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Russell Kercheval, creator of the Americana & Brimstone decks, brings you 'Quicksilver'. Printed by Bicycle, trimmed in metallic ink.

Will you be tempted by the metallic silver adorning each card?

Just over a year ago I designed the Brimstone deck, since then everyone has been asking me "when will you do a sequel or follow up?" The wait is over, here it is!  Everything has been upgraded and reworked from the top down.  The Brimstone deck featured gold metallic ink, similarly, the Quicksilvers will be trimmed with metallic silver ink.  All of the elements of the deck have been updated to fit with this new design but remain within the same theme as the Brimstone deck.  Court cards, aces, even the numbered cards have custom work that will look right at home next to the Brimstone deck or will be the gleaming highlight of your collection.  

I've been working in graphic design for just over a decade and have been collecting cards for nearly as long.  Printing my own design through the best card manufacture out there (United States Playing Card Co.) is a hefty investment. This is where I need your help!  With your pledges I will deliver to you a high quality and unique deck of cards.

What's in the box?

Each deck contains the following:
56 total cards - The 'standard' 52 poker cards, 2 Jokers, 2 Gaff Cards.
Gaff/Trick Cards:
Gaff #1 - Double Backer  -  A card with the back art printed on both sides.
Gaff #2 - YOU get to pick! (See Update #8)
The tuck box itself will have a reveal in the barcode and so will one of the Jokers.

Product Quality and Delivery

The finished product will be made to the EXACT production specs and feel of any standard Bicycle deck you would find at a local retail store. I will be printing on heavy Bicycle stock and using the latest 'Magic Finish' coat. These are not flimsy, cheap knock off brand cards that clump. They come straight from USPCC's (Bicycle, Bee, Hoyle) factory.  Designed in Photoshop and Illustrator the Quicksilver deck is made with the highest level of detail.  The basic run will be 2,500 decks with more printed as needed.

This is my third Kickstarter card project (thank you!) and I have some great experience in packaging and delivery.  My last project (Americana) had 99% of rewards in the mail within 1 week of getting them from Bicycle.  We have all heard of nightmares with blown delivery dates or shipping nightmares... I have been doing this for over a year now and I have a great system down for shipping. Most rewards are shipped out Priority Mail to ensure a safe and fast delivery.  I use the same materials NASA uses to get the astronauts to the moon: cardboard, bubble-wrap, foam peanuts and tape!

Uncut Sheets

Have you ever seen an entire sheet of dollar bills or baseball cards? This is the same thing!  The only way to get an uncut sheet is to pull it off the press before it gets to the cutting and sorting machine.  These are not cheap posters printed at a copy shop.  They are the real deal measuring in at 22"x29". I am going to have the line-manager pull off 100 uncut sheets for you guys here on Kickstarter.  This is definitely a unique item for card collectors!
(The ?'s will be announced soon, stay tuned!)

Stretch Goals

Overfunding is common on Kickstarter, as a reward (to you!) for this I have come up with some long-term goals!
COMPLETED - 100% - The deck is funded.
COMPLETED - 125% - The tuck box will have a special Kickstarter tuck seal.
COMPLETED - 150% - The tuck will be adorned with silver foil instead of ink.
COMPLETED - 175% - The tuck box will also have embossing.
COMPLETED - 200% - All of the above and the decks pledged on Kickstarter will be the only way to get one with with foil and embossing.  Any decks sold afterwards will be in a standard tuck box with no seal.
COMPLETED - 250% - Custom Brick Boxes (holds 12 decks) and all of the above. (Any reward with over 12 decks will come with the custom box!)
COMPLETED - 300% - Dice unlocked!
COMPLETED - 500% - Will make us the top card deck on Kickstarter and I will preview the final design in the series in a future update!


I'm proud to announce that Jamie D. Grant (Send Wonder) is going to produce FIVE 'Anything Is Possible' bottles for this Kickstarter project! An 'AIP' bottle is a completely unaltered Avalon Dairy glass milk bottle and inside is a deck of Quicksilver playing cards that are still sealed in it's original cellophane! Whenever times get though, look at your magical bottle and remind yourself that... Anything is Possible.


I have customized a special box that holds 12 decks and 48 dice.  The box will include 4 Brimstone decks (sold out everywhere), 8 Quicksilver decks, 16 Brimstone dice and 32 Quicksilver dice.  As you can see, this will be the perfect box to hold all three designs once I release the last deck in the series next year.  Kickstarter will not allow me to offer a coupon for a future deck, but don't be surprised if it comes with a little slip of paper with words on it.  I am only going to  have one of these available.

How Your Contribution Pledges are Utilized

Profits from the Brimstone and Americana decks have been used to start the Circle City Card Company.  I opened a website last fall ( and have put the rest back into help fund my latest deck, Quicksilver.  Money raised will be used to produce a limited run of decks commissioned by USPCC. Each deck will have 56 cards, matching custom tuck-box and be wrapped in cellophane. Your help is needed to get this (and future) custom card decks out there!

Don't forget to spread the word, that's the only way we can make this project succeed. You can 'Like' my facebook page and check out the latest rumblings going on. Thank you for taking a look at my project!


  • Unfortunately, I am sold out of them. You'll be able to find them on eBay and a few random online shops. I will do a v2 reprint of the deck next year, after the third deck in the series is released.

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  • I hope to have these in your hands in December. USPCC is a huge company that provides decks worldwide and there schedule flexes a bit when a retailer has specific needs. A realistic timeframe from submittal to delivery is 12 weeks, but it can flex a bit in either direction. I will keep everyone informed each step of the process.

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  • The survey will be emailed to you in December, around the time the cards are bring finished printing. I'll let everyone know a day or two before so you can check your spam folder too!

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    GAFF CARD #2 - You get to help pick and create a gaff card for the deck! Each Quicksilver deck will come with two gaff/trick cards. You get to outline or decide how I should make the second card. You will also receive 12 Quicksilver decks and an UNCUT SHEET. Send me a message for full details.

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