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By Mikey Tyler
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My Name is Mikey Tyler, I am an aspiring filmmaker. I went to film school for 3 years with 2 years left, and decided that I was done wasting more and more of my time on projects that my professors wanted me to do. I wanted to work on my projects, I have 2 screenplays written, and another 5 outlines for potential films. This is my dream and I know I can accomplish it, I've been collaborating with other writers from Tennessee, Kansas City, just to tune my work into a good film that people can enjoy. I have $2,000 worth of equipment, but still needing another $10,000 for equipment, props, software, venues. I have friends from my college who graduated from the theater department and plan to hold auditions, and hopefully will be able to pay my actors something. Everything that I earn from this fundraiser will all go directly to build my business. Puzzle Brain Productions is the name of my film company, and above is my film co. logo that will play before each of my films. Thank you for reading:)

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge I face is timing. In order for everything to go right, I gotta be able to have everything I need to begin and have the location, actors, and crew to all be free and ready to shoot, so timing will be a big challenge for us. But in order to overcome timing as being an issue is scheduling well in advance so that if we have to change shoot dates we can. I have done 3 student films in college and know how to get shots done with what I have, and that's all thanks to planning.

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