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Help finish the new design documentary from the director of "Helvetica" and "Objectified".
Help finish the new design documentary from the director of "Helvetica" and "Objectified".
1,814 backers pledged $118,505 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Luke on

      I'm curious about the possibility of getting access to the digital download again for backers.

      I downloaded my copy when the movie came out, but a recent hard drive failure has deprived me of my copy of the film. Is there any chance of reissuing a download link?

    2. Larry Rosenstrauch on

      Larry Rosenstrauch
      Friday Jun 15, 11:41am EDT

      Hey there. Love the movie from the online version. I never received the Design Trilogy DVDs package. Could you send it to me at

      Larry Rosenstrauch
      309 Ariel Drive
      Leesburg, VA 20176

      My email is; phone is 703-969-8118.

    3. Missing avatar

      James Hostetter on

      I live in South Korea, and I got my Design Trilogy DVD yesterday! So exciting!

    4. Missing avatar

      Joseph Poirier on

      Hi Gary... I just noticed that I needed to enter my home address on Kickstarter for the DVD trilogy which just shipped. I just did so... am I too late?

    5. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      Thanks Gene, there are a few trilogy boxes left, like a few dozen. Unfortunately they're not at the discount Kickstarter rate anymore:

      Will probably start a new film this spring... not sure about what yet!

    6. Gene Keenan on

      HI Gary,

      Thanks for the update and free download. Are there any copies of the Trilogy left?

      Any ideas/news on your next project?


    7. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      @Luke, La mer, Ken - They'll be sending out the download info early next week.

      @Matt - Yes, they've all shipped, you've probably received it by now.

      @Adam - We actually decided to give all backer levels a digital download, so you'll get one too!


    8. Missing avatar

      Luke on

      When is the digital download going to become available?

    9. Matt Willmott on

      Hi Gary.

      Have you shipped international orders of Urbanized yet? Just wondering when to expect the DVD :)

      Hope you're well and congrats on the new addition to the family.

    10. la mer walker on

      hi gary. congrats on the new family member!

      wondering if the downloadable version of Urbanized is available.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Missing avatar

      Adam O'Donnell on

      Would it be possible for those of us who have backed the blu-ray copy to get access to a digital download? Apparently Apple doesn't like to make blu-ray players for powerbooks just yet, or even ever. :-) Thank you, and I love your previous two documentaries!

    13. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      we haven't done that yet, andrew, we'll be sending out the survey later for trilogy backer addresses this week. cheers!

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Unger on

      I never got contacted about my current chipping address for the box set. I am assuming that should have happened already?

    15. Thierry on

      Just saw the movie on Interne --> Sooper !

      A wonderfull exciting documentary that explains nicelly the issues, a bit of history, the future chalenges and of couse the actors of ... CITIES DESIGN around the world.
      I loved it, loved the photo-design of the movie.

      I am very happy to have participated last yaer in the fouding.
      Great job Mr Gary Hustwit (and your colleagues and friends ).

      Thierry, Paris

    16. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      We'll be reaching out to everyone in January before the DVD/blu-rays/boxes ship to get their current addresses. Cheers!

    17. Missing avatar

      Bryan Jones on

      Is there any way to change my shipping address for the Blu Rays? I have moved since I initially backed this project

    18. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      Hmm... not through Kickstarter, no. But we can work something out, Jay. Just be in touch after we send them shipping address email to all trilogy buyers early next year.

    19. Jay on

      I backed $100 which got me the DVD set - can I up my backing to get the Blu Ray set?

    20. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      Travis, there will be about 200 trilogy boxes left once they're released. We'll probably do a pre-order for those ones later this month, get on the email list at and we'll keep you posted. Cheers!

    21. Missing avatar

      Travis Boatright on

      Is there a way to get the Trilogy Set after I have backed something lower? Or somewhere else you can by the Trilogy?

    22. Rahmin Sarabi on

      Woops! I missed the email just previous that explains it all. Thank you for access to the stream in advance!

    23. Rahmin Sarabi on


      I just received an email from notifying me of my Streaming Rental access to Urbanized. The Kickstarter support level I signed up for is for a digital download though.

      Please let me know how I can fix this!


    24. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      No worries Ian, we'll be reaching out to everyone before the DVDs ship to get their current addresses. Cheers!

    25. Ian Flaig on

      Hi Gary,

      I pledged to order the DVD set, however my shipping address has changed since I've moved. Where/what can I do to update my address to ensure I receive my dvd set?


    26. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      kristina, people who pledged for t-shirts or prints have already received their rewards. we haven't released the video download or dvd/blu-rays of the film yet, but we'll have news soon on release dates for both. cheers!

    27. Kristina Pifer on

      hi, i haven't received anything yet, has anyone else?

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeff McCartney on

      That's great news about the showing at TIFF. I will definitely be looking for tickets and will take you up on the offer of the after party! Cheers!

    29. Missing avatar

      Duncan on

      Any more updates?

    30. Missing avatar

      Vit Zemcik on

      Hey guys! Have you already received your t-shirts? I haven't...

    31. Marisa Raya on

      Come interview us about planning the future of the San Francisco Bay Area!

    32. Graham Campbell on

      As an Urban Studies major in college, and a New Yorker born and raised, I'm thrilled that I got the chance to back this project. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

    33. Mark Dilley on

      I think I remember someone from this project asking if there was a building demolition happening - I am not sure when it is happening - but here is a lead, if you want to film in Detroit: Funeral for Cass Technical High School…

    34. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      Thanks everyone!
      @Mitchell, thanks but we've already taken care of the Indian translation.

    35. Mitchell on

      Congratulations. Its going to be a great film. Gary, I noticed the post where you needed a hindi-english translator in the NYC area. I live in the area. I'm also a filmmaker, and my fiance is Indian. I'll find out of if she knows anyone (friends, family, colleagues) who may be able to help you out with the translations. Do you have have any additional details regarding the translation work (paid?, amount of work?, etc.)

    36. Darren NICE Malone on

      Congrats! I'd like to work with you guys in NYC sometime. Meantime, break a leg.

    37. Yasushi Tsugihiro on

      Congratulations for the successful funding! Naturally of course.

    38. Hansa Wong on

      i just upgraded my pledge to $ 100 for trilogy box set. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing your work soon :)
      p.s. actually I wanna do 2 pledges for $35 DVD to my friend but seems they allow me to do only one under my account...

    39. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      Thanks Scott, we'll contact you (all the "thank you" pledgers) for the exact wording once the campaign ends. No worries.

    40. Missing avatar

      Scott Johnson on

      For the "thank you" in the films credits I wanted to have a friends name instead of mine. I wasn't sure how to select that option when pledging.

    41. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      @Jameson - Perhaps... maybe we'll do another run closer to the film's release. For now only our incredible Kickstarter backers will get them. Cheers!

    42. Jameson Lee on

      Hey Gary, I was wondering if the "Urbanized" T-Shirts will be available for purchase separately?

    43. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      @Colin - Thanks! We'll actually be contacting you before we ship, to get your current address. So no worries.

      @Zach - We're on it.

      @Christopher - Thanks for the tip!

    44. Colin Krasnozon on

      I've never kickstarted before, but glad to support the project. In any event, I dont foresee myself at my current address by the time the trilogy is shipped, would I give different shipping info to amazon? Thanks colin

    45. Zach Mihalko on

      Hi Gary: I hope you touch on the disasters that have happened in Japan and Haiti with the earthquakes and the problems with building regulations. This could maybe inform other nations to look into their own structural guidelines to prevent catastrophes in the future. But I think the design of cities has to account for natural disasters. Look forward to the film.

    46. Missing avatar

      Christopher Griffin on

      Hi Gary: you should interview Ben Aranda of Aranda Lasch
      I think he's working on some big city planning projects in Africa right now.
      I can make an intro. If you're interested, let me know.

    47. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      Thanks Jordan, the film will be available on iTunes once it's released (with proper chaptering, etc.), or as you mentioned rip the file from the Trilogy discs. We're at the crossover point of three technologies, where a lot of people are still watching DVDs, there are also millions of Blu-ray drives out there, and a large number of people are going purely digital. Interesting times...

    48. Missing avatar

      Jordan Yee on

      Hi Gary, I’m wondering if digital iTunes-compatible files will be included with either the DVD or Blu-Ray trilogy box set. I ask because I would love to have the trilogy in HD but have no intention of owning a Blu-Ray player. I know if I had access to a Blu-Ray reader I could rip the disc but I don’t and a better job (including proper chapter titling, metadata, artwork) could probably be done on your end. I’m really in it for the book since it lasts and the digital files because it last a bit longer than discs; I’m not even sure if I’ll have a DVD drive in a year. The disc packaging does look great though. All the best and really looking forward to the film, Jordan

    49. Gary Hustwit 4-time creator on

      No strategy David, just our mailing list and my Twitter feed. Plus a lot of great people who've helped spread the word. Cheers, Gary

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