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Luxor and Pioneers as Kickstarter Special
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    1. Löwenpower

      Still waiting for my bundle of six in Germany, and so far I have not even gotten a tracking number.

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      Roge on

      FYI, the insert is inside the game's box...In the "actu#5" you can read "the insert will come assembled in the box, not as a separate punch out. "

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      Roge on

      Today I've got the parcel..FYI in France the delivery is made by "La Poste"....
      With the bonus content there is no the cardboard inlay for assembly. Is this normal?


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      Mikex4511 on

      I received my copy yesterday via DHL in the UK. They text me day before and on the day to give me a delivery slot. Very happy with this service but I'm also missing the insert (waffle style compartment separator). Who do I contact for this piece.

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      Roge on

      I ask simple question 2 days ago, but there is no answer, it's not really professional...I Hope that for Alhambra and Shogun you will be better on this point...

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      Roge on

      I ask simple question 2 days ago, but there is no answer, it's not really professional...I Hope that for Alhambra and Shogun you will be better on this point...

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      Tibetan Steve on

      I think they are using DHL for most countries - certainly my game in the UK came via DHL (no advance warning).

      It is hard to understand why QG's makes it so difficult for themselves by putting out misleading information. They say that we should ignore their previous errors and just judge them on this campaign - so far we have been mislead about the Key stickers, Delivery notifications and also the box insert/separator.

      None of these issues are game changers - but all have resulted in frustrated backers and could have been avoided with better communication within QG's and also to the backers.

      However, when you consider the apparent poor quality control resulting in many backers having missing components - it doesn't present an encouraging picture of QG's.

      I will keep buying from them though as I enjoy their product.

      NB The wooden keys in Luxor are probably the most ugly and pointless components I have ever seen in a game. Stickers would improve matters but they blew it.

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      Roge on

      at least can you provide the company name that should delivery the parcel in France, and in other EU countries, as we will not receive mail with the tracking number,

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      Mikex4511 on

      Hi do you have information at to which company is delivering the games in the UK? this will help me make plans for its eventual arrival at my work address. Looking forward to its arrival soon.

    10. Sune Radich Vestergaard on

      So I guess that we will just wait for a package to suddenly arrive at the door step? As I am backing on behalf of a group, I will recieve a large package. I would really like to know when to expect it, so that I can be at home when it arrives.

    11. Queen Games 48-time creator on

      UK and EU still have some packages left to be mailed. We expect this to be completed in the next day or two. Also, we have recently found out that our service does not email tracking numbers out for EU shipments, so you will probably not receive one.


    12. Missing avatar

      Roge on

      Hi, I'm located in France...By today, I'm still waiting for the tracking number...Please, to let me know the delay in the delivery...

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      COMBA Serge on

      No tracking number... No game...

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      Michael Becker on

      Nevermind, arrived today. Yay

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      god on

      Still no tracking number for me either.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Becker on

      I have not received a tracking notice yet.

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      John Dunnet on

      Not received tracking number yet.

    18. Hendrik

      I too feel mostly satisfied. I just hope that I will not have to wait forever to get the components that were not in the box, i.e. Queenie 4 and that extra, unannounced Exclusive Luxor Queenie. I read somewhere that if there are issues we can email QG, but I can't find a specific email address anywhere. My only other con is that after spending $130, I would have liked to not having to now chase after missing parts.

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      Russell Howell on

      Just got mine today. Box had two major holes punched into it. So let's get to the positives and negatives:

      1) Packaging actually kept the product safe even when two major holes had been punched into it.
      2) Extra, unannounced Exclusive Luxor Queenie that adds to each of the 4 Queenies included.
      3) Extra Queenie, Queenie # 3 for Pioneers, not listed on the campaign, but listed on BGG. Completionists rejoice.
      4) Timely completion of the Kickstarter. Late July and it is in my possession.

      Cons (and these are minor first world problems):
      1) Only one set of stickers for the upgraded wood components so only one side of the pieces have a sticker.
      2) The advertised upgraded insert does not exist (as mentioned above) and the standard insert is what we get.

      It's not possible now, but perhaps you could consider making a sticker sheet for the keys (both sides) as something that could be purchased through the BGG Store (ALA Dungeon Lords). Oh, and if you do that, throw in a second set of stickers for the back sides of the first player token and the two sarcophagi, for good measure.

      Overall, I would say a successful campaign.

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      Karl Butterworth

      Got mine today but didn’t get the insert. No instructions if something is missing.

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      Alberto Ceballos Pitach on

      I have not received the tracking number yet. I hope it arrives this week. Thank you.

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      Got mine in the mail today. :D

    23. jay shukert on

      Mine arrived last Friday. Looks fantastic and is a blast to play! Changing the insert was a great idea

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      Shellie Halstead

      Mine came today! I can’t wait to play!

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      Tibetan Steve on

      Thanks for the update - it is appreciated.