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Solar Green Technology Ruggedized/Mobilized Backpack Powers IPhone, IPads, IPods, Smart-Phones, Tablets, Cameras etc... w/o restraint.
Solar Green Technology Ruggedized/Mobilized Backpack Powers IPhone, IPads, IPods, Smart-Phones, Tablets, Cameras etc... w/o restraint.
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    1. Norman Ho Creator on

      Hey Guys,

      Sorry its been awhile since I have posted anything and the concerns you had about the project. I had went over to Asia to resolve the issue with the batteries and some parts here are spotty on the internet/censorship. Should have probably mentioned that before I left so apologies on that, did not expect the issue. I am bringing the batteries back with me and the deliveries will be made shortly. It was never in my intention to leave you guys in the dark nor have this project take as long as it already has. Bear with me and once I get back more packs will be sent out.


    2. Arnie Posadas on

      @Douglas Same here, this page looks so empty.

    3. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      norman... please contact me...I want a refund or my pack...

    4. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      I'm starting to think Norman has abandon this project. No word from him for 2 months. How many people haven't got their packs? And what is our next step?

    5. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      we need an update please... Do you see this project being completed this year? This is not acceptable.

    6. Arnie Posadas on

      @Kayen Solidum I have not received mine either. I think majority of the backers are still waiting as well.

      I would rather just receive the bag than waiting for a battery that may not be existent. I backed up this project for the bag anyways.

      So meaning if they are just waiting for the battery, that means they should have the bags in their possession and should be ready to be shipped anytime. (in theory)

    7. Kayen Solidum on

      Is there anyone else who hasn't received their backpacks yet besides me?

    8. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      Can we get an update please...

    9. Kayen Solidum on

      Hey Norman. Just want an update on my backpacks and to know what number am I on your list.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    12. Norman Ho Creator on

      I appreciate your patience. I know its been a very long wait and I cant express how truly I am sorry about this. I havent forgotten about you guys and I am still so thankful that each and everyone here had faith in our products. Basically what is happening right now is that I have to gain a importer and hazmat license, so that I can import these items. I previously bought this from a company who were importing ones before, but those turned out not to work so well, so creating this new one from scratch took alot of time and now i have to go through all this bs. But by going through this inspections will not last as long, and only random samples would be taken and tested before being released instead of each and everyone. This last shipment that comes would fulfill the remainder of all outstanding orders. Thanks again for everyones patience and message me for any questions you might have. I will post an update as soon as this shipment has come.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave Eastley on

      Norman, Checking to see the status of the 2 additional batteries owed for the 3 backpacks I purchased,, its been nearly a year of waiting, please update thanks


    14. Norman Ho Creator on

      All customs would ever tell me is soon. So i just relay that message over. Im not sure what is going on over there but im ordering more sets of battery hoping just one of these final packages arrives so I can take care of you guys.

    15. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      Any word on the batteries?

    16. Norman Ho Creator on

      Hey Mel,

      Glad you got your pack safe and sound. Can you tell me which items were missing?


    17. Missing avatar

      Mel on

      Just got my Instinct today and really love the weight of it! It is of great, tough quality and I can't wait to bring it on my travels! Not to sound unappreciative or anything (because I'm really grateful for it) but there seems to be a few items missing in the ensemble; I do not really mind the rest, cause the bag more than made up for it :), but I was looking forward to the mini multi-tool keychain. That would really be portable and useful (judging from the Multi-tool's quality). If its okay, can you guys send me one :D?

    18. Norman Ho Creator on

      Hey Arnie,

      Thanks for your patience. This project is way more than half fulfilled. This next shipment of battery will be the last and final which would fulfill the remainder pledges. Congrats on your graduation and I hope to get all remaining pledges fulfilled sooner rather than later.


    19. Arnie Posadas on

      Knock knock.... Just want to know the update on these gear. GRADUATION time is around the corner, 2 weeks to be more accurate. This is really important and a confirmation that it could be received before the time frame stated above would be superb but if not..... well waiting time it is.

    20. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      Norman, I had to change my shipping address. Please see your messages for the new one.

    21. Norman Ho Creator on

      glad you got your pack safe and sound :). im sending them as i get the batteries and just chronologically from the list I printed out from here. bear with me and i appreciate all your guys patience with this. the last thing i ever want is something that doesnt meet expectations, which is why i switched up the battery component to the new ones everyone got and will be getting. Thanks again everyone

    22. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      ok.. thanks...I'm looking forward to it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrew Stephenson on

      Mine just came in the mail today! I'm honestly thrilled with how everything looks on the Instinct, and still plotting out the best way to use all the storage available on it.
      Hopefully everyone else will get theirs soon, because as it stands, this was worth the wait!

    24. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      Have the batteries arrived? Like I said, my address may change in May, so I'm curious if the packs will be ready by then,

    25. Arnie Posadas on

      @Roderick Florence THAT'S GREAT!!!! Let us know what's new this time around. (I still check this page daily and refresh every hour or so.... lol)

      I am currently on spring break... and will be heading to Vegas once again but wishing mine would come soon too. :D

    26. Roderick Florence on

      Hey guys me again... I am just getting home from work and I had a package from you guys and it looks to be the pack I've been waiting for. :^) This has really made my day awesome thanks guys for your hard work.

    27. Norman Ho Creator on

      Yes, the first batch of the batteries have been picked up and have been sent out chornologically. Regardless, of that all orders should be done shortly with another batch coming in next week.

    28. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      Have the batteries been picked up? What is the status? My shipping address may change in May. Please give an update.

    29. Tom Sramek Jr on

      Leaving for foreign trip in a week and a half--any chance of a backpack before then.

    30. Norman Ho Creator on

      They are here and ready picking them up next week and the large one the week after.

    31. Roderick Florence on

      hey guys just wondering if you all have got the shipment of batteries in yet? please keep us posted.

    32. Norman Ho Creator on

      Also, working on some apology items such as a new kind of reflective tape that absorbs light and will glow at night like a glow stick. it will also have designs for optimal glow and reflection. This will take awhile but once I get it done ill send it to everyone.

    33. Norman Ho Creator on

      Hey Guys,

      Just wanted to post another comment on here about the battery situation. It will be resolved shortly. Got a confirmation today that they will finish up next week and have the batteries out to me then. It is one fhe small shipments so timeline wise ill have a good chunk of pledges out. The large shipment of batteries they tell me which would cover all remaining pledges will be released to me the week after. So, all packs will be out very shortly. I want to thank you guys for your patience and message me with any questions you might have. Thanks again everyone.


    34. Norman Ho Creator on

      Hey Guys,

      Didnt mean to be so late in reply to your questions. I have not forgotten about you guys. You guys are still my main priority. News about the packs is that I have confirmation that customs is going through my order right now and it should be released to me shortly. Apparently, they told me over the phone is that I was not prioritized and had to wait in line as they were experiencing large volumes of hazmat materials from larger companies with previous history of importing. So, again I do apologize about the huge delays and I believe everything will be resolved soon. Hang in there I know its been awhile and I will try to make it up to you guys.


    35. Roderick Florence on

      Hey guys still waiting on my pack... it has almost been a year so I am just wondering if you forgot about us...

    36. Tom Sramek Jr on

      Norman: any new info on the batteries? Trying to patently wait, and excited to get the bag, but it is taking a LONG time!

    37. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    38. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      When can we expect shipment?

    39. codefire on

      any new info on the batteries?

    40. Norman Ho Creator on

      Hey guys,

      Im hoping before March 9th. Trying to figure out what is the holdup with these batteries.


    41. Roderick Florence on

      Hey guys what's the eta on the last shipment of packs?

    42. Vince on

      When will I get my Instinct backpack? It's almost a year later...

    43. Norman Ho Creator on

      Crossing my fingers within the next two weeks.

    44. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kirby on

      any updates on the batteries?

    45. Norman Ho Creator on

      @mark send me a photo to my email. Im not quite sure which plug you mean, so I can send you a replacement by the mail. also include your address so I know where to ship. Sorry about the inconvenience.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mark Haug on

      Where can i get the "Jacks" the phone jack i recived with the back is bent already. Did not come like that just bent from using it. Really have not look around yet just wondering if radio shake or staples will have them. Only issue I have with the pack so far is the "Jacks are a bit loose" I find them disconnected often. I guess some tape will do the trick but that takes away from the quickness of changing out ends. other wise pack is doing well in Sandy recovery along the Jersey Shore.

    47. Arnie Posadas on

      When the packs are out and the batteries are not yet released by customs, it's also fine for me if you just send the pack ahead of time. Ohhh I also went to Zentrek's facebook page recently and saw the high quality pictures of some products and the accessories that comes with it so I'll just wait till I get mine.

    48. Norman Ho Creator on

      Sorry guys was busy at a trade show this past week and a half working just got back yesterday.

      @Code batteries are slated to arrive soon at least what customs tell me.

      @Jim glad you got your packs safe and sound. Appreciate the compliments. The whistle is located on the chest strap on all packs. it will have a symbol like ">>>>>" signifying sound.

      @Arnie and yet to be received backers. Appreciate the patience. Should have more packs out shortly.

    49. Arnie Posadas on

      @Jim I should ask him for that as well I got multiple 10,000 mah external battery pack that could probably work with the bag. (I'll wait till he shows up again in here)

      I am still patient even though I got every other purchase I made and other projects here in kickstarter. Take your time and yeah the weather has been pretty different nowadays rain and random cold and hot weathers.

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