Brimstone - Metallic Gold Accented Card Deck

by Russell Kercheval

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    1. Anna Klibanov on

      Any news on shipping dates for the Brimstone deck?

    2. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      Same as last update a week ago, Bicycle said they would ship it to me within a week or so.

    3. Steven S. on


      Really impressed with the way you've handled everyone's impatience. Granted, you probably should have posted a disclaimer that times are NEVER approximate when dealing with a corp., but that happens! (And, really, it's probable that even YOU didn't know how long it would really take.)

      Personally, I like the design enough to WAIT. Look forward to seeing more!

    4. Steven S. on


      Also, don't know if you're aware, but on Firefox 6, about 1.5" of the website images are blank on the right side, like it wasn't measured correctly.

    5. mamojo

      I just tried to purchase using PayPal, but was asked to enter my full checking account number to verify that I own the account. I didn't because I think that sounds fishy. I called PayPal and the agent said not to enter that info because PayPal never asks you to enter the full bank account number because they already verified it and wouldn't ask you again. Any ideas what that's about? Because I'd really like to buy the Brimstone deck! :)

    6. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      I'm not sure mamojo, that's the first problem I've heard about. I've had over a dozen orders come through no problem. Are you verified with both Paypal and your bank? PM me if you have more problems.

    7. mamojo

      Ignore. I just tried again using a different browser window, and it worked. PayPal didn't ask me to enter my full account number this time. So weird. I wonder what that was about before.

    8. Aapo Saaristo on

      I got all exited for a project update :(
      But this is good news, too, I guess. Once I get the long awaited decks, I'll definitely consider ordering something within like a month or three.

    9. Dr. Brian Moore on

      It is disturbing to find out that the cards will be available for purchase before backers have even recieved their cards. I thought the point of being a backer was that you get an early release of the product.

    10. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      I haven't even got the cards yet, everyone will get them at the same time.

    11. Missing avatar

      Serena Reagan on

      Any idea when the BACKERS will be able to get their cards??? That's not right! Selling them on the website before fulfilling the orders for the backers!

    12. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      ...sigh... learn to read.

    13. Adrian Bjugård on

      @Russell, Since you and Adam are now besties, you should use your influence to make sure we get the Erased 10 of Hearts gaff card! :P

    14. Bruce Satow on

      I agree! I'm a backer who was promised cards but I think it is unfair not to send me my cards before you guys start officially opening a store and selling to non-investors.

    15. Brian Hilgard on

      Can't you people read??

    16. Lee Sweeney on

      Actually if you read it, its says he is selling the decks and taking preorders on a new one, not really what he meant, but to jump people who have paid and waited, when the Update states they are selling them, makes me wonder how many folks will order next time.

      "We are currently selling the remaining Brimstone Decks and taking preorders for the Revision 1 deck. So pick them up now while they last."


    17. Bruce Satow on

      Of course we can read that's why we are asking. The way it's written is that decks are being sold and preorders are being taken for the new design. It reads as though the backers are being ignored.

    18. Russell Kercheval 3-time creator on

      Bruce, the remaining decks are being 'sold' because I know the cards are on the way. In this update II explained that both Kickstarter and orders made on the website are being shipped at the same time.