I always supported you and advised you because I believed in this project but your superficiality has damaged your reputation forever, we supporters have tried to help but you have preferred to continue delivering printers with defects, this is unacceptable! Now you promise to build a new printer with no defects, Ha Ha Ha, good luck! I would recommend sending some samples to a beta tester otherwise no one will believe it.

    26. Jim Bussing 2 days ago

      I feel this printer was in all a big mistake. Not only was it handled terribly from the start of shipping, but the communication of the team that was shipping it out to the terrible bugs and problems with the product. I admit I had my Hero up and running in very little time only because I had prior knowledge of printers. but one week into the printer I had a power outage and fried the main board on the printer. I tried to contact 101hero for a replacement that I would have been glade to pay for but with no response. Lucky for me I am in a 101 forum and a friend talked with me and I shipped the board to him and he repaired it. it will never be like the beginning setup but at least it works"kinda" it still has the feed problems to overcome. so mostly it sits on my shelf not being used. So all I can say is would I do it all over again with this company? Not a chance. If it was possible to shut down a company for all the wrong things they have done I would. At least I have the printer sitting on my shelf to remind me of a mistake I made and will try never to repeat. Karma will come around to this company is all I can hope for. - - Jim B

    27. Spencer 2 days ago

      In feeling ignored here.
      My missing 3d pen?

    28. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @Jessica Ryan, thank you!

    29. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @Seven Tong, thank you for the support. we appreciate all the support from everyone and we invested more to get our first generation printer into the world. we really want but the products have been ready and the reason of miscommunication was explained by times.
      How about you get your information in the form and let`s check your shipment status?

    30. Jessica Ryan
      2 days ago

      I had filled out the forms already send and this one too. Can you confirmed it was received? Thanks

    31. Missing avatar

      Seven Tong 2 days ago

      Is your first anniversary, how is my refund arrangement?

      A small refund only hundreds of dollars, your accountant has been counted for several months.

      I do not know how you explain it?

      Please tell me when?

    32. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @Vitālijs Gagunovs, good suggestion - we tried to get all work done by ourselves but it turned out to be impossible. That`s why we are working with an agency team now to sort things out!

    33. Missing avatar

      Vitālijs Gagunovs 2 days ago

      Got my printer last month. Have no time to calibrate and fully test right now, but it surely works. Just one suggestion for creators. I don't mind the delay. I don't even mind, that instruction paper had mistakes changed with pen. What I do mind - lack of communication. I understand - you had lots of printers to send, but not knowing - what happens - this was the worst part of the experience. You don't need to make big updates every day, but you definitelly could check this comment section once in a couple days and write answers to most common. Also, would be great if you would make open spreadsheet with backer number and status. Because everyone wanted this info. Once again - it's okay if you late/can't do smth/whatever. Just talk, and people will support you much more.

      And thank you for this printer.

    34. Spencer 2 days ago

      No response from you guys about it.

    35. Spencer 2 days ago

      Where is my 3d printer pen that I paid for?

    36. Adam Nock 2 days ago


    37. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @All, so far there are 280 input for the form, and 100 of them we found shipping records. We will send the tracking code to you.
      REMIND: we will open the form for another 24 hours.
      Last Call! Please do is asap if you haven`t.

    38. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @All, thank you for sharing you experience and expectation. We want to remind you that this is a campaign with over 6000 units to manufacture and ship. So far there are only 231 people reported that product is not arrived yet which only take 3% of the overall numbers.
      If everyone provided phone number in the first place as soon as we announced it, there would not be this kind of issue. Recap of what happened so far:
      Thanks for some of you offering a few times of your phone number but unfortunately you definitely did not offer the number in the first time we asked.
      Following was our issue - we wanted to ship product to each of you but there are several batches of phone numbers, plus we have employee resigned. It was turning into a communication nightmare, though the cause was only single number percentage of overall records.
      Finally, as we request, for the last time, all those who did not receive product, fill in your information for the LAST time. We won`t accept any late input any longer.

    39. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @Markus Hietanen, thanks for the feedback and hope your kids like it.

      So far there are 230 people reported. about 5% of overall pledge/pre-order amount.

    40. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @Xander C. we 100% tested each of the unit shipped. 101 Hero first generation requires quite some DIY skills. Though most of backers received managed to print - check out the unbox videos on Youtube.

    41. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @Xander C. we 100% tested each of the unit shipped. 101 Hero first generation requires quite some DIY skills. Though most of backers received managed to print - check out the unbox videos on Yoututbe.

    42. Markus Hietanen 2 days ago

      Just a note to add my experience to date. I received and assembled my printer in March. It has taken a fair bit of time to tinker with to level the bed and such but I can now achieve some decent results. At this price point I am happy to use it as a fun tool to help my kids with their 3D design projects. It seems like the community has fractured as those who got and use their printers are silent, so the remaining comments are an echo chamber of valid concerns and frustration. Calling it a scam is a bit of a stretch but I am sure that those experiencing issues would appreciate @101Hero sorting them out quickly and fairly asap. Just my 2c, YMMV.

    43. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @ernest burks iii will share the website for our customer to order parts and filament.

    44. Missing avatar

      ernest burks iii 2 days ago

      Please tell me how i can get the part i need to fix my printer, other wise it will be no good and ill have to trash it. Please reply thank you ernest

    45. Jan Karel de Wolff 2 days ago

      "If you have not received product yet, it is either on the way or you did not send us the phone number."

      I have left my number 3 times already. So I am curious when it will arrive.

    46. Xander C. 2 days ago

      It is interesting that they recently issued a posting talking about the many 3d print items they have added to their gallery. However if you want to print them, you'll have to get another 3D printer from another company because the defective units they sent out won't ever be able to function as a 3d printer. About the only thing that is able to be kept is the plastic frame... pretty much everything else is of such low quality. Contact the company about the defective units and sure they will do something if you pay them... probably equally items as well. It's a shame ... of course they would never reply to this post.... or even worse, reply with a note that if I buy another unit they will send it eventually.... I love how the posting are says to be respectful and considerate... too bad the 'company" wasn't that when the sent out literally of substandard units that would never work. Respect and consideration are two way streets.

    47. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @Phoenix Yang, thank you!

    48. 101Hero Creator 2 days ago

      @Devon Matthias, not ignore if you have filled the phone number it might be on the way. Please follow the update and fill the form we will let you know a tracking code.

    49. Devon Matthias 2 days ago

      @101Hero You're ignoring my question, I requested for you to issue me a refund, are you not issuing refunds? Like I just said, I have yet to receive my printer and it has not shipped.

    50. Missing avatar

      Phoenix Yang 2 days ago

      Just want to say I received my printer last December. And there is no defect units. I'm very happy about the 101hero printer and appreciate your work.

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