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Cheese On Bread is making our first album in a decade, and we need your help to rise from the crypt!
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Final Push! 58 more hours. 3,000 more dollars. Please help! (plus little bonus facts!)

Posted by Cheese On Bread (Creator)

A Few Fun Facts from Cheese on Bread!

1.)  STATS:  If we were able to raise $1/minute from here on out, it would put us about $500 over our goal.  

2.)  DID YOU KNOW?  In 1943 a member of the U.S. government decided to ban sliced bread, for reasons that still remain unclear. It was an unpopular idea to say the least, lasting only a short time.

3.) SECRET:  We know we haven't said much about the secret track for the $20 level, but if you ask us via email at, we'll share our secret with you.  If you don't ask and don't contribute, you may NEVER know what it is, because it is ONLY being released to kickstarter backers at the $20 level and above!

4.) WHO KNEW?!  When we named our band Cheese on Bread, we had no idea that "Cheese on Bread" is actually a common Bajan expression/exclamation.

5.) I LOAF CHEESE ON BREAD:  Check out our super sweet T-shirt!  All the cool kids are wearing them. 

 Thanks again so much for supporting independent music!

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