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Enjoy the big box Kickstarter edition of the 2012 Spiel des Jahres winner by Donald X. Vaccarino.
Enjoy the big box Kickstarter edition of the 2012 Spiel des Jahres winner by Donald X. Vaccarino.
1,878 backers pledged $159,804 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Kevin Brown,

      I have written a little something up about the rules for the Island tiles. This is not the official text that will be used in the printed rules so please pardon me if it is a bit clunky.
      When using the Lighthouse or Harbor game board sections. Place the Island board next to the game board. All adjacency rules still apply, placement on the main board is still the first choice a player has to take. Ex. I have settlements in a grass section of the board. I have a Grass terrain card to play this turn. According to the adjacency rule I have to place my next 3 settlements next to my settlements already in the grass section if there are still open hexes. If let’s say there are only 2 open hexes in the grass section, I place two of my settlements there I can now place the remaining settlement on a grass hex on the island tile.
      The drawbacks of placing settlements on the island are for scoring, the islands are not quadrants, and pieces on them are not pieces in quadrants. For example if the Lords or Farmers Kingdom Builder cards are in play settlements on the island do not count towards the gold gained from these cards. Otherwise everything on islands scores normally.

      Nikki QG-US

    2. Jared Bond

      @Mark - They did give the KS backers unique houses for the game...

    3. Mark Glenn Jespersen on

      Well I look forward to receive the big-game-box, I have heard great things about this game - and it is a nice combo-box with the expansions. I however still believe that it would add more customer/backer-value to add something more to the game, that only will the kickstarters will get for founding your “box” that cannot be bought separately. Just adding a discount, and yet req. additional shipping cost is not really crowd-funding in my opinion, that is just an instrument to lower the financial-risk nor for innovation, but for providing a broader product-line - and yet, since you already have 1.183 backers, it is still a smart and clever move. I am not against it; I am simply saying that it can seem a little dull in the eyes of some backers. Don't get me wrong, I am not labeling you, just giving you some critique ;) - I really enjoy playing the "Queen Games", and would recommend them at any time. You should also have my greatest respect for being quite active on replying to comments, a lot of kickstarters could learn a lot from that.

    4. Kevin Brown on

      Can someone shed some light on the Island board sections? I'm curious how they are implemented.
      Not that it really matters because I've been waiting for KBBB and the fancy bits are amazing!

    5. Tim on

      That would be helpful Keith... I would be quite remiss if I missed the Escape Big Box.

    6. Thomas Vilfroy on

      Keith in regards to future KS, does queen have a newsletter to be informed about it?? If so, what URL?

    7. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Devin,

      Our strategy with Fresco Big Box and now Kingdom Builder Big Box is to offer the games at the best price we can. We are thrilled with how Fresco has done, and Kingdom Builder is on pace to wildly exceed our hopes as well. We did want to include something special for Kickstarter backers and that is why we went with the special settlements. You did use some language I wanted to touch upon when you asked where the "extra money" is going. Board games, especially those with wooden components have a large variable cost (as opposed to fixed cost for things such as art, tooling, etc.) so it is not like a software product where a huge majority of the cost is in the initial development and the cost of delivering the end material is pennies. A hypothetical example is if we order 5000 of a game, it may cost $30, and if we order 10000 it may cost $27 (but that increased mass increases shipping costs to the warehouse). So it is certainly helpful to print larger quantities of games when they can be sold, it is not as if we get to a threshold where the cost drops precipitously (at least not that I have found is to hoping to see that some day!)

      I hope this sheds some light on the process and helps answer your question. Thank you (and everyone else) for your support.

      Keith - Queen Games USA

    8. Jonathan Jarno More Butt on

      Thank you! =) Assuming all is good, I'll save for Escape BB. This is my first Queens project. Do we get email notifications of future campaigns?

    9. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Jonathan,

      I have requested a picture of the Fresco BB insert. I do not think the Kingdom Builder BB insert is ready but I will get those photos posted when I have them.

      Keith - Queen Games USA

    10. Jonathan Jarno More Butt on

      Can we please see pictures of inside the box, and frescos box? How the contented fit in the storage trays? The point of the big box is it's all neatly put together. At least that's my hope :) Thank you....

    11. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi The Wagon,

      You pledge $40. Thank you for asking.


    12. Ropya on

      Because in all seriousness I would love to support this.
      It's looks awesome.
      But it's Queen.
      So good luck. I'm out.

    13. Ropya on

      @Those frustrated that I'm posting here about issues with another project.
      I'll not apologize.
      I feel nearly obligated to post a warning here about how Queen has acted with past projects.
      I'll not drag it out.
      I'll not fill up the comments section with it.
      I'm simply posting about what has happened, not just with DDD, but many of Queens past projects.
      Once the project ends, the contact and relations with customers seems to nearly cease existing.
      If you want to continue supporting them, no hard feelings.
      And best of luck to you.

    14. Daniel Baxendale on

      @Queen Games
      Thanks Nikki, Keith. It's good to know that it's being shipped from the EU as that means no sneaky customs charges for me. Looking forward to getting my hands on Kingdom Builder and Fresco.

    15. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Daniel,

      The games are shipped out of Germany for the whole world. US and Canada gets shipped pallets and then gets shipped to backers in those country's.

      Nikki QG-US

    16. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Good morning everyone. I totally understand the frustration on both sides about comments not related to this KS. Unfortunately a lot of the blame can be placed on me. I am responsible for the US division and handling the coordination of a lot of the customer service. After Essen I was out of commission with an illness for about 8 weeks and it put us behind at a time when we just could not be short staffed (year end, holiday, lots of new games in production). So my sincere group apologies for getting behind on the customer service. We will continue working to get these issues (overdue and current) resolved. That being said, I am working on some of those and will be back on the board here in a few hours.

      Keith - Queen Games USA

      Daniel - For EU backers the game will ship from Europe.

    17. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Ropya,

      I have sent you an email. You have two addresses in the Kickstarter system. Which is correct?

      Nikki QG-US

    18. Daniel Baxendale on

      @Queen Games
      Can I get an answer on the shipping location please? I need to know if I can expect to pay customs.

    19. Queen Games 46-time creator on


      Let me see what is up.

      Nikki QG-US

    20. Queen Games 46-time creator on


      I have emailed you.

      Nikki QG-US

    21. jonathan platteau on

      @ Medwynd: waiting 3 and a half months for a game that is already out, is long. But I know that stocks can run out. My biggest problem was that I had to wait very long (weeks, even months) on answers to my questions. Apparently I'm not alone: look at the comment-section for the Speculation project.
      @ Leroy: My message here was effective: I have received a reply to my messages: they are still waiting for an English reprint, and they will check if they can ship it from the US... Still quite vague, but at least its an answer.

    22. Roy Reuter on

      @ Jonathan, I'm in the same boat as you. Got the Big Box Alhambra with the Speculation KS and the tiles were misprinted and the box damaged. I was promised replacement parts at the end of October, but still have not received anything! I have since asked Nikki a couple of times for an update and after more promises I would receive my items in January I have still not received anything. It's starting to become very frustrating.

    23. Missing avatar


      Personally, I'm not thrilled you are doing it either, but I guess you didn't hate doing it enough to actually not do it... I just don't get the point of polluting this KS comments with issues for other KS.

    24. jonathan platteau on

      I hate to do this, but my patience is running out...
      I’ve been waiting on a replacement Alhambra Big Box since the end of October 2013. The big box was one of the extra’s on the kickstarter for Speculation. If you look at the comments in the kickstarter for Speculation you’ll see that I’m definitely not the only one waiting for the big box…
      I’m posting here because I see Queen responding almost daily to questions on their new kickstarter projects, but almost never answer our private messages…
      I hope we can get by posting here.

    25. thewagon on

      Hi. So, I'm in Australia. I want the settlement pieces and of course the island boards. The $30 pledge level says all other countries add $10, but it also refers to the description of the $25 pledge, and that one says refer to the shipping description, where Australia falls under the $60 shipping charge. So for just the settlements and island boards, should I pledge $40, or am I expected to fork out $60 on top of that?

    26. Missing avatar


      @Devon, they state on the main page of the kickstarter that "If we successfully reach our funding goal of $20,000, all backers will receive the Island Expansion. This will be the only funding reward". They did the the Fresco KS the same way.

    27. Missing avatar


      They clearly state in the challenges section that DDD is currently set for May/June release,and that Fresco is on track for its original release date.

    28. Ellen Wobrak

      i don't get people who pledge just to bad mouth people or companies!!! if you don't like it don't back it!!!

    29. Ropya on

      Oh look.
      Yet ANOTHER Queen KS.
      While Dark Darker Darkest and it's backers get ignored and no news
      How is the any way at all I can trust that we will get anything, much less everything from this KS?.
      I mean look at the disaster that DDD and the bs Queen calls customer relations.
      I love the business model.
      Such as many people in as possible, get their money, and string them along.
      Just like shody handy man contractors.
      Good name you're building for yourself Queen.
      Good name.

    30. Daniel Baxendale on

      @Queen Games
      Do you know where the games will be shipped out from? Will it be from Germany? I'm based in the UK and would have to pay customs if it came from outside the EU.

    31. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Devin! - when I am free later tonight or first thing tomorrow I will answer your question (the answer has some meat to it and I am in a meeting) - just wanted you to know I will get to this ASAP.

      Keith -Queen Games USA

    32. Jonathan Jarno More Butt on

      Thank you for response. Are t pictures heir of the inlays? And Past inlays, like Fresco (which I have also backed) . I couldn't find any pictures in videos, Google or BGG.
      My favorite thing about kickstarter is stretch goals and exclusive. Even if daft and wacky. It's a shame there aren't more.

      Can we, as backers, come up with some? Here are some off of the top of my head.

      Wild card terrain Cards.
      Blank victory point cards
      New victory point cards
      Bumper stickers. "I place my houses orthagionally"
      Event Cards which are shuffled into terrain deck :
      monster attacks from a terrain type destroying an adjacent house,
      players swap seats,
      move 5 houses to adjacent squares,
      turn terrain deck upside down,

    33. Devin Kerr on

      My below question was not answered. So far, this KS has hit 391% of it's original funding goal and there has been no mention of stretch goals. What else is to be introduced in the game? Where will this extra money go? I do see you mentioned a few exclusive tiles and settlement pieces will not be included in the retail version, but this has always been available in the original budget. Where is this extra ~$60,000 going?

      Kicktraq shows that you are trending towards a 1689% funding goal. Will nothing else be introduced as incentive? I'm mostly curious to see just where my money is going to be going.

    34. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Evan and Mark - in the case of stretch rewards it is challenging to do something related to Kingdom Builder when the game being offered is the Big Box version (which includes everything to date). What we opted to do was include the special wooden settlements in this Kickstarter set to give a nice aesthetic change to the game appearance. We could have done that as a stretch reward, but we wanted to include that from the beginning.

      Benito (and others :-)) - We will be adding separate pledge levels for the cave and Capitol (there will be a pledge level option with the island and pledge level options for the two settlement levels). I am traveling at the moment but will get those up later today/tonight.

      Gabrielle - thank you do much for backing Kingdom Builder! You add the shipping charge to your pledge (you can pledge a higher amount than the reward level).

      Jonathan - yes sir. There is a plastic tray insert for organizing the components.

      Peter - the big box is one big box :-)

      Thank you all again so much!

      Keith - Queen Games USA

    35. Jonathan Jarno More Butt on

      Is there a component tray/inlay to organise all the components? Died the other big boxes have a nice inlay?

    36. Gabriele Pezzato on

      Hi, I'm relatively new to Kickstarter. I backed this project, since the game looks very good. Now I have a question about shipping. How do I add the shipping cost to my pledge? I chose Amazon payment. Does this mean shipping cost will be automatically added to the check out sum, according to the address I will specify?

    37. Evan Gross on

      I agree with you Mark. how about stretch goals. I am seriously thinking of pulling support for this project for this reason. With no stretch goals this feels like nothing more than a pre-order.

    38. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi Alan,

      Thank you for the information and correcting my mistake. I wrote that response quickly and clearly misspoke. The situation I was recalling was for returned packages and also for fines that were assessed that we were responsible for. I appreciate you taking the time to point out my mistake, it was not my intent to put out incorrect information.

      Keith - Queen Games USA

    39. Mark Glenn Jespersen on

      You could consider some goals at a higher total pledged amount; it might end up being a good business for you. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Alan Romaniuc on

      @Queen Games/Keith
      Hi Keith.
      If you do not wanna ship to Brazil, fine, but seriously, can you stop the FUD?
      You wrote:
      "When we ship games the accountability is lost once the packages get in country. We cannot track them or get accounting for them and the recipients cannot either."
      That is not the truth. Try the following codes: CL748920418DE, CJ225034561US, RA096100569TW (geramn, usa and taiwan packages). You can try in the brazilian site (, and in the source post office site, like

      "when these packages go missing, we are still responsible for paying the duties for them"
      No, that is not true also. You are a successful company, you should inform yourself. The RECIPIENT pays taxes when they go to the post office to actually get the packages. We do not pay for missing or phantom packages. When we pay, we get it.
      Something or someone is really bad informed at your company, and this not true statements are spreading in an unfortunate way.
      Please, you should apologize yourself to Brazilian people for these sad statements, but if you are not in the mood, just stop spreading lies.

    41. Tim on

      @ Ellen

      Queen already said Escape is on the list for this year.

    42. Peter Kraft on

      Is the Big Box versions actually a Big Box that fit all 3 versions or do you get 3 normal boxes of Kingdom Builder?

    43. Sean McBride on

      @Benito, you can get the capitol promo from the BGG store. I got a copy a while back.

    44. Ellen Wobrak

      hoping for escape big box at some point!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Benito The Burrito Bandito on

      I would like to humbly request you consider making the promos available via this kickstarter. I don't typically have the time or money to attend cons or shows. Clearly the promos are not in short supply for you. You have made a fantastic game, and it seems a shame I am missing out because 1) I already bought the game and expansions 2) I need to seek out and attend a trade show to get something newcomers are getting right here for next to nothing. I don't intent to cause trouble, just want to own all of your great game

    46. Queen Games 46-time creator on

      Hi everyone! Thank you for the amazing support on Kingdom Builder. For those of you in the storm areas, we hope you and your families are safe and warm.

      Benito and Brian - There are no plans at the moment to offer the promos separately. We wanted to offer the "new" items here as individual pledges. I do believe the Cave and Capital promos will still be available at shows (I need to confirm that).

      Timm - Done (bot no date yet). :-)

      Rod - we price our multiple game pledge levels based on the early bird pricing, so if you are interested in Alhambra Big Box as well, you can move to that pledge level (we did not want to "punish" people for wanting to order an additional game (or three :-))


    47. Missing avatar

      Timm Rau on

      Vote for a Lancaster Big Box. Another great Queen Games Boardgame.

    48. Brian - Analyst of Brimstone on

      Is it possible to order the caves mini promo separately? I missed out ordering them on the BGG marketplace and I cant seem to find them for a reasonable price anywhere else.

    49. Missing avatar

      Benito The Burrito Bandito on

      As a big fan I already own the game plus expansions. New bits are cool, but adding the promos as an add-on item would be amazing? So any chance of getting Capitols and Caves without the whole box?

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