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With its revolutionary adjustable outrigger design, you can go further and do more on the water than ever before.

With its revolutionary adjustable outrigger design, you can go further and do more on the water than ever before. Read More
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The TriKayak XS-1

When we started this project, we set out to create a boat that would allow people to do more on a kayak than ever before. People should no longer be limited to a single activity on the water. You should be able to fish, stand-up paddle, camp overnight, or simply explore your local waterways, all with a single kayak. It should only be a question of what do you want to do today? 

The TriKayak XS-1 is great for beginners and experienced kayaker's alike. It's fast, incredibly easy to paddle, and the stability provided by the outriggers allows for a range of capabilities that can't be experienced on a traditional kayak. The TriKayak XS-1 is great for bays, lakes, oceans and slow-moving rivers. 


  • Stability - The adjustable outriggers give the TriKayak unparalleled stability; making it easy to get in and out of the boat from anywhere. 
  • Style - Designed by a team of design engineers known for their ability to create eye-catching products. You're sure to turn some heads. 
  • Storage - A 13 liter compartment in the front, two small dry storage compartments on the sides, and a large open storage area in the back make any trip possible. 
  • Performance - With its streamlined V-hull design, the TriKayak cuts through the water with ease.
  • Comfort - A raised seat with soft, yet supportive padding makes time on the water more enjoyable. 

“Surprisingly fast, for such a stable kayak.” – Liane Harsh, Inner Banks Outfitters, after taking our kayak out for a test drive.


  • Adjustable – Pull pins allow you to easily lock the aluminum arms into any one of three positions
  • Detachable – Can be quickly removed to allow the TriKayak to fit on most kayak car carriers
  • Streamlined – Shaped to minimize drag while still providing optimal stability
  • Quality Construction - Lightweight aluminum arms and stainless steel brackets are built to last


  • Fishing - Extending the outriggers creates a stable platform for which you can stand while casting. The ability to attach a trolling motor allows for hands-free maneuvering. The 13 liter storage compartment is a great place to keep your fish on ice. 
  • SUP - Stand up paddling is made possible with the use of deployed outriggers. Makes for a great workout!
  • Adventure - Whether you're paddling out to your favorite secluded island or want to enjoy an overnighter on the river, you have ample storage space to bring whatever gear you need.
  • Swimming - A sturdy handle in front of the cockpit makes it easy to get into the boat after a swim.

One of our biggest goals with the TriKayak XS-1 is to make kayaking accessible to more people. With the added stability of the outriggers, getting in and out of a kayak no longer has to be a two person operation, and the risk of ending up in the water is greatly reduced. 


  • Open cockpit with raised seat for maximum comfort.
  • Flexible yet supportive seat pad that can be easily adjusted to meet individual needs
  • Flat cockpit floorboard for standing. Can be easily removed for transport. 
  • Two dry storage compartments located in front of cockpit for small items such as keys, wallet, cell phone, etc.
  • Mounting locations for accessories such as fishing rod holders, GPS units, fish finders, anchoring hooks, etc.
  • 13 liter storage compartment in front. Works great as an ice box or for storing most medium size items.
  • Bungee straps in front and back to hold down any additional items.
  • Mount for trolling motor with battery tie-down tray

Mike Laut, president of Laut Design, discusses the features of the TriKayak XS-1.

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Your support will help us produce the first few batches of TriKayaks to be ready for the 2014 season. Our funding goal of $60,000 will help cover the setup costs needed for assembly. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing style of funding and every bit of support helps! We have gotten great feedback so far and are excited to get TriKayaks to you. 


$10 Pledge - We truly appreciate your support! You'll receive special updates, be able to follow along with us on our journey, and be forever known as a founder member of TriKayak! 

This stylish aluminum water bottle with plastic cap makes for a good companion on any outing.
This stylish aluminum water bottle with plastic cap makes for a good companion on any outing.
Made of high-quality, moisture wicking materials, this OGIO sport shirt will bring you long-lasting comfort.
Made of high-quality, moisture wicking materials, this OGIO sport shirt will bring you long-lasting comfort.
This two-piece paddle made of lightweight aluminum is a MUST for any kayaker.
This two-piece paddle made of lightweight aluminum is a MUST for any kayaker.


Pre-order your very own TriKayak XS-1! We’re doing multiple production batches to be delivered late spring and early summer of this year. Kickstarter backers will receive free US shipping (a $150-$300 value).

Early Bird TriKayak – May 2014 Delivery: $2,100 (Limited to 25)

Order first and get $150 off your TriKayak XS-1! Includes free shipping to the lower 48 states.

TriKayak 2nd Batch – June 2014 Delivery: $2,250 (Limited to 50)

Get your very own TriKayak XS-1! Includes free shipping to the lower 48 states.


Unfortunately we will be unable to deliver TriKayaks to foreign countries. We are ill-equipped to do business abroad at the moment. We hope to establish a distributor network in the near future that will allow us to handle deliveries to other regions of the world. If you are located in a country outside the US and would like to purchase a TriKayak, please contact us so we can send you information about when they will be made available in your area.


Free shipping will be available within the continental US only. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii please contact us to get shipping prices to your address.


TriKayaks are rotationally molded using high-quality plastics, with additives that increase the boat’s hardness and fade resistance. With proper care, your TriKayak should be able to withstand many years of frequent use.

TriKayaks are assembled here in North Carolina with parts being multi-sourced from various global suppliers.


This project first began in June 2012, when the idea for a kayak with adjustable outriggers was realized by our founder, Jim Reynolds. We then went to the industrial design experts at Laut Design to turn our ideas into reality. After 7 separate design phases, many months of manufacturing and part procurement, 2 full-scale prototypes built and tested, and more design, we are finally ready to begin producing TriKayak’s on a large scale. 

Designing the TriKayak consisted of 7 phases, which are detailed below.

Phase 1

The first phase consisted mostly of market research and brainstorming ideas. We did a ton of research to determine what kind of products are out there, what customers are looking for, and how we can build something unique and innovative that meets people’s needs and will lead to positive growth for the kayaking industry.

Phase 2

Phase 2 was where our friends at Laut Design went to the drawing board and came up with an initial design for a kayak with outriggers. The design for the outrigger system would continue to evolve throughout the process. While there were many technical and engineering challenges to overcome, this proved to require the most attention. 

 Phase 3

Here we began to focus on the smaller design details, such as: storage compartments, cockpit size and shape, and accessories. 

 Phase 4

Our first 3D CAD models were produced during this phase. We started with a narrow, V-shaped hull, and worked outward from there. Before deciding how to position the outriggers, the team at Laut Design built a cardboard cut-out, which they used to test how a kayaker’s paddle stroke would be affected by the outrigger arms. 

 Phase 5

After many months of design changes, we finally came up with a 3D model that could be used in production. It was time to make our first prototype. Our manufacturing expert helped us find part suppliers needed to build a fully-sized prototype.

 Phase 6

After we took the first prototype out on the water to test its functionality, we determined what changes needed to be made and features to be added.

Phase 7

We made the necessary design changes, ordered the parts, and initiated production of the second prototype. After extensive, on-the-water testing, we were excited to conclude that (with the exception of a few minor features) the design process was complete.


We've designed the TriKayak XS-1 to be as strong and safe as possible, but it's still a boat. You should take the proper precautions to avoid the risk of getting hurt or capsizing your boat. Please wear a Personal Flotation Device (life jacket) at all times. Also, bring a spare paddle and bilge pump if going in open water. Always be aware of weather conditions, currents, submerged objects, and other boats and swimmers. Use common sense and don't go beyond your experience level. 

All of the prototypes shown in the photos and video are fully functional and tested, but details shown may change in the final product development and manufacturing.


We want to thank all of you for your support. We also want to express special gratitude to those who made it possible so far!

Product Design: Michael Laut, Steve Bockmann, and the rest of the Laut Design team - We really couldn't have done it without you. The creativity and ingenuity that went into turning this idea into reality was exceptional. 

Manufacturing: Mark & Jeff Boone - It's been a long process, full of many challenges. Your expertise and resourcefulness has been crucial to our success thus far. It's been a real pleasure working with you. 

Web Development: Steve Groninga - We've asked a lot of you and yet you've always delivered great quality work in a timely manner that is hard to match. 

Video: Dave Mickolas - You've exceeded our expectations in every way possible. It's easy to see how you've earned such a fine reputation for your work. 

Risks and challenges

The process of development, all the way through production, of an innovative hardware product like the TriKayak has many inherent challenges. Our team of industrial designers and manufacturing experts have worked very hard to address these logistical, manufacturing, and fulfillment challenges as they arise.

Parts for the TriKayak are manufactured and shipped from various locations around the world, before they are assembled here in North Carolina. With several custom made, as well as standard off-the-shelf parts being needed for final assembly, proper supply chain management is crucial to ensure that each TriKayak is assembled correctly and shipped to each customer on-time. Working with our manufacturing expert, we’ve been able to recognize and address many of the logistical challenges experienced during the manufacturing and shipping of our first two prototypes. We were able to make the necessary adjustments to our supply chain to ensure that our kayaks are delivered on-time and parts are coming from high quality suppliers. We intend to maintain complete control over the entire manufacturing and delivery process, and will quickly notify customers should any unexpected delays arise, resulting in us being unable to fulfill orders on-time.

While both prototypes performed very well on the water, our review and extensive testing of each prototype has led to some minor revisions. These items have been addressed and we have established various steps of review to ensure that the final production parts we receive will be ready for use in the final assembly. All parts have been ordered to be ready for our first production run.
As with any newly manufactured item, there is the possibility of encountering delays in initial production. However, we have put controls in place to help address any disruptions during this transition into production.

As discussed, each TriKayak will be assembled by our assembly crew here in North Carolina. Once each kayak is assembled and checked, they will then be packaged and shipped to the address provided by each verified backer (this information will be collected via email following successful completion of the Kickstarter campaign). The order of fulfillment will be based on the expected delivery dates described in each reward tier. Each step remaining in the manufacturing and delivery process has been reviewed and we believe we have set realistic timelines and order quantities that can be met on-time, with room for minor delays. The timeline for production and delivery is shown below:
• January – Place component orders (completed)
• February – Build happy Kickstater community
• March – Set up assembling facility
• April – Initiate production of first batch
• May – Ship Early Bird TriKayaks to customers and continue production
• June – Ship additional TriKayaks

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