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$100,529 pledged of $5,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$100,529 pledged of $5,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Queen Games 46-time creator 30 minutes ago

      @Chris - We do not use a pledge manager with our campaigns, so no. I would advise pledging for what you prefer now.

      @Aron - That is correct, there are no elements with in game text.



    2. Aron Stegenga about 7 hours ago

      This game requires no text right?
      No ingame text so if i explain to dutch people who dont know english we can just play?

    3. Missing avatar

      Chrissy Fosbery about 16 hours ago

      Will there be an opportunity to upgrade pledges after the campaign closes?

    4. Missing avatar

      Joe about 22 hours ago

      Following onto the discussions about fulfillment worries, I am not particularly worried about fulfillment though more concerned with my "Treasure Hunter" experience where I paid what seemed to be quite a bit ($58) only to have it show up on Amazon for $20 a couple of months after fulfillment (yes, without the expansion). I guess you pay to get a game early... I backed Luxor because it looks incredible. Anything not super awesome gets a pass though. I find Queen games to be good with good customer service, my intention is not to be disrespectful, only to recount an experience that I hope does not repeat.

    5. Missing avatar

      Me 1 day ago

      Thank you for the response.

    6. Queen Games 46-time creator 1 day ago

      @Me Unfortunately, we don't have enough interest to contract out a Japanese translation, nor do we have anyone on staff with that expertise.


    7. Missing avatar

      Carl D McArthy 1 day ago

      Wow! Almost $100000! Great campaign!

    8. Missing avatar

      Miles 1 day ago

      Would love to back queen games but 68 USD plus 24 USD shipping plus the exchange rate in canadian funds makes the game 130 dollars for me. Not your guys fault. But it would be good to get more canadian backers to lower the shipping price or something.

    9. Missing avatar

      Me 1 day ago

      please,Japanese rulebook....

    10. Roger Bartels
      1 day ago

      @Queen Games - Thank you for the response; I am heartened by it.

    11. Queen Games 46-time creator 2 days ago

      @Roger Bartels I would encourage you to go read the page for our Merlin/Pioneers campaign. We freely admit that several of our campaigns in the past had far more problems in communication and fulfillment than we would like. We have made a lot of changes in our process, not the lease of which is contracting me to do customer support during campaigns (I originally got involved with Queen by demoing at conventions). We've made a big effort to find everyone who was missing anything and get them their product, changed some of our practices to help ensure better fulfillment, etc. Our last several campaigns have fulfilled early and without significant problems.

      We can't change what happened in the past, but we hope we have done enough to earn customers' trust.


    12. Roger Bartels
      2 days ago

      After reading comments from the Liguria campaign, I'm a bit nervous about backing this and other Queen Games projects. Can anyone, including Queen Games, speak to the issues surrounding that project?

    13. Queen Games 46-time creator 2 days ago

      @Eckhard - Yes, definitely a German rulebook in the box! ;-) Also, the shipping will be from Germany.


    14. Missing avatar

      Eckhard Birk 2 days ago

      Is a german rulebook in the box?
      From what country you shipping to Germany?

    15. Queen Games 46-time creator 2 days ago

      @Kwiri - There is no difference, the Early Bird has the same items, it is just discounted.

    16. Missing avatar

      kwirl karphys 2 days ago

      how is the 'kickstarter special' different from the $105 early bird offer I took, and should I upgrade?

    17. Queen Games 46-time creator 3 days ago

      @Jen Kickstarter projects are required to give an estimated delivery, and they do so to varying degrees of accuracy. While there is always risk of a project being delayed, we are well on track for a July delivery, and we delivered our last two projects earlier than scheduled.


    18. Missing avatar

      Jen 3 days ago

      As someone new to Kickstarter I want to thank Queen for this opportunity to get the collectors package for Luxor.

      Am I understanding correctly that we will also recieved our pledge in July?

      I'm just getting into board games so this will be my first from Queen but I'm also backing Alhambra. I'm excited to add these to my family evening game rotation. We play games every night before bed, I have noticed a huge positive change in my entire family, even myself.

    19. Queen Games 46-time creator 3 days ago

      @Mohammed Al-Mohanna We will be doing Glux as an add-on.

      @Rillian We are running this campaign as a follow-up to the last campaign as a kindness to those who saw the Spiel nomination and wished they had not missed or skipped the first campaign. Since the game is nearly in production, it is no problem. It is no different than if we had done a late pledge on our website.


    20. Alano 3 days ago

      @Mohammed thanks for the info, so early bird was the best deal, good job I was in, on that offer.

    21. Mohammed Al-Mohanna 3 days ago

      @Queen Games, How would that (i.e. the Glux Bundle) will work with the EB of both Luxor and Pioneer.

    22. Mohammed Al-Mohanna 3 days ago

      @Alano, the shipping cost added to the pledge amount that's why it appear more.

    23. Alano 4 days ago

      Why is early bird more expensive than Kickstarter special, what’s the difference, sorry if it’s been covered before.

    24. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      Why are you running 2 kickstarter campaigns simultaneously?

      Unless there are two different Queen Games with "Queen Games is a company with over 25 years of experience to it's name."

      "Can I run more than one project at once?
      We don’t permit running multiple projects at the same time, or launching a second project before fulfilling your first one. Having multiple live projects can confuse backers and split support. Moreover, running a project is a lot of work, and having more than one live project will likely dilute your attention and energy.
      If you're a first-time creator with multiple project ideas, we recommend selecting the one that's most developed and trying that first."

    25. Queen Games 46-time creator 4 days ago

      @John Falzone Please send me a message with what you are missing and I will look into it.

      @Mohammed Al-Mahanna We are adding a bundle with Glux for this campaign.

      Also, if you backed the original Luxor campaign and decide you want Pioneers, we are going to give you the same shipping discount available in this campaign. Just back Pioneers and we will refund you after the campaign ends.


    26. John Falzone
      4 days ago

      I submitted a form for missing components from Merlin and never received anything. Do I need to resubmit another form?

    27. Glenn 4 days ago

      Congratulations on the Game of the Year nomination. Good luck! I'm looking forward to playing the collectors edition.

    28. Queen Games 46-time creator 4 days ago

      @Keith Farmer There is a chance it will be, but we can't confirm one way or the other yet, and the fulfillment deadline is close enough that we may not be able to know till very close to GenCon.

      @Gabriele Pezzato The retail edition and the collector's edition will have the same box. The rules will most likely be separate for the Queenies and the main rulebook.


    29. Mohammed Al-Mohanna 4 days ago

      Thanks for the response. Will there be Glux offering in this campaign as in the previous one.

    30. Gabriele Pezzato 4 days ago

      2 questions for QueenGames. Is the final box art for the collector's edition different from the standard edition? Can you post it?
      Will the rules for base game and queenies be consolidated in one rulebook?

    31. Missing avatar

      Keith Farmer 4 days ago

      Will the Collector's edition of Luxor game be available at GenCon?

    32. Missing avatar

      Tibetan Steve 4 days ago

      Sorry - I meant to say 'this' time around in my post below.

    33. Missing avatar

      Tibetan Steve 4 days ago

      Hi Ian

      Thanks for the prompt response. I will take your word that all missing/faulty elements for Merlin/Pioneers have now been replaced.

      You were always very responsive to queries during the Merlin/Pioneers campaign and the backers (in the main) were very grateful. However, it did appear that any tangible communication stopped once the games were dispatched. Hopefully this will not happen that time around.

      I do think that Queen make excellent games, so will back Luxor - from my Merlin/Pioneers experience I am confident that it will be delivered on time (& hopefully complete & intact).



    34. Queen Games 46-time creator 4 days ago

      @Tibetan Steve The report that we refused to replace boxes stemmed from a miscommunication with one backer. As far as we currently know, we have replaced all of the missing or damaged components from Merlin/Pioneers. If someone else submits the form for something from that campaign, they too will get a replacement.


    35. Missing avatar

      Tibetan Steve 4 days ago

      Hi Guys

      Question for Ian

      Hi Ian

      If I commit to the 'Collectors Edition' on KS can you guarantee that Queen will replace any faulty/missing items? E.g. I understand that Queen declined to replace damaged boxes in the recent Merlin campaign saying that the replacements would also be damaged during transit!

      If this was indeed the case, the argument for a 'Collectors Edition' at a possibly higher price is redundant as its value will be reduced if damaged.

      I was impressed with the games (Merlin & Pioneers) in the previous campaign and also the speed of delivery - however, once the games were delivered the communication and interest from Queen appeared to dry up (as evidenced in the Merlin Campaign comments).

    36. Queen Games 46-time creator 5 days ago

      @Michael - We are working on an option to help backers from the first campaign in this situation. Stay tuned.


    37. Michael Walters 5 days ago

      Is there any way to combine the shipping of Pioneers with my Luxor package I previously backed in order to save on cost?

    38. Queen Games 46-time creator 6 days ago

      @Larry Durbin Yes, this KS is for the Collector's Edition, which includes the four Queenies.

      @William Yoder Most likely you will be able to buy them from us at conventions, future Kickstarter campaigns, or other methods in the future.


    39. Missing avatar

      Larry Durbin 6 days ago

      I’m confused from reading some of the comments. Does this KS include the 4 Queenies for Luxor? It reads as if it does but I wanted to be certain.

    40. Queen Games 46-time creator 6 days ago

      @Shellie - It depends on where you live. The $120 figure would have been for a backer in Germany.

      @Overcast - Your pledge on the first campaign included a copy of Glux.

    41. Missing avatar

      overcast 6 days ago

      Now hold on a second here. I'm a backer of the first Kickstarter for the Early Bird: Kickstarter Special. Which was €85 total with shipping. I was charged $99.30 at the time with conversion rates.

      Now this new Kickstarter comes around, and for the same Luxor - Collector's Edition it's $86 total.

      I'm paying $14 more for being an early backer of the first one???

    42. Missing avatar

      Shellie Halstead 6 days ago

      @Queen Games Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to purchase Luxor.

      I have a question because some of the previous questions. The EB I pledged for was $105 plus shipping. A few comments ago, there was reference to an EB total cost of $120, but the least expensive shipping seems to be $20, which would make that EB $100 plus shipping? Did I pick the wrong EB?

    43. Missing avatar

      William Yoder 6 days ago

      Will the Luxor Queenies be availble for purchase after the Kickstarter campaign?

    44. Missing avatar

      Carl D McArthy 6 days ago

      The games look great! I can't wait to play these with my family and friends! Great job!

    45. Queen Games 46-time creator 6 days ago

      @Edson Unfortunately, this game is fulfillingmuch earlier than our container to Brazil will ship, so we can't offer Brazil friendly shipping on it.

      @Sune Send me a message with what you would like and I'll let you know.

      @Brad Littman The box is a standard square box, such as Kingdom Builder. I will have to check and see if the weight is finalized.


    46. Sune Radich Vestergaard 7 days ago

      Is it possible to add more games to the 6x pledge level?

    47. Missing avatar

      Brad Littman
      7 days ago

      Luxor looks like a lot of fun. This might be posted somewhere but I did not see it. How big is the box and what will the final weight be?

    48. Missing avatar

      Edson 7 days ago

      Is it possible to be delivered in Brazil by the partner company, as it is with the Alhambra? Thanks!

    49. #BenSwolo
      on May 18

      How about a bag for the game tiles? That would not increase the production time because it doesn’t need much of a designing.

    50. Queen Games 46-time creator on May 18

      @Cory & @Yow - Sorry guys, we aren't able to add any other combo pledges to this campaign. Normally we do our best to add requests, but this campaign is strictly focused on Luxor & Pioneers.

      @Gabriele - We will check on The Farmers and will discuss your question about the stretch goals.



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