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Straight from the fiery pits comes BRIMSTONE playing cards! Sulfur in the air has tainted and twisted the deck into darkness.
764 backers pledged $20,983 to help bring this project to life.

Back in Action!

Posted by Russell Kercheval (Creator)

Hopefully, most of you have heard I have been moving for the past few days.  I just got my internet connection back up and running so it's back to business.

I know it is past the 17th, (horrible timing on my part) and by tomorrow afternoon 99% of the USA rewards should be mailed out. 

I am still sending out international packages daily! Hand cramps from customs forms are slowing me down, haha!

Anyone receiving an 'art print' will be having theirs mailed out next week.

I admit this is taking a bit longer than expected, I seemed to have bit off a bit more than I can chew at the moment!  Again, thanks for putting up with the delays.

- Russell

Also, if anyone has ordered cards form my site directly, I'll be getting to those just after I finish mailing out my kickstarter backers! 


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    1. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      Hey Everyone,
      Since this project has ended, I will no longer be posting on the Brimstone Deck project. I thank everyone for their support and making this deck come true! If anyone needs to contact me please feel free to email me directly... CircleCityCardCo [at] gmail [dot] com
      - Russell

    2. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      Hey David, I just sent them out!

    3. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      Did the art print rewards go out as planned? If you shipped UPS, I can probably expect mine in 8 days after you ship.

    4. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on


      99% of rewards are in the mail! Keep in mind Shipping and Customs can take a while so give it at least 10 days. I'll be posting a REAL update once all the packages are shipped out.

      I'll be shipping all the art print reward levels Wednesday and Thursday. (USA/CAN/Overseas)

    5. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      Sure hope mine comes soon, either that or my mail is being stolen again... :(

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Spiler on

      If we got an art print (but are not US), do we still get them this week? (im also in ontario, canada - we're an impatient bunch of fans!)

    7. Edwyn Tiong on

      Received my decks today and they look great, thanks! Just wondering if any of the decks are signed or if that aspect of the pledge fell by the wayside after considering the number of orders to be fulfilled - and if there IS a signed deck, how do I tell which one before I accidentally give it away?

    8. Melhelix on

      Wooo! Guess I was just a tad impatient. Cards arrived just today! They look wonderful, thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Mitchell on

      I live in Ohio and still have not received my deck. Should I have by now?

    10. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      I will be shipping orders with the art prints within a week. I have almost finished getting out the other rewards.

    11. Melhelix on

      ^Same problem as Kevin and Anna. I'm in Washington, no cards, and no word on the PM. :(

    12. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Ontario? that's practically Washington dc from where i am ;) (Northern BC)

    13. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      Russ, have all of the art prints gone out yet?

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin Raczynski on

      i have the same problem as Anna^. I live in Ontario Canada and still no cards, you also haven't responded to the PM i sent you.

    15. Anna Klibanov on

      I still have not received the cards in Canada, even though a friend/neighbour of mine received his weeks ago.

    16. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      Yesterday and today I shipped out another 75 rewards.

    17. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      Shipped 50 more!

    18. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on


      I shipped out another 100 international packages over the past two days, I still have a few more USA packages that ned to be sent out.

    19. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      @ Scott,
      Yeah, sorry. I was in no way prepared for all of this! I am very thankful (dont get me wrong) just a bit overwhelmed. Your decks are on the way soon!

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Daniels on

      So if you are in the US and still have not received your decks, just hold tight?

    21. Adrian Bjugård on

      Hmm, so our signatures are on the customs forms then? :( Hahaha, just kidding with you mate, seriously awesome deck, couldn't be happier unless I'd picked 5th Brimstone deck instead of Shadow Masters deck! I sent you a message while you had no internet, please have a look at my proposition champ!