Night Trap ReVamped

by Night Trap, LLC

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    1. Eric Park on

      Count me in for Night Trap Returns!

    2. Shawn Henehan on

      I hope you do consider trying this again in the future. Obviously there was a lot to learn this first time out, but it doesn't mean it can't be successful. Look at that Coolest cooler kickstarter, it failed the first time, but the second time it turned into the most donated project in kickstarter history. I think your project is really something special, and I hope I get to try it out one day.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tyson Laplante on

      I hope to see you guys come back. I would love to see this game release on steam.

    4. TAHR on

      What a sad end for Night Trap if you don't come back, and a second death for Digital Pictures :-(
      Anyway, thank you for having tried. And again, thanks so much for all the hours of fun you brought me in the past !


    5. Rik Spruitenburg on

      I hope you will decide to make this happen. It seem like the technology that is needed to make Night Trap work exists today and it could be the start of something special.

    6. David Bruno on

      If at first you don't succeed...
      I'll be here when Night Trap returns. :3

    7. Missing avatar

      Travis Mandel on

      I hope you try again! But unfortunately, I'm not sure you have any choice but to try again in some form, given that you're out $250,000 for the IP rights.

    8. Clay Nelson on

      I also hope this is brought back in some form in the future, as I was also really looking forward to this. How about just a Steam release for the time being (when possible,) that way you can get the PC/Mac crowd in, and possibly the others at some point? Or maybe release the original DOS version on GOG for some cash to help?

      Anyway, good luck in the future, and remember to send another update with any future plans so we all know where to be.

    9. Eric Tatara on

      As mentioned by a previous commentor, you should re-release the game on GOG to draw interest, as some (or many) people may not remember the game as being a lightning-rod for controversy in the 90's. I never got to play it, and I'd like the chance to, even if it's just the original for the time being.

    10. Robert Nigro on

      I hope that this project sees the light of day at least one way or another. Like a few posters have already said, why not just a digital PC release, with perhaps stretch goals for digital console releases and even physical disks if those goals are met? Just an idea. I was a huge fan of the old FMV games and to see them in HD would have been dream come true for me. I have been waiting for someone to resurrect these old games, and I was hoping that this would have sparked the resurgence.

    11. Frank Bromley on

      Boy bet you guys wish that guy who turned in 203 copiws of the original game had done it sooner to drumb up some pr