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Be a part of the new line of wargames terrain that is going to to make captivating and dynamic terrain for our tabletop battles.
Be a part of the new line of wargames terrain that is going to to make captivating and dynamic terrain for our tabletop battles.
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First items, shipped!

Hey Kickstarters,

  Sorry for the slight blackout. I've had a few other things popping into my life. One of them was shipping out bases, inserts, wreck markers, and movement trays. Everyone who sent in BOTH the customer information survey AND the relevant survey for bases/inserts and movement trays was sent out (international ones are going out right after I post this). Wreck markers did not get secondary surveys sent out as there was no choices involved with configuring the order.

  For those of you who have not sent in customer information surveys or the surveys for bases/inserts, large movement trays, or army movement tray packs please do so. 

  Composite orders (orders which want more than one reward) will be filled when all of the component orders have been filled and after the stand-alone orders have been filled for the highest level).

  Speaking of wreck markers- here are some images. The reward comes with two 40mm bases and two 50mm bases and enough wreckage bits to put 7-9 pieces per base. This allows you to have a wreck shown but not have your beloved 'Jacks and 'Beasts sliding off of mounds of pewter.

  A little bit of glue (tacky, Elmer's, wood glue, super glue, gorilla glue... pretty much anything but plastic cement) does fine for gluing stuff together. Spray seal or prime before painting and you're good to go.

  In other news, there has been an addition/change to the army tray pack... for the better. You may now either specify rather you'd have 1 large tournament tray (henceforth being called Tournament Racks, for ease of use when listing things we make... and it sounds cool) or 2 Half-Racks. Here is what we're talking about here:

These are the different options for the 30/40/50mm bases. There is also an option for 25mm bases for 40k and board games as such:

This update will be referenced in the survey sent for the Tournament Tray survey. For the Tournament Tray reward you will now be able to pick either 1 tournament tray (as listed) or two of the following half-racks, spacers included.

Half Rack w/25mm slots- 68 25mm slots

Heavy Infantry Half Rack- 20 slots for 40mm/50mm bases

Infantry Rack- six 40mm/50mm slots, two 40mm/30mm slots, six 30mm slots, and two 120mm/7x 30mm slots.

Balanced Half Rack for 30mm/40mm/50mm models- twelve 40mm/50mm slots, eight 30mm slots, and one 120mm/7x 30mm slot.

  Now for some more pictures!

I've been busy updating old models and making sure they are both awesome looking and easy to put together (well).

Here is the latest older kit that has gotten some love recently. Did you like the old Shattered Basilica? Here's the new one-

I thought it was a big step up and I am really much happier with it now. Thanks again. Back to the post office/computer.



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