Night Trap ReVamped

by Night Trap, LLC

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    1. DeafTard on

      This should be interesting since I thought you guys hated Nintendo?

    2. Seth Callahan on

      You guys are going to win the internet! Trolol.

    3. John Szczepaniak on

      I've owned and played various versions of Night Trap over the years, and sincerely enjoyed it. My backing of this was mainly for solidarity.

      In update 2 you said:
      "We simply have no interest in paying licensing fees to a company that once tried very hard to put us out of business."

      I read this and thought, heck yeah, these guys aren't afraid to stand their ground, stick up for their principles, and make a public display of another's poor ethics. Now you've changed your minds. I understand money is money, but it's kind of sad to think some arms were twisted over this (especially considering what would only be a tiny percentage of buyers anyway).

      I never backed enough to receive a copy of the game, but I just wanted to say that I really liked the sentiment of that earlier update - best served over ice.

    4. Nick Evans on

      I do not share the same sentiments as John. O feel that old grudges are simply bad excuses to make poor business decisions. And that's what this entire campaign is, business. I applaud your efforts in listening to backers and trying to reach as many eyeballs as possible. I feel that the game would work perfectly on the Wii U, assuming your dev team can utilize the gamepad properly.

      Great move guys. Looking forward to possibly switching my pledge to a Wii U version.