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Multicolor Tile Queenies Add-On

Posted by Queen Games (Creator)

Instead of packaging some of the extra content for this campaign as Queenies, we are packing it straight into the box in the Collector's Edition and Deluxe Box. We do have an add-on option for two Queenies which together make the "Multi-color Tile" Expansion (name subject to change).

To get a multi-color tile, you have to discard cards in the exact color combination of the tile (so, for instance, a purple, green, and blue for the size 3 on the left, or three yellow and two red for the size five on the bottom right). You can get a one card discount if, when placing the tile, one of the squares is touching a previously placed tile of the same color (as normal), but you can only get this discount once, and only of the color it is touching (if it is touching more than one color, you can decide where to get the discount).

The size three tiles are added to the game in addition to the normal tiles, whereas the size 5 tiles replace the normal size 5 tiles, keeping the competition for them high. The size 5 tiles also feature completely different shapes for an new challenge. 

To add one of these add-ons,simple manually add $10 to the pledge for the cardboard version, or $15 for the acrylic. If you have already pledged and want to add them, just click on "Manage Pledge." Please note we cannot do this for you.

Please comment if you have any questions about them.


The Queen Games Team

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    1. T-Squared on

      @Queen Games, thanks for the clarification!

    2. Queen Games 47-time creator on

      And for your comment Danny, if we sell all of the extra content in the collector's edition in the future, buyers will almost certainly be paying more than the $10 backers are paying for it in this campaign.


    3. Queen Games 47-time creator on

      Hey everyone, sorry for the confusion. Sometimes, you forget not everyone has the background in mind you did when you write something.

      When we did the collector's edition of Luxor, we packaged all of the extra content as Queenies. You got a base game and some Queenies packaged outside of the box. We did something similar with our Essen releases as well.

      What I was trying to say that this campaign, instead of packing the joker tiles, mission tiles, and extra ability tiles as Queenies, we are putting them straight into the box. They are, you can think, "advanced play" content that comes with the base game. In the future, we might sell this content as "Queenies," but for you it is coming inside the box.

      The only "extra" content, and by that I mean it would come packaged outside of the game box, is Queenie 1 & 2, the multicolor tiles. These are add-ons for both the Collector's Edition and Deluxe Box.


    4. T-Squared on

      My 2 cents — For Deluxe game “default” components, I’m still going with what’s shown in the graphic for the Deluxe game. And, the Queenie 1 & 2 mini-expansions are add-ons that are an extra purchase. If purchased, they will be packaged inside the Deluxe box instead of delivered in separate Queenie packaging. That’s how I interpret what I read in the update, but that’s my opinion and not definitive. I’m hoping @Queen Games will clarify for all concerned.

      @Queen Games, thanks for explaining how the multi-color tiles will be used in the game! Looking forward to using them.

    5. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      I wish you could edit comments but just wanted to add. It does seem like if the stretch goals keep coming there is a nice savings to collectors over what the cost of that included content would have been separately. I didn't mean to sound so ungrateful in the original comment.

    6. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      It is confusing. I believe they are saying that the mission tiles, Jokers, and maybe future stretch goals are just queenies included instead of addons. The part where that falls apart is that we are already paying an increased price for them. They are really the only difference between retail and collectors so we are paying for them they just don't show them as add ons. The game looks great so I'm still in but it is frustrating they keep implying the value but we are paying for all the 'free' add ons in collectors.

    7. Tom McDonald

      I agree. This is the most confusing update I've ever read. Are the Queenies included in the Deluxe box, or are they an add-on????

    8. Missing avatar

      Summer Perez

      Justin I am with you

    9. Justin on

      "we are packing it straight into the box in the Collector's Edition and Deluxe Box"

      So, this is already included with Deluxe?

      "Instead of packaging some of the extra content for this campaign as Queenies"
      "We do have an add-on option for two Queenies"

      Instead of doing queenies, here's some queenies....huh?