Night Trap ReVamped

by Night Trap, LLC

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    1. Brad Silvia on

      Thank you very much, Mr. Zito. I hope for the best and I'm glad you understand what the fans, who are your customers, want.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kleist on

      Please also include SmartGlass SUPORT in the hypothetical Xbox One version for the same reason

    3. Brad Silvia on


      If the coding is about a 90% copy/paste job, then that would make sense. However, I doubt that would be the case, so it wouldn't make economical sense.

    4. David Wagaman

      Ouch. Harsh story...

    5. TAHR on

      Wow, I didn't know Torquemada was running Nintendo in the 90's. Puritanism and hypocracy at their best !
      I understand why Digital Pictrures people are still pissed off about this...


    6. TAHR on

      *sigh* my spelling isn't at his best, though. I wish my english was better :-(

    7. TAHR on

      ...worse and worse - "at ITS best".

    8. Phil Cobley on

      This goes above and beyond! Great news. Thanks for listening :-)

    9. Clay Nelson on

      Well stated. I know I was one of the ones in the comments saying how the Wii U gamepad would work great with this game. That being said, the Wii U also has a much smaller install base. So, I'd make sure you get all of that $20,000 in line before any work is done on the port. :)

    10. Phil Cobley on

      Something I've just been thinking about... This is probably me being really slow on the uptake, but knowing that Nintendo provided the footage to congress, does that make this video of a Nintendo Playstation game?!

      I've always seen the footage and taken it for the 32X version, but now looking at the dates, isn't this from before the 32X launched?

    11. Allen Huffman on

      Thank you for sharing this. I played this on the Sega CD, and when the controversy began, I was confused at why they thought this game was bad. I remember laughing at a scene later in the game where you kept trying to catch the baddie and it let from one thing to another and another, hilariously frustrating. When I heard about this on the Free Talk Live radio program, I had to check it out. I hope it goes! Fun times. I would love to know more about how the VHS implementation would have worked.