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Straight from the fiery pits comes BRIMSTONE playing cards! Sulfur in the air has tainted and twisted the deck into darkness.
764 backers pledged $20,983 to help bring this project to life.

Mailed 200 More Packges!

Posted by Russell Kercheval (Creator)

I'm averaging about 100 per day, so I should be done shipping by Wednesday or Thursday.  International backers hang in there! I know it is a long wait, I am pumping these out as fast as I can (by myself!).  I am learning a lot as I go and next time I ship out cards it should go much smoother!

Speaking of shipping my next deck.... check out the Americana Cards here on Kickstarter! If I reach 250% of my goal before November 1st everyone will get an upgrade to their decks! 

Thanks for all the support!

Russell Kercheval


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    1. Jason L Chapman on

      Has the US decks all been sent?

      I'm patiently waiting on the 2 decks, one for playing one for collection.

      I'm hoping I didn't miss the package and my house mate's kids got a hold of it.

    2. Daniel Johnson on

      Hey Russell, I noticed two things that went wrong with what I got. 1. The cards that I got don't have the brimstone words above the logo that are on the back of the cards and 2. I didnt get any signed deck of cards from you.

    3. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      I am still mailing! UGH! haha, customs forms have been taking up most of my time. I have mailed out some of the international ones.

    4. Adrian Bjugård on

      Have you sent out all of the packages now? Including international backers? :D

    5. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      Ahh I see it now, depending on the light a small portion can seem to fade out too quickly. I wonder if that is because of the metallic ink... Luckily it is barely noticeable unless in bright light!

    6. H Lynnea

      My deck arrived over the weekend, and overall looks great. I did break open one of the decks I ordered, because I just had to pore over the art on the cards (heck, why buy two if I wasn't going to play with them, right?). Just to point out one thing to you, Russell - it looks like USPCC did cut off the art you had for the Ace of Spades on the sides of the image. Rather than the gold smoke/mist fading out, there is a clear demarcation where it ends (creating the border which holds the corner symbols). It isn't a big deal, but you probably want to keep that in mind for future designs. Still, very happy overall, and can't wait to have some friends over to play - I'm thinking maybe on Halloween, these would be perfect!

    7. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      Don and Ken, thanks for the input, this is my first experience with shipping ANYTHING other than an electric bill! I have shipped all 1,2,3 deck rewards in bubble wrapped mailers, and anything more than that have been shipped in USPS boxes. I want everyone to have a great experience with this deck and kickstarter, if for whatever reason your decks arrive unusable, please PM me or email me directly and we'll get you squared away. I am still shipping decks out daily, so if yours havent arrived yet; please hang in there, it will come soon.

    8. Don Boyer on

      Just received mine, playing Canfield solitaire with them while I browse the web. They really do look awesome and I love the "outline" effect on the gaffed 10 of diamonds, where the fallen diamonds used to hang. Reminds me of when you take pictures off a wall that have hung for many years without a fresh coat of wall paint, when there's a clean void surrounded by a dust/grime halo... :)

      While my cards arrived in great shape, I can understand Ken Grazier's concerns - I was very surprised to hear the contents of the box shifting and to see they weren't packed with anything to absorb impact - even crushed newspaper would do the job well enough (reusing costs less energy than recycling!).

    9. Geoffrey Ward on

      Got mine today, came out looking great :)

    10. Ken Grazier :: Geek-Craft

      Got my deck, cards all look amazing. However, the mailer you used got beat up and torn a bit, so my box isn't in perfect condition. A little tear and a bit of a scratch down the face of the box. Not a big deal, but something I figure you should be aware of. Betting it's my local Post Office more than you.

    11. Don Boyer on

      You've got to open at least ONE deck, people! Collector value be damned - playing cards are meant for PLAYING! ;) (And magic, too!)

    12. Missing avatar

      James on

      Russ, got my deck Thursday, great job, love the finish!

    13. Missing avatar

      Sam Fleshin on

      I just got mine, amazing! Thanks so much.

    14. Ashley Tipton on

      Just got our deck! Not sure if we wanna open it or not, looks so nice, lol! Thank you.

    15. Missing avatar

      Marc Waters on

      Got mine today. Very awesome... Thank you.

    16. Ricky Gomez on

      I got mine today. I love them.

    17. Benjamin Royer on

      Got mine today. Still trying to decide if I want to open one yet. Basking in the glow from the box.
      : )

    18. Court Campion on

      Just got my decks! They are FANTASTIC!!! The detail on the face cards is amazing. Cannot wait for your next deck!