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Holland, MI Design
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Vela is the first premium, app-enabled, LED lantern. It's a smart light designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Vela is the first premium, app-enabled, LED lantern. It's a smart light designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Read More
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Holland, MI Design
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Twisthink LLC
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Twisthink LLC

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About this project

Thanks for watching! Hopefully the video sheds some "light" on the product Vela and our team at Twisthink.

The short story is, we are a group of industrial designers and electrical engineers who work side by side to bring innovation to products and services.  Vela is a product from that collaboration and after months of market testing, we are excited and determined to deliver the worlds first premium LED lantern. We hope you'll join us!

How it works:

Vela is wireless ambient lighting designed for indoor and outdoor use. A Bluetooth, app-enabled, portable LED lantern. Vela emits warm, soft light, not the cold blue lighting of today's LED lanterns. When paired with your smart phone, Vela can be controlled remotely - up to six lanterns in a group.

What it can do:

The app enabled control allows you to dim, set to a timer or schedule, or change its color. We even wrote a custom algorithm to make the light dance and flicker like a real candle.

When you launch the app, Vela lights that are within range (approx 30 ft) will wake up and respond to your commands.  And, with the help of some clever software, it will remember its previous settings and schedules and run them whether you're there or not.  Set it and forget it.

Parents of youngsters take note!  Use it as a soft glow nightlight and set it to change green at a certain time in the morning - when the little ones are permitted to get out of bed.  It works!

Where you can use it:

You can use it anywhere and we believe that is part of its appeal.  Vela was designed to look at home on a nightstand as well as on a back porch.  Warm, soft, and inviting, Vela is equally approachable for kids and stylish for adults. Its truly an indoor/outdoor light. Refined but not delicate. Robust but not cumbersome. The lithium ion battery will keep it lit for hours and hours if your camping or just sitting on the porch.  Or you can simply keep it right in its charging cradle and use it as a smart night light.

Other fun stuff:

Third party app's:  We will be publishing the Bluetooth commands to allow anybody to create their own unique app and make Vela behave in a way tailored to fit their lifestyle.  Would somebody "gameify" it?  How would a restaurateur use it?  We don't know but we're eager to find out!

Battery: If you're worried about battery life, don't be.  It will last for about 16 hours on full blast. At a comfortable "50% dim" level you can expect over 30 hours of continuous run time.  To take the mystery out of it, each Vela lantern reports its estimated battery life to your iOS or Android  device.

What others have said about Vela.


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Industry Edge

Where we are today:

We have already invested over $75,000 of our own resources into developing vela and have completed what we refer to as the "product definition phase". 

We started by drafting the product requirement spec, selecting the Bluetooth 4.0 LE chip set, packaging the electronic components, wireframing the iOS and Android app, generating 3D CAD and then building multiple rapid prototypes of the housings.

We then packaged the batteries and printed circuit boards (with surface mounted LED's) into the prototypes.  Next, we wrote custom software to test and simulate LED brightness and production functionality such as dimming, color changing, timers and flickering.  We did not prototype the bluetooth (app to hardware) link.

What we'll do next:

After a dozen years of developing wireless technology, we know exactly what it takes to launch premium products and we know there is still a lot to be done, (80% more to go).

The funds raised through Kickstarter will allow us to complete the following phases, build production tooling, and launch the product in a world class manufacturing facility.

Design Phase (April to July)

  • Refinement of Vela Lantern product requirement specification
  • Completion of component packaging
  • Completion of iOS app
  • Circuit design (integrate bluetooth, LED driver, and battery management chip sets)
  • Completion of Alpha build (1st fully functional production intent prototypes)
  • Conduct FCC pre-scan
  • Selection of manufacturing partner

Refinement Phase (July-September)

  • Software Debugging
  • Finalize app graphics and navigation
  • Completion of Beta build (2nd generation fully functional production intent prototypes)
  • FCC certification
  • Release drawings for production tooling

Validation Phase (September- November)

  • Completion of Vela Lantern product validation testing
  • Completion of industry accepted performance testing

Launch Phase (November-January)

  • Start of volume production
  • End of line testing
  • Order fulfillment

*Please note, we have served countless Fortune 500 companies with our expertise in  "wireless technology". It is one of our core capabilities as a team. 

Risks and challenges

Twisthink has extensive experience in wireless technology and product development. As a firm we are a team of 25 and have been in business since 2001. We encourage you to visit our website to see some of our clients that we serve and the products that we have developed.

The wireless control of lights is one of our specialties. In fact, in 2008 we launched another business that designed and launched "Limelight," the industry leading wireless lighting control system for parking garages and parking lots. We know lighting, we know wireless and we know manufacturing. And we all sit under the same roof, so we can move fast and shorten typical development cycles.

Additionally, we have trusted relationships with the entire supply chain, from technology "chip" suppliers, to tool makers to the electronic contract manufacturers.

There are always challenges and "curve balls" in the product development cycle, but our experience and relationships greatly reduce risk and delays.

Finally, we're good guys(and gals) and we'll work hard and diligently provide updates along the way.

Thanks in advance for your support; you will not be disappointed!

The Twisthink Team.

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