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Straight from the fiery pits comes BRIMSTONE playing cards! Sulfur in the air has tainted and twisted the deck into darkness.
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Shipped 1/3 of the Internationals!!

Posted by Russell Kercheval (Creator)

I have shipped 1/3 of the international orders!  Over this week I will be shipping the final 2/3's of the international orders.

8I have not shipped ALL of the USA backers yet. I have just received the Art Prints form the printers and will be shipping them out shortly. A few other have not been processed either, but I will get to them this week!

If anyone in USA/Canada has not received their orders by October 17th, please send me a EMAIL or PRIVATE MESSAGE and we will see what the delay is.  I have tracking numbers/insurance for all orders, so rest assured, you will get yours!

International backers, with each country being different and having varying laws, please bear with me (and the post office!) I have not shipped ALL the orders yet and am working as fast as I can! Filling out 300+ customs forms is a pain in the ass! haha!

Again, Thanks* for the patience!

- Russell

* - How many times can I say "thank you"? Anyone have a thesaurus handy?!?!


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    1. Missing avatar

      S Yerxa on

      I have yet to receive mine, but as I am in Canada I am completely aware of the inefficiency of Canada Post. I believe that 2-4 weeks would have been a much wiser delivery time on Russell's part.

    2. Missing avatar

      DLB on

      @ Justin and Aaron Potter

      Obviously you guys never heard of smartphones... you know you can read and send e-mails on those devices besides playing "Angry Birds"...:))))

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron Potter on

      Similarly, I messaged him after not receiving my decks on the 17th. However, like Justin here, I also possess the ability to read and can see he's currently without an internet connection and is moving.
      As the process was delayed by things outside of Russell's control by quite some time already, a few extra days is not the end of the world by any means.

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      I also did the same as I live in Canada; however, as he states, he is in the process of moving and NO internet connection so obviously he CAN'T get back to you. You can't expect everything to be perfectly planned.

    5. Missing avatar

      DLB on

      Not quite sure if you read or not, but the update DIRECTLY above this comments states: "If anyone in USA/Canada has not received their orders by October 17th, please send me a EMAIL or PRIVATE MESSAGE and we will see what the delay is."
      I messaged him on 17th and no response.

    6. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      @ uzina9

      Not quite sure if you read or not, but the comment DIRECTLY above you was written by Russell. Though I still have yet to receive my decks, I at least read his comment which states that he is moving and doesn't have access to the internet. I am not quite sure how proficient you are at moving, but generally it takes more than 1 day...

    7. Jason L Chapman on

      Messaged yesterday morning... No decks yet :(

    8. Missing avatar

      DLB on

      So when I'm going to get my stuff? Looks like the higher your pledge was, the slower shipping you are going to get...And of course no response to messages...Very unprofessional...

    9. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      I am still shipping and will be updating soon. Sorry I am behind (as usual) but I am moving and don't have internet access right now.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Kuhnle on

      I live in the US and haven't received anything yet. Have you forgotten me?

    11. Jason L Chapman on

      Thank you so much.
      Thanks a bunch.
      That’s perfect.
      You’re too kind.
      You’re the best.
      You’re my saviour.
      You’re an angel.
      What would I do without you?
      I owe you one.
      I don’t know what to say. (Use if “thank you” seems too small.)
      Thank you is not enough.
      I really appreciate this/what you’ve done.
      I can’t thank you enough.
      and more here:

    12. Nicolas Paterakis on

      I appreciate the update! I was wondering if all the USA/Canada orders had been shipped! being in Canada I guess I should expect it to arrive this week? (I did not order an art print )