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More Info on Additional Content

Posted by Queen Games (Creator)

We wanted to lay out all of the additional content coming with the Collector's Edition (and of course the Deluxe Box, which will include all of this), and provide a place for you to ask questions about it. We've unlocked most of our stretch goals for the campaign (we'll have the last ones up soon), so this is a chance to see all that you will be getting. 

The Bonus content with the Collector's Edition includes three gameplay modules. Each module can be played on it's own, but we recommend for gamers (who are the target of our Collector's Editions) to play with all of them combined in an "Advanced Play" mode, which is what I will describe. We are finishing the final tweaks on how some of these integrate together, so some small details may shift before the final products arrives.

Joker Tiles:
Joker tiles act like single window panes (they do have a different look), with two exceptions. First, they provide a one card discount on all colors that touch them (max one card discount per tile placed). Second, they can be placed on top of an existing tile. If you scored a row that only had one spot that was not a window, you can put a joker tile there later and score the other point. How do you get them? See below.

Mission Tiles:
We have unlocked all six mission tiles. Two mission tiles will be randomly selected for use each game. Every time you complete the requirements of a mission, you can choose to take a joker tile or gain a victory point. The combination of the two mission tiles will further change how each game is played.

Extra Ability Tiles:
Instead of all of the ability tiles being in every game, there is a market of ability tiles. When you cover a coat of arms, you can choose from one of the available tiles. With nearly double the number of ability tiles, and more on the way, this adds variability as well. Of course, you can also just choose a set of four tiles to play with for the game instead.

Together, these three modules provide an extra layer of decision making for a more difficult game, but without a lot more rules. As with our Queenies, these are not Kickstarter Exclusive, but you are getting it for a cheaper price.

And of course, you are getting a Limited Edition Box Sleeve as well.

Please feel free to comment with any questions.

-The Queen Games Team

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    1. T-Squared on

      Thanks for the info on the additional content! Looking forward to playing this game.