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My life: A sadomasochistic fairy tale.
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Oh man, look at that.  LOOK AT THAT!  Funding is go!  This is happening!  Someone calm me down!  Actually, no don't!

I've gotten interest from an editor/agent already, which I'm going to go pursue so I have some guidance in the process of writing and a way to really get this out there when it's done.  It's unbelievable that this is really happening.  For so long I've said to myself "I should write all this down in a book someday."  Well, someday is now. 

Those who've wanted to keep up with my saga (so-called by my roommate this past year who'd sit me down and ask for the story if I walked in looking too happy) can now see it all put together, plus whatever forgot to tell.  Those who haven't known me along the way will be able to see it all themselves.  I'm now on the path to a future in which the question "How'd you get like this?" can be answered with "Looking for a book to read?"

Most importantly of anything, I need to thank the people who are the reason that all of the above is so.  Click the "Backers" tab.  Those are the people making this happen.  Those are the people who deserve your gratitude if you too want to read Wishes Were Horses.  Not listed there are the people who've spread this Kickstarter around even though they couldn't back it.  They too are responsible for this becoming a reality.  Though their names may not be there, they deserve thanks too.  Dear backers and publicizers and encouragers and enthusiastic people: THANK YOU!  Thank you from me and everyone else who wants to see this become real.  You made it happen.

'Scuse me, I'm going to go flail excitedly in an uncharicteristically chipper manner.