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Straight from the fiery pits comes BRIMSTONE playing cards! Sulfur in the air has tainted and twisted the deck into darkness.
764 backers pledged $20,983 to help bring this project to life.

Small Update (with pics!)

Posted by Russell Kercheval (Creator)

Just keeping you guys in the loop.

I mailed about 250 packages today, and I made the lady at USPS angry. I forgot to call ahead, oops!  Wow packing, organizing, and double checking orders takes a long time, whew!

As promised, here are a couple real pictures of the deck in all its high-res glory:

I would have one of the deck out of the box stacked nice and neat, but not one photo turned out sharp! I am a graphic designer, not a photographer! Ugh!

I am still mailing packages everyday, it is a bit slow doing it by myself, bear with me.

Russell Kercheval


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I still have a couple uncut sheets and Brimstone available if anyone didn't get asmany as they originally wanted.  Also, you can check out Adam Clarkson's deck, 'Revision 1' it's an engineering/drafting styled deck. He is still taking pre-orders... hint hint. :)

see more pictures on our Flickr page...


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    1. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      And that's why the USPS is failing. Rather than complaining that you showed up, they should be ecstatic that they are earning money. UPS and FedEx would be happy if you showed up with that many packages.

    2. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      We will ship separately as they come in. Revision 1 is a pre-order.

    3. Missing avatar

      meianmaru on

      Ordered just now uncut sheet (and Revision 1) from Bicycle in addition to pledge's rewards. Will they arrive at the same package/time to Finland? And thank you for your hard work!