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$50,478 pledged of $5,000 goal
$50,478 pledged of $5,000 goal

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    1. Chris Imershein

      FYI, there is a new campaign for Kingdom Builder Marshlands that started on Dec. 22, 2015, and runs until Jan. 7, 2016:

      (might also be worth sending an update to previous backers?)

    2. Rene Larsen Volqvartzen on

      Reiiya - The KS have been canceled - this one will not happe, due to disagreement between the dev and publisher. - to bad.

    3. Missing avatar

      Reiiya on

      How long will I have to wait for the game? Pls take my 30$ Q.Q

    4. Kris Herzog

      In defense, I have received every KS item I have ever backed from Queen. I even had 1 issue where a box was damaged in shipping, and it was quickly resolved and a new box was sent out. You have to remember, once it leaves the distributor, any responsibility for the package falls squarely on the shipper. It's very possible that packages were lost; I've had this happen with other shipments and their insurance had to cover the replacement of the lost materials, this is why I always keep shopping notices in e-form and print out if it gets too horrible. The blame cannot be laid on QG alone.

    5. Sandro Das Neves on

      hello ! did you have intention to do another campaign with this product and if yes do you inform us about them ?

    6. Ann-Charlotte Eriksen

      Why is there no reply from Queen Games to any of the things flying around forums and KS??? Designer not getting payed, earlier KS campaigns not being delivered, missing parts, no reply to mail and the list goes on. Don't we as customers deserv some info if we are expected to back/buy with our hard earned money???

    7. Dirk Meijlof

      @Werehare. Kingdom Builder is one of my favorites. Just like another DXV game, Dominion. And QG games have high quality components and they are always very friendly and forthcoming on conventions with some good deals. So I agree that this is dissapointing. I was really looking forward to this expansion (and to the empty Big Box to store everything).

      Maybe DXV and QG should get really drunk together in Essen and settle every remaining difference so that we can get our hands on those Marshlands someday.

    8. Werehare on

      This is dissapointing. I'd been thinking about grabbing this game for a while and getting an early bird level was too tempting (especially with nice pieces and extras)... Given what people are suggesting I'm not even sure whether to pick up a store copy now... I hope this all gets resolved to everyones satisfaction.

    9. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      @Andrew Wyatt
      Please check your personal mail account. Thanks!


    10. William S. Mitchell III

      Well, have to say Queen had a reputation for being slow and excuse ridden with meeting KS deadlines, but knowing they are so laissez faire with paying the creators of the games in which all their revenue comes from is beyond troubling...

      I hope this serves as a major wake up call for Queen to shine a spotlight on whatever department is in charge of paying the creative minds and gets things right ASAP, because good games or not, nobody wants to support a company with a track record of essentially mistreating the people that are the foundation of their business...

    11. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      @Padraig Ó Duinn
      Please check your personal mail account. Thanks!


    12. William-James Grey on

      Well the 200 addon wooden settlements still be available for purchase outside of the KS?

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wyatt on

      Shame was looking forward to this.

      On another note i have STILL not recieved my Escape big box rewards.... nothing at all.
      have also a number of times. Last got a message saying they are looking into my case months ago but still nothing..

    14. TD Dave on

      Well that's a bummer. After seeing the game played I was very excited to get it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Padraig Ó Duinn on

      Hi Nikki,
      I saw your comment on the Escape page after posting here. Thanks for responding.

      I have sent numerous emails to, and emailed and have gotten no reply from either. The last one I sent was on the 17th of this month.

      I have also tried sending messages through Kickstarter. I did receive one reply back in February, saying replacement tiles were being sent out. What arrived were additional copies of the Queenie modules instead. I reported this mistake, but got no response.

      Thanks again for responding.

    16. Garrett Grenier

      Yup saw that coming.

    17. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Padraig Ó Duinn ,

      I answered you yesterday on the Escape page. :)

      "Padraig Ó Duinn ,
      Have you written to Jo
      He is our guy for damaged and missing parts replacements.
      Nikki QG-US"

    18. Missing avatar

      Padraig Ó Duinn on

      Some backers from the Escape Kickstarter advised me to post here, since it might be more visible to Queen Games.

      I have not received my copies of Kingdom Builder or Alhambra from the Escape Big Box Kickstarter.

      Additionally, there were printing errors on a number of the tiles in the Escape box.

      I've sent a number of emails about this which haven't been answered.

    19. Anders Forslund on

      Lates comment from Donald X on BGG(

      "Queen has been making an effort to work out just how much exactly they owe me for 2014, in a completely friendly fashion, and has paid most of it. That isn't the kind of thing I would normally be reporting on, but people may have guessed otherwise when the kickstarter went down.

      The kickstarter will be going down. I couldn't see myself signing a new contract for it. I feel like I have said enough on the topic to make it clear what my reasoning was and it's not the kind of thing I want to endlessly discuss on BGG.

      I am optimistic that the expansion may be published someday, but I would not be expecting it this year."

    20. Missing avatar

      Kev on

      Backed because the expansion looks great - but clearly will be dropping out if the issue wuth DXV isn't resolved.

      Two things I'd love to see as a Kickstarter bonus : a set of nomads cards that don't inexplicably have different backs to all the others, and a set of crossroads task cards with the correct rules printed on them.

      You guys do a great job at picking out games to publish, and judging from DXV's secret histories, a great job at final development of the designs you pick up - but hoping we start to get a little more attention to detail on the final print!

    21. Löwenpower

      @Caesar: A pleasure to meet you! =^.^=
      As I know you still have some scars from a certain (non-QG) campaign, I think to risk $1 is BEARable (yes I like not only cats, but bears, too).
      There's still reasonable five days left, and we'll stay tuned...
      Cat... eh... kind regards!

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas Henriksson on

      Love the free shipping, didn't back last time because the shipping was $60!

    23. Caesar on

      @Löwe. It's always good to see you on a project, but this one maybe we both should avoid... it could end up in a CATasthrophe :O

      I actually had a have been eying this game for a long time and it would be perfect for me to get everything in one order. But i changed my $110 pledge to $1 just to see how this unfolds. Because i know i will regret it and kick myself later for dealing with Queen and their strange KS and business practises. Bahh i'm torn... Well i think i will go with Battaglia The Creation as my next KS game instead.

    24. Löwenpower

      I keep my paws crossed... =^.^=

    25. Dirk Meijlof

      @Löwenpower: I agree with you. Both QG and DXV make some really great games. Would love to see this KB expension become reality.

    26. Löwenpower

      I hope the issues can be solved soon - before the end of this campaign.
      (For the first time when backing QG) I'm in with only $1 - willing to increase.
      Quoting @Caesar: "[It's too bad because] they make some really great games."

    27. Dirk Meijlof

      That could be very good news!

    28. Missing avatar

      John Eldon

      Latest info about the situation regarding contracts etc for this game

      This is a copy of a post on BBG detailing what appears to be a reply from Donald X

      donaldx wrote:
      The contract expires if they haven't published the expansion by June 30 2015, and given that they haven't paid me yet for 2014, I'm not feeling inclined to give them more time. But I mean, who knows, maybe they will quickly get a German copy on a store shelf somewhere.

      Update: it appears that a resolution is in the works.

      donaldx at wrote:
      That post, or maybe the crosspost to the kickstarter, appears to have motivated them; they are very apologetic and in fact have offered to pay me an advance on next year's royalties. And they fixed the royalty statement to include the missing stuff (also there was missing stuff on the royalty statement, but that could totally be an honest mistake; RGG for example recently accidentally overpaid me for online Dominion, in one of their quarterly payments).

      So next year they could be just as late but a hunk of it would be early instead. What about the year after that, you may be saying. It's a question isn't it.

      I haven't signed a new contract yet; it seems only prudent to wait to see if the money shows up before making any rash decisions.

      Obv. the expansion's existence depends on this; I mean if you ever want the expansion and I want to be nice to fans of KB, I should give them an extension. They have of course helpfully pointed this out.

      So at least it appears that the 2 sides are talking and Queens games are trying to fix things and repair the damage they have inflicted on themselves

    29. Missing avatar

      John Eldon

      Kirk in answer to your question about missing/late parts from escape big box campaign a new update #44 has just been published

      Hello Backers,

      Oliver Schlemmer the illustrator for all the Escape games has begun illustration on the Traps and the 2 extra room tiles. Oliver has been a very busy man the last several months and we are happy to have him back working on the art for Escape.


      We also have the new Sound track available for download on Board Game Geek

      We added the soundtrack at Board Game Geek because we are having technical problems with our web site. Rather than wait any longer for this to get fixed we put it on Board Game Geek. We will add the soundtrack to our website when the problem is fixed, but we do not have a clear date on when that might be.

      When Oliver Schlemmer has completed the art we will schedule a date with our printer and prepare his art for the printer.


      Queen Games

      It looks like the negative posts generated on here by the failure to make various payment in a timely manner has motivated them to at least start looking at a number of the other issues raised here in the comments section

    30. Shawna on

      @Rick- Yes, it is most certainly necessarily. One of the main problems people have with Queen is their lack of accountability and poor communication. I am sure many backers do not even read the comments section. And I am sure Queen knows this as well. They chose not to disclose the issue up front. And only addressed it here in the comments when they were repeatedly badgered about it.

      And now they post that they will discontinue the Kickstarter immediately if that is what Donald wants. Which is the polite way of saying that if the Kickstarter is canceled, it will be all Donald's fault. Clearly, they have done no wrong and only want what is best for everyone. Yeah right.

    31. Caesar on

      @Matt. Agreed. Cancel the project and relaunching it with some kind of approval from Donald.

      Either way i think i'm out. I have no confidence in Queen games for so many reasons.
      Mainly their poor communication and broken promises.

      It's too bad because they make some really great games.

    32. that Matt on

      If Queen genuinely cared about the project, they'd postpone or suspend this campaign until they actually have the rights to publish it.

    33. Kirk Grentzenberg

      Just added another 2 missing Items that all Backers of Escape Big Box failed to get; missing Tiles as outlined in update 35 on December 24, 2014, and a missing Stretch Goal we unlocked, the additional Soundtrack. Have informed you by email. I am looking forward to getting some kind of communication from you and Queen Games about resolving this situation.

    34. Ash Kawabe

      I just backed Shogun big box... now I'm worried about my pledges, I had to wait almost a year for my Alhambra big box. Maybe its just me but I feel like this ship is sinking... It's one thing to not deliver a game by the expected delivery date but another thing all together to not pay a designer. Whats going on?

    35. Rick Teverbaugh on

      Why is it necessary to post it as a risk when about half of the comments are about the issue? Redundant it would be.

    36. Phil Bordelon

      And you don't consider this a risk worth posting on the main campaign page? Really?

    37. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hello All,

      Jo Posted this on Friday.
      “The issue is being dealt with. We have been talking with Donald and we believe we are coming to a resolution to what is not truly a problem until June 30th contractually. As it is Friday and there for Friday night in Germany. We cannot say anything officially until Monday. This is an agreement with all parties involved.

      Now I know it is Monday and we have said nothing official. We are still in contacted with Donald X. . He has not disagreed to the running of this Kicksatrter. Be assured if he wants it stopped, we at Queen Games will oblige him and discontinue this Kickstarter immediately.

      Nikki QG-US

    38. Dirk Meijlof

      I don't know the details of their dispute, but I hope they'll sort it out quickly. I love the games of DXV and so far I've only had good experiences with Queen Games. Backing this project is for us an opportunity to get a great game(expansion) and for DXV to see his game become reality and to make some money on it. I hope they can solve their conflict. I rather receive a game than a refund ;-)

    39. fastlane on

      And despite there being no agreement in place, Queen does not think this is an issue worth disclosing under the "risks" section of their campaign page because it's "not a contractual issue until June 30", which is coincidentally when the campaign ends. Why they think that is, I have no idea. I'm watching this very closely, and will be pulling my pledge near the deadline if an agreement has not been reached.

      @Queen Games I thought you said you'd be making an announcement on Monday about the new agreement. We haven't heard anything here or on BGG. Do you have an agreement or don't you? Are you going to pay DXV or not? Finally, and I think I know the answer, but why did you plan the end date of the campaign to coincide with the expiry of your current contract with DXV? I'm excited for this project, but I'm not going to be stupid enough to give you my money for a game when you don't have the rights to print it. You guys could stand to be a little more communicative and open with your backers over this issue.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sophia Lechner on

      Update for anyone not following this news in other places: as of earlier today, Queen Games still doesn't have the legal right to publish this expansion after the KS has closed (their current contract, as far as I understand it, allows them to publish this expansion only on or before June 30). So be careful, because if your pledge is still active when the KS ends on June 30, and Queen hasn't negotiated a new contract, Queen will have your money and you won't get a game.

      (I am not a lawyer, nor do I have inside info. This is all my own understanding as an outside observer of public statements.)

    41. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Nicholson

      It is now Monday. Can we get a statement as to the status of the contract negotiation with Donald?


      Hi ! Would the extension contain French translated cards, please ?

    43. Kirk Grentzenberg

      Still missing the Queenie: Doomed. Missing a Sand Timer. Missing the Traps Expansion

    44. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      @ Kirk : Escape big Box is been shipped out except the Expansion 3. Which Frank should make an update in the next couple of days. If you have not received your pledge level please mail directly to me at
      We will have it shipped to you asap.


    45. Kirk Grentzenberg

      I pledged 1$ so that maybe somebody at Queen Games would give some information on the status of Escape Big Box that was supposed to be delivered in December 2014. Hundreds of us are still missing significant portions of the game we pledged for. The campaign raised about a quarter of a million dollars. There have been NO (and I mean ZERO!) Updates or Comments from Queen Games since March. I personally have sent 3 emails asking politely about this and NOT ONE has been answered. Please have the decency to let the people who have already paid their money know what is going on. As for those of you who pledged here; Queen Games makes interesting and fun games, but increasingly they are failing to deliver them. I wish all of you backers the best of luck in getting what you are paying for.

    46. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Ann-Charlotte Eriksen,

      Jo has asked that you wright him directly.

      Nikki QG-US

    47. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      @ Dirk : I beieve we shall ship it far before the Essen so need not to wait that long.



    48. Dirk Meijlof

      Maybe it's asked before, but will there be an Essen pick up?

    49. Ketty Galleguillos

      Please add SPANISH cards :o)

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