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Luxor and Pioneers as Kickstarter Special
Luxor and Pioneers as Kickstarter Special
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin Eng just now

      Queen games sent out a email for Canadians who paid duty fees, asking for a copy of the customs form. Looks like they will cover the fee. Thank you for resolving this issue.

      Canada thanks you , eh

    2. Queen Games 46-time creator about 17 hours ago

      @Alex Fitzpatrick Depending on the country, DHL sometimes delivers to the local post for final delivery.


    3. Missing avatar

      Eddie 1 day ago

      Still not received here, from Hong Kong

    4. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Endresen
      1 day ago

      Arrived in Norway today. Had a plesant session unboxing. Looking forward to playing the games :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Stefan Kronvall
      2 days ago

      Just recieved an all-in here in Sweden.

    6. Andrew VanSpronsen 2 days ago

      Is there an update on the issue of the delivery not actually being Canada-Friendly? Any Canadians looked into options with their credit card companies?

    7. Missing avatar

      Alex Fitzpatrick 2 days ago

      Just literally got notification from Australia Post that they now have a tracking number from Queen Games . No delivery estimate. I had thought that DHL was being used.

    8. Missing avatar

      John Milwee 2 days ago

      +1 on baked bean juice keys.

    9. Nicole Aumais 2 days ago


      I live in Canada and almost of my friends have received their game. Could you please check this ans let me know?


    10. Missing avatar

      John Smith 3 days ago

      Received my copy in Ireland on Tuesday. Arrived by DHL without any issues. No damages, and it looks like there is nothing missing. I had multiple rulebook languages in both boxes too. Stickers were hiding between some of the queeny bags.

      I have to agree with others in here in that I will likely use the cardboard keys rather than the wood ones. Without a design or sticker they look like blobs of baked bean juice.

    11. Queen Games 46-time creator 3 days ago

      @Alexis L-B I have never seen a broken explorer meeple before. We can definitely replace them.

      If you are in Germany and would like an English rulebook, please send me a message.


    12. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Ryan
      3 days ago

      Anyone received theirs yet in Australia?

    13. Missing avatar

      Collin-t 3 days ago

      I have emailed previously and understand that my package is "one of the last few for shipment" based on their reply. I have just received the game and I am very happy with the quality of the components. My family tried the game without the queenies and had a great time playing the game.

      Overall, the base game might feel a bit light for more experienced board gamers. Although adding in the queenies might give a different dimension to the game. I had concerns of the game being too similar to a roll and move game at first but now I feel you weren't totally at the mercy of the "dice roll".

      Thank you for the game!

    14. Glenn 3 days ago

      Has anyone received the game in Australia?

    15. Missing avatar

      Michaela Müller 4 days ago

      Have you already received your game? Where in Austria do you live?

    16. Ian Bishop 4 days ago

      Received today - thanks. Buit I am in the same position as Robert S below. Received the German language version despite expecting a multilingual version and never being asked about it in the KS survey.

      Did not open in case I need to return, but I am guessing I just need an English language rulebook. @Queen Games - please advise what to do.


    17. Missing avatar

      Indrek Valm 4 days ago

      Received today in Tallinn, Estonia. Very nice game.

    18. Missing avatar

      Fabien HUARD
      4 days ago

      OK, thanks Claude

    19. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras
      4 days ago

      There is no inlay, they change it to what is in the box, the inlay they first thought of was too flimsy.

    20. Missing avatar

      Fabien HUARD
      4 days ago

      Does anybody received the inlay for Luxor? it was not in my package...

    21. Missing avatar

      Don Danielle 4 days ago

      I have received the tracking ID (Sam from Queen Games gave it to me), but my parcel is still not known to DHL (so not shipped yet). Seems to take quite longer, the whole shipping process...

    22. Luis Eduardo Cruz Vargas
      4 days ago

      Hello, I still do not have the tracking code, I hope you can help me.

    23. Missing avatar

      Giulia Masterdragon Angela 5 days ago

      Received my game in Italy a week ago (Luxor + Expedition), I'm writing this just now 'coz holiday. No tracking number for me as well, but anyway I'm really happy with the game! Awesome quality components and really fun to play! Still have to try Expedition :) as for the rulebook, in my copy of Luxor there are four rulebook sheets (three in Expedition), one for each language available.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alexis L-B 5 days ago

      @GQ & Ian
      Just received the game on saturday!
      A bit disappointed by the quality of the explorer tokens, i have three broken explorers! I will ask for a replacement.
      In addition, i received a German version of the game and i'm very disappointed with that! I'm leaving in Germany but i'm not German and i don't know on which assumption you decided to ship the german version! What was the version send to rest of the world backers?
      QG: please send an English rule book!

    25. eXPeee7 5 days ago

      Thank you Alexander and thank you Queen Games! I just received the parcel (but still no tracking number). The games look amazing!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Edson 5 days ago

      Hello, Does Quen Games declare the amount different from what was paid? My KS arrived with declared value of $ 190, yet I paid $ 140.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jan Gustafsson
      5 days ago

      Recieved my games just now in Sweden.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alexander Vandenberghe 5 days ago

      I’m also from belgium. Just send them an email. Then i got my trackingnumber today. The tracking says the package should be deliverd today. So i hope your too.

    29. eXPeee7 5 days ago

      Hello Queen Games!
      I can't wait to play to these wonderful games, but I didn't receive any tracking number yet…
      Is it normal? Apparently, most of the backer have already received theirs.
      I live in Belgium. I pledge an Early Bird: Luxor & Pioneers.
      Thank you for your quick answer!

    30. Sandro Kenji 6 days ago

      Got my copy today here in Japan.

    31. Robert S. 6 days ago

      Although I am happy that I finally got my game and it's complete, I am not satisfied that the base game is German. Even though it's language independent, based on what criteria did you ship me a German copy of the base game? Because I live in Germany?! I thought it was supposed to be multilanguage edition (as BGG says). Nowhere in the campaign did you show a German version, every picture shows "Forgotten Treasures" and in the survey no game language was asked. You could have at least included an English copy of the rule-book. All the Queenies and the Expedition game are multilanguage after all.
      Some stickers for the wooden keys would also have looked better than this ugly plain orange colored thingies.

    32. Queen Games 46-time creator 7 days ago

      If you are missing components, you are also welcome to message us here on Kickstarter.

      @Mohammed Al-Mohanna We still have some "Rest of the World pledges" left to mail.

      @RomyCats stay tuned for info on the keys.


    33. Helmut Winkler 7 days ago

      I got my copy yesterday. Everything is ok and fine.

      @RomyCat: there are stickers available for the wooden keys. Just look in the comments from QG (I cant remember details)

    34. LosNossos
      7 days ago

      @manfred, which company handles the delivery in austria? and in which city do you live?

    35. Gabriele Pezzato 7 days ago

      My pledge with Luxor, Pioneers, Expedition and all the queenies (including Pioneers Queenie 3) has arrived in Italy this week. Everything looks quite pretty and I'm not missing any component

    36. RomyCat
      7 days ago

      Played by first two games, the second one with queenies. Enjoyed the game a lot. My one wish was that there were stickers for the wooden keys. They're ugly, to me, when just plain orange, so we left the wooden keys in the box and played with the lovely cardboard versions. Sad, as the wooden keys are a waste. Other than that, everything is great.

    37. Mohammed Al-Mohanna 7 days ago

      @Queen games,
      A friend of mine just received his here in Saudi, but i didn't even got the tracking number. Is all the packages been shipped?

    38. Missing avatar

      Manfred Stenzel 7 days ago

      I just received the game, so everything is fine :-)
      Many thanks!

    39. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      @Claude: Thanks... haven't seen that.

    40. Missing avatar

      Li Xiaolong 7 days ago

      I still couldn't received the game or the tracking number in China,

    41. Missing avatar

      Sibirko 7 days ago

      Ian, I received the both games (Luxor and Pioneers) yesterday. The day before my holiday, juste un time! So I took them with me and this morning has the opportunity to open them! The games are amazing!! Thank you so much and see you at Essen! Ivan from France

    42. Missing avatar

      Alexis L-B 7 days ago

      Nothing in Berlin yet!

    43. LosNossos

      Great to hear Manfred, so you got your Game or is it on its way?

    44. Missing avatar

      Manfred Stenzel on

      I just received mail from Ian that my package was delivered. So I will keep Austrian backers updated :-)

    45. Missing avatar

      Manfred Stenzel on

      Hi Queen Games,
      what about delivery to Austria? It seems that no one in Austria has received the game yet. No answer so far from your side!!??
      Please check and let us know!

    46. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras

      VGAP : "Anyone who is missing components please email and we will sort out any issues."

    47. Missing avatar


      Got my package yesterday finally and today I had time to check the content. What's the address to bother with problems, please..?

    48. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      @Lucas Piccoli I sent you a message, and we are going to work with you for a solution. Unfortunately, shipping to new countries sometimes comes with surprises with regulations.

      @Kevin Eng We are talking with DHL, and will be collating all of the backers who were charged to see exactly the extent of the problem. We hope to have more details for everyone soon.


    49. Missing avatar

      Kevin Eng on

      Hi Queen Games, I understand you guys are busy but when do you think you will contact Canadian customers regarding the custom fees?

      All of Canada is waiting in anticipation ;)

    50. Missing avatar

      Lucas Piccoli on

      Quick update. After further investigation with a customs officer, the problem was this: there were 6 items in the invoice inside the box, and DHL can only process 3 items per box in Argentina. So basically the 4 queenies counting as separate products excluded the box from being processed correctly. :(

      So, I'm going to return it to sender and ask Queen Games to just send me the base game + expeditions and no queenies.

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