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A superhero story by way of Green Mile. When a hero is wrongly executed on death row, he awakens to find that he may just be immortal.
A superhero story by way of Green Mile. When a hero is wrongly executed on death row, he awakens to find that he may just be immortal.
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Backer Kit and Surveys on there way!

Posted by CW Cooke (Creator)
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You've all been incredibly patient, and there were a few things and a few kinks that had to be worked out first. Thank you for waiting with me! 

Now the fun stuff! 

The surveys should be out hopefully today. Lots of information involved there so please be thorough and remember to fill them out AS SOON as possible. They need to be back to me by September 27th! If you have any changes to make, please make them by September 27th! If you miss the deadline, just message me through here and I'll do my level best to make a note of it and rectify it. 

Another BIG thing! 

For some of you this won't be new, but some of you may never have seen this: I'll be using BackerKit on this and it is a medium and tool used to send out the surveys. It's very similar to online shopping and hopefully will be easier to use than the standard survey.

You'll be answering survey questions related to your specific pledge level, but here's the good news: If you change your mind as to what shirt size you need or make a mistake (just an example really), you can just go back in and change it. It will automatically update the info for me as long as you meet the deadline.

Another BIGGER thing!

There is an Add-On Function! Why is this necessary or helpful or awesome? This helps the survey essentially become a webstore in a way. If you wanted to add-on more rewards to your pledge than the amount you previously pledged (you know, like an awesome t-shirt, print, or second issue), you can pay for that balance on the BackerKit! Before, you'd have to write down what you wanted to add and there would be math involved in making everything work, and I'm a writer, I don't do math (just kidding, please don't tell my grade school through high school teachers that)!

An AWESOME thing!

There's also a Pre-Order section! Do you know any friends or family members who missed out on the Kickstarter and wanted to go ahead and get something incredible out of the Kickstarter? Place a pre-order at the link below and they're good as gold!

Any questions? You might start seeing more stuff pop in there, so save that link as a favorite! If you have any questions or items or anything you'd like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch! And thanks, yet again, for helping my dream come true! 

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    1. Paul Growns on

      How can we add issue two as there is no option for it and I can't add an extra $5

    2. Tyler Wallace on

      Same as below, please help, how add issue 2 if I added the $5 for a physical copy of issue 2 during the campaign?

    3. Wojtek Sal

      I have received the link to the survey today, thanks. But how do I get the printed issue 2? There's no Add-on for that, and I have already paid $5 for it during your Kickstarter...