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Be a part of the new line of wargames terrain that is going to to make captivating and dynamic terrain for our tabletop battles.
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Summer Update


Hey Everyone, 

  Summer has been a beautiful storm of activity over here, I apologize for the time away. Big improvements coming to the company after GenCon on every front (hardware, location, personelle & more).

  Drop an email if you want to chat. I've gotten a lot of responses from the centerpiece and premium surveys I sent out and I am still compiling and processing that data. I apologize it's going slowly, it's still just me over here.

  Thank you all for being patient. 



March Update


Hey Folks,

  Sorry I didn't update earlier. Prepping for AdeptiCon, and now PAX East, has kept me really busy. Final design for NWOP is in beta, and I'm working on collision models & detail sketching. ETA for completion is mid April.

  April and May will see increased fulfillment to you guys as I catch my breath from shows. Custom work to begin in May.

  We are upgrading to a better studio space with more industrial capabilities, found a potential hire, and are working on finally upgrading the machinery. Move/upgrade date is TBD but expected before summer. 

Thank you all,


January Update, by the teeth


Hello Everyone,

  Stockpiles are still growing. Updates to some of the basics slowed down a bit over the holidays and then some issues with the building but they are still in the works. Admin ruins, Gallows, Full Supply Shipment, Docks (now dry-docks) are getting some ease-of use/ease of construction updates and are all wonderful so far. The Stone bridge, Stone Tower (Reclaimed Tower), (Dwarven) Dice Forge, Lone Parapet (Flamesong Parapet), Gothic ruins, and Wooden Cottage (Craftman's Homestead) are getting some small tweaks from the deluxe range. Still going on the NWOP. It's an albatross but it's gonna be a beautiful, usable, solid terrain piece.

  There's been a number of complications with the building, website, and other parts of the company than put some of this stuff on hold. I'll be at CaptainCon tomorrow so if you want to chat, ask me any question, shoot the breeze, or whatever, please stop by. Message the TCS Facebook, as it goes to my phone in real time. 

 The rest of February is pretty clear so I'm hoping to crank out some of those surveys y'all filled out before we hit another anniversary.

  Any questions, email me:

Thank you all, so very much :)

Have fun, hobby hard, play games.


Stockpiling and updating


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November Update 1 w/Photos of reward options (from a thousand different shoots, woo!)


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