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Babyltop Soccer is a tabletop soccer game that encourages Dads to spend more fun quality time with their babies. 

The game is to be made of soft foam for special playtime use by one baby/infant and one adult player. 

Babyltop Soccer contains no materials made of wood or plastic or metal and no small parts. Instead, it is made of soft safe sturdy non-toxic foam  and with a soft plush soccer ball (with a bell stitched inside to attract the interest of babies and infants). The game is in bright primary colors, as well, to appeal to the very young.

Babyltop Soccer is designed specifically for use by one infant (between about six months to five years) and one responsible adult. It is not designed to be played by two infants.  

Babyltop Soccer can be played on the floor, on a bed, or on a small table. This means the height of Babyltop Soccer can be adjusted to the age and physical ability of the baby/infant player (or for the comfort of the adult player). Babyltop Soccer encourages babies/infants in their physical development in a safe manner as well as providing a fun new way for parents to interact with their babies.

Risks and challenges

Our goal is to make a fun family toy that especially encourages fathers to spend more time with their babies/infants. Dad's around the world love soccer yet, of course, there are plenty of soccer-loving moms too. (but they may have to be determined to displace Daddy from their Babyltop Soccer playing position).

Of course, the safety of any product meant for babies/infants is of prime concern. Babyltop Soccer is a Mom & Dad start-up and so we are greatly concerned it will be of no harm to any body using it. This is why the price tag is set as it is--so we can be sure that safe non-toxic materials are sourced and that the game can be safety-tested by childcare professionals at a Child Development Institute at my local university (where the Mum & Dad team work). This may take some time so that's why we are pledging to get the product to your door not immediately but by Father's Day next year (June, 2018 in many countries and September, 2018 in others).

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    Babyltop Soccer

    Babyltop Soccer is a soft foam tabletop game that unites Dad & Baby together in their first shared journey into soccer. Babyltop Soccer is just as playable by Moms and Grandmoms but -- hey -- won't it be great to get Dad to spend more fun quality time with baby? Designed by a Mom & Dad team, and tested extensively on their willing infant, this soft foam game will be a laugh a minute for most young families. We aim to ship a finished safety-tested Babyltop Soccer game to all around the globe who invest $A99.00 or more (no extra shipping costs). And we will do it by Father's Day, 2018 -- just in time for the soccer World Cup finals.

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