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Chipolo is a Bluetooth enabled item finder and thermometer for your iPhone or Android that helps you locate your belongings.
Chipolo is a small, colorful Bluetooth enabled device that easily attaches to your valuable items. With the free Chipolo app, locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds by ringing your it.
Chipolo is a small, colorful Bluetooth enabled device that easily attaches to your valuable items. With the free Chipolo app, locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds by ringing your it.
5,329 backers pledged $293,014 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kritiya Boonsoong on

      Looking back. A mistake. Poor quality.

    2. Mr Anderson

      And now the Chipolo team is sharing our e-mails with another KS project from their hometown (and most likely the same members). Please report them if you get an e-mail from some Zoyo project.

    3. Cebulla on

      My 4 chipolo's ( serie 1) are broke down a time ago. The Chipolo Team send my new chipolo's. Bur after 2 or 3 Months they are broke down again. I will not send my broken chipolo's again to Chipolo. The quality of the chiplolo's are not good and I will not pay the shipping cost again.

    4. Alan Rickayzen on

      I just realized that I've been using my chipolo for well over a year and the battery hasn't been changed for several months.

      I don't use some of the more sophisticated features but it's become a familiar and trusted part of my daily kit that I couldn't imagine doing without. Most common task - checking on my phone that my keys are with me somewhere without having to search pockets or bag.

      That's what makes truly great technology. It's not the bells and whistles that count but the unobtrusive reliability.

    5. jasto on

      4 chipolo's ( serie 1) broke down. I send them back and recieved within a week 4 replacements. Great service. Hope this time they keep working

    6. The Chipolo Team Creator on

      Mr Anderson, if you are not satisfied with the Chipolo please fill out this form here: and we will send you new Chipolo(s).

    7. Mr Anderson

      I wish these were available on Amazon so I could swap them out. Pure junk. Criminal company

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Tatarka on

      Thankfully I only purchased one of these.

    9. tianfeiwei on

      This little thing can last less than 1 month battery life but they claim the battery can last more than 6 month, which is ridiculous.

    10. Stephanie D on

      I filled out a form for my chipolos that have stopped working months ago. I still haven't heard back. It seems like the connector that touches the battery was not secured properly for one of them. The device will not remained powered. I guess this means I'm just out of luck?

    11. Rob on

      I chucked mine away long ago, it drained 3 new batteries in a week... a pointless exercise.

    12. Missing avatar

      CL on

      I can't get any of my 9 chipolos to work. I simply can't keep replacing batteries every few weeks!

    13. Will Collier on

      I wanted to like this product but I'm afraid I just can't. I'm an early backer and have tried the software upgrade, new batteries, and still short range and 1 month on battery life. Of no use as it is. Maybe the new version is better? No idea, but this is junk.

    14. Missing avatar

      matthew johnson on

      I just want to leave a comment down-voting the idea that you have to have an account in order to use this stupid thing, now

      I don't want "social" features, I don't want to be part of a "network", I just want to use my chipolos via bluetooth to my phone

      Please re-enable local use of the devices - I stopped using them because they were too quiet. You say you've fixed that, so I reinstalled the ap, but I'll never know whether the volumne issue is resolved unless you fix your crazy idea that you can build a social service around little bluetooth discs.

      There was no mention in the original kickstarter that you had to have an account to use the things - in fact, one of your bolded points was "YOU GET TO CHOOSE". Well, I choose not to register for a stupid account.

      And to think I gave you $200 :(

    15. Ronnie on

      Got new replacement and I'm so sorry chipolo but the temp is wrong and range is wrong. I've given up this is by far the 2ND WORST PROJECT I BACKED.

    16. Missing avatar

      steinlechner on

      No possibility to use it offline anymore. Backing to get surveilled, depressing.
      In the kickstarter description no statement of the use as an online only product. At it is the same, no clear statement that you have to have an account. Disappointing.

    17. Bojan Varga on

      Hey! I recieved my new chipolo (changed due warranty). It came with additional battary & it is much better that first ones, its perfect! Lauder than tile & better software. Highly recommended.

    18. Alan Rickayzen on

      @Laural October 7th. I'd sent a mail to warn them of the problem and used the form linked in one of the updates.
      BTW I updated my iOS app yesterday which also lets you do a firmware update of the chips. That's the first firmware update but it worked well for me. Might be worth waiting a week before trying this just in case problems are reported and a 2nd update is needed.

    19. Laural on

      Funny, I got one as a backer, ordered two more this spring, and none of them worked after August. Alan: when did you get these replacements?

    20. Alan Rickayzen on

      Hi Chris,
      My originals worked but were replaced when an iOS update caused problems with one early bird device. All were replaced and are louder than the originals. I find them very useful -especially when I'm in a hurry.

      The only think that doesn't work is compatibility with the trackr app which used to be claimed by the trackr app but I see trackr's corrected that app description now.

      So I'm happy. This young team couldn't handle the insane demand initially in their rush to please, but they got on top of things eventually which is what Kickstarter's all about.

    21. Chris Herbert on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    22. Bernardo Silveira M. Pinto on

      Just wanted to add my name to the list of unhappy backers of this project. A very unstable app plus a battery-draining, also quite unstable little gadget. It is gorgeous, but was NEVER useful. One expensive little key-chain.

    23. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Sadly, a very poorly engineered product. I disposed of it long ago, because it simply didn't work. Sigh ...

    24. Bojan Varga on

      My chipolo died again with only one week or less battery life. I have changed 3 batteries, all the same... I sent two emails in the past several months and they never replied me anything ALSO!

    25. The JJ on

      Chipolo - another KS project that disappoints and fades into oblivion. *sigh*

    26. tianfeiwei on

      My chipolo just died again with only one month or less battery life. I sent two emails in the past three months and they never replied me anything. GREAT customer service.

    27. Missing avatar

      Fred Nazarko on

      I have not received my Chipolo as well. Please what do I'd I for a refund???

    28. Daniel Naves de Carvalho on

      I still havent received my chipolo... What do I have to do to get my refund? It was supposed to be sent in march


    29. Alan Rickayzen on

      Many thanks for the replacement for my old one,which was one of the first batch and didn't connect after an iOS update.

      I'm really happy to have it back on my key ring (like an old friend returning).

    30. Rick Bollocks on

      This is possibly one of the most frustrating and worst products I have ever bought. Go back to your day jobs guys.

    31. The JJ on

      Come on Chipolo - we are ready for another software update that could make these things consistent. Right now - I am standing next to it and it says out of range!!! UgghhH!!

    32. David on

      4 chipolos dead the first month...worse project ever

    33. Marcus Castilho on

      Never received my Chipolo. Sended many messages. Did not get any response. Please refund me.

    34. Marc Towers on

      Initial device worked really well for a month or so but them became faulty, constantly receiving in/out of range alerts when was very close by then it completely died and changing battery didn't help.
      I returned it and it was promptly replaced but still having the in/out alert issues even when it's in my pocket.

    35. Cebulla on

      4 for 4 are dead

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael H on

      4 out of 4 died quickly. Do we actually have to ship this back at our expense to get updated replacements? Very un-kickstarter like.

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      another 2 Chipolos are dead. That's 5 out of 6 that have died on me.

    38. Riva Tomasowa on

      Hi all, I know many of you are upset about Chipolo, this and that, but I believe Chipolo team has always try their best. For those who already have their Chipolo and missed the bumper, this video is for you: - E.N.J.O.Y.!!

    39. Vagelis Fragkos on

      Guys I had 4 chipolos and returned them Today I received the new ones and paired the 1st one which pairs and works FLAWLESSLY.If the battery now lasts for 6 months it will be great.I have bought 20 batteries (so to have stock and because of rapid depletion) for the previous chipolos which didn't last for a week.I will test the replaced ones and tell you guys,but I am optimistic!

    40. jasto on

      Mine died after 4 new batteries. It worked about 3 months.. Filled in the form. Hope to get a replacement.

    41. Missing avatar

      Fred Nazarko on

      I never received product. Please send a refund.

    42. Daniel Naves de Carvalho on

      Never received my chipolo.

      Got the dance in the rain

    43. Missing avatar

      glich on

      my chiplo is eating cells last one did't last a month. and that with my app disabled on phone so its not beeping at me ever time my cat comes in or out of range of my phone.

    44. Nick on

      too bad that my Nexus 7 with the very latest Android 4.4 and Bluetooth 4.0 doesn't work either, can't even download the app from Google Play. Very disappointing. Two more bricks...

    45. The JJ on

      After a few days of testing out my Chipolos here are the following notes:
      Rope mode inaccurate
      Temp mode inaccurate
      All distances are inaccurate in pet mode
      Proximity to device is most times unrecognizable
      Incoherent messages from phone "yellow is out of range" - while I am 5 feet away
      Generally the items are unusable and not for the intended use.

      I am disappointed. I hope the its software related and software updates in the near future can fix these - and other issues.

    46. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I responded. I don't really know what they were going on about TBH

    47. The Chipolo Team Creator on

      Hi Nick.

      Your are right, we've said at the beginning of our KS campaign that the Chipolo will work with Android devices running version 4.2 or newer, but unfortunately Google decided in December 2013 that they will not officially support Bluetooth 4.0 devices with 4.2 version but from 4.3 or newer. So we had to do that move. Sorry about this and we hope that your phone will soon get option for an upgrade to the 4.3 or newer version of Android. Best, The Chipolo team

    48. Nick on

      my Chipolos have finally arrived. Too bad I need an Android 4.3 device.... the tech spec says they work with Android 4.2 ->…
      Can't even download the app, it claims to be incompatible with my device. The Chipolos will sit in the drawer till I buy a new phone.

    49. The Chipolo Team Creator on

      @Peter, can you please contact out iOS or Android team, depends with which phone you have? iOS support: OR Android support:
      Our support team is here to help. Thanks!

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