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Be a part of the new line of wargames terrain that is going to to make captivating and dynamic terrain for our tabletop battles.
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Accessory Surveys, huzzah!

Lads and Lasses, Accessories are ready to ship out. Surveys are going out in the next few hours. The choices:


Devastated Columns!

Crates! (you get two of these puppies)

Ammo Crate! (5 of these bad boys)

Stone Well!

Sundial (personal favorite)

Trench! (wide enough for a 50mm round lip base, just letting you know)

Signage! (includes all three signs)

Crane! (rotates on stand and wheel at back rotates)


Altar! (also called Stone Table... for kicks :D)

Rickety Shack! (door opens)

That's that. I'll be checking back through the composite orders to try and stay on top of them. Tokens and Templates should be going out this week (for real this time!). Files are all set up and we're ready to cut very soon.

Thanks all,



    1. Creator Dave Freireich on November 6, 2012

      I should add that I'm extra anxious because what you are producing is beautiful.

    2. Creator Dave Freireich on November 6, 2012

      Would it be possible to estimate delivery dates on all remaining rewards tiers? I have a premium terrain package coming, and that is still listed as June of 2012 (I assume that cannot be changed). I'm not mad or anything. I understand why things are running late, but I would like some estimate as to when my reward tier will be fulfilled, and I'm sure that everyone else would like to see a date for their tier.