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NEW SONG: "Bad Friend"

Posted by Cheese On Bread (Creator)
Arranging songs at Cheese On Bread Band Camp, 2015
Arranging songs at Cheese On Bread Band Camp, 2015

We are releasing a demo version of one of our new songs, "Bad Friend," available for streaming EXCLUSIVELY on this Kickstarter page!

From Dan: I showed up at our album-arranging retreat last year with a notebook full of songs, and this was the one that scared me the most, because it was so raw. I wasn't sure that the band would understand why a song this intense would be a Cheese On Bread song, since most of our music is so silly. I don't even know if I understood. But I knew that this song was ours, and I knew we had to make it together.

I acted like a petulant baby during the process. One morning I went around to everyone's lyric sheets and crossed out all the chords Matt wrote, replacing them with my own (significantly worse) ideas. (Luckily, Matt changed them back.) But by the time the band started writing the music for the bridge (which I hadn't written lyrics for yet), I knew that they understood the core of the song, and that I should let go, and trust them, and allow myself to experience the intimacy of my musical relationship with these four amazing people.

After all, this is a song about a friendship gone sour. And the thing I needed most in the world was the support of great friends. I'm unspeakably lucky that that is exactly what I received.

This collaboration means so much to me, and I feel so driven to complete this album. Please help us make it all possible!



by Cheese On Bread


It was wrong to write that but his writing is so boring

Too stupid to incite the symphony you're scoring

You're too old for shit that small 

But you're much too young to abandon it all

Meanwhile I'm screaming all the time:



You know I bit my tongue when you've been petulant and galling

And I was there to lift you up whenever you were falling

It's been appalling

Now you say that no one loves you

I'm like, "What about me?"

You're like, "What? 'Me' who?"

Well it's the me who's been here all the time

Whatever, nevermind.



I'm missing the good parts of a bad friend

And I fear they're gone for good.

It went from a good start to a bad end

And I wish he would

Come home, come home to the way I know he can be

I wish he'd come home, come home to me


We'd sing everything we'd write before I was your mother

Two hot young dykes at night, we'd listen to each other

Now you don't hear anything

And I don't hear feelings when you sing

Just slick, flat i-Phone melodies

Listen, please.




You'd rather be right than be happy

With my love


Show me you understand the things I try to tell you

Don't throw up all that guarded trauma that befell you

Cause I can smell you

RT if you use feminist dogmas 

To avoid accountability in lesbian processing

REPLY if you prefer friendship to fame

FAV if #same



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      Suzanne Chamma on

      LOVE your new song!!�❤️