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Luxor and Pioneers as Kickstarter Special
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Shipping Nearing Completion

Posted by Queen Games (Creator)

As of now, virtually all packages have been sent out. If you have not received a package, please check the following:

  • Did you fill out the survey? If you did not, we cannot mail your package.
  • Did you indicate you added 23 Euros for Glux? If you answered yes in the survey that you had added 23 Euros for Glux but did not do so, we sent you an email asking how you would like to resolve the problem. Your package will be held until the problem is resolved.
  • Are you a backer in Asia? For some backers in Asian countries that required transliterating addresses into Latin characters, there was a problem with the number of characters required for the address. We have resolved this problem, but it caused a few delays for a few packages.
  • Are you a backer in Australia? A deal with a local distributor was worked out to ease the process of importing into Australia. The downside is that this slows the fulfillment process down slightly for Australian backers, so a few more days might be required for the remaining of you to receive your packages.
If none of those applies to you, please send me a message. For everyone who received their games already and are enjoying them, we are very glad. If you reported a missing or damaged piece to me, please know that you are in the queue for a replacement, and we are sending them out as quickly as we can.
The Queen Games Team  


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    1. Missing avatar

      wendy wesley on

      I have not received my fames yet and I am getting no response from my emails

    2. Missing avatar

      Alex Fitzpatrick on

      Can you provide any more detail on the Australian shipping? have a tracking number but AusPost is still only reporting that they have received shipping details (from Thursday last week) and they have not received the package yet. Is the hold up in customs ?

    3. Queen Games 47-time creator on

      @Mohammed Al-Mohanna just send me a message on Kickstarter and we can work through it.

      @Luis I'm sorry. Your first message came while I was traveling back from GenCon, and I overlooked it. I have replied to you.


    4. Mohammed Al-Mohanna on

      I have neither revived tracking number not a package or call from courier. I'm in Saudi and few of my friends revived this. I have added the find for glux and indicated this in the survey.

      What's the preferred method of communication?

    5. Luis Eduardo Cruz Vargas

      Hello, what is the contact email or what is the means of contact, I have sent messages by KS but I have no answer.