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Global science projects need resources to solve problems. We created solutions that contribute to research and let you earn Gridcoins for your help.
Global science projects need resources to solve problems. We created solutions that contribute to research and let you earn Gridcoins for your help.
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New Software Update automates On-Chain Rewards for Science in Gridcoin

Posted by Maximilian W. (Creator)
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TL;DR: After 3 years of development and help from many sides, a new version of PiGridResearch is available. If you received PiGrid hardware from our kickstarter campaign, we want to send you a new larger memory card for free. Scroll down to "Get upgraded".

Research Gallery
Research Gallery

Long story: Dear veteran backer, we had been silent for too long, sorry for this. Following, you can find a personal LOG-chain of events. *SCNR*

PiGrid started as an idea of Alex, Wojciech and me. We wanted to make it easy for science fans to get started with earning Gridcoins in return for calculations which help in research projects. Participants can contribute free computing time to their favorite projects like Fight Malaria or Climate Prediction and get rewarded in a tamper-proof protocol.

We thought, it should be as easy as plug-and-play - yet, we had to learn that your mileage of "easy" may vary to some extend. On the way to turn this vision into reality, we went from research group to company and worked in various teams with growing passion and ressources. More than 20 people have devoted their time, help and ideas to make PiGrid happen.

We started as a small research project in 2015 and were lucky to collaborate with brilliant people who contributed the most important parts of this orchestration. After the research projects ended, private contributions helped the software evolve further. Still, we encountered various unexpected obstacles. We had to change the operating system twice, move the office workplace three times as well as graduate from University, ultimately. Speaking of which, by the end of last year, blocklink AG took over development and operations. They extended PiGridResearch with a more convenient and efficient architecture. The improvements build on top of kickstarters MIT-licensed version of PiGrid and introduce corporate backing.

Gridcoin Wallet
Gridcoin Wallet

It would not have been possible to do this alone. Looking back, I want to thank many people, especially...

Professor Lämmel, who enabled us to work in two research projects drafting the formation of PiGrid. He offered us the opportunity to study and collaborate in his research group. Thereby, he framed the scientific background and review of our endeavour.

Daniel, who has developed the initial basement of our concept and became maintainer of PiGrid at blocklink AG later.

Jan, who initiated a grand refactoring of the whole code base in 2016 and motivated a group of students to join us.

Pasquale, who embraces great usability and customer centric design.

Mäxchen, who intuitively solves bugs in new technologies on first encounter and out of curiosity.

Alex, who helped in establishing (.de) as an educational ressource with e-mail tutorials for Gridcoin in two languages.

Marc, who has the talent to coordinate a diverse set of problem details and specialists while staying in control of the large, heterogenous picture.

Sören, who believes in humanitarian projects and understood the relevance of citizen science for medical simulations and society.

Wojciech, who helped in getting into operation and finding pragmatic solutions.

Corinna, who put her drawing skills and aesthetic sense to our beneficial exposure at

Julien, who is a virtuous marketing talent and coordinated the motion graphics on

Holger, who reads blockchain source code in his free time, always stays calm, smart and awesome.

Pradip, who generates complete solutions to problem reports that have barely one sentence.

Tobias, who shared our vision and came a long way to make an impact for Gridcoin.

Rob, who invented Gridcoin and spent years of his life on the development.

Brian, who created and assisted us in establishing a BOINC lifecycle for our devices.

Every Gridcoin community member, who propagates the idea of sustainable, useful blockchain technology. Thanks to the 3000 active Gridcoin individuals in the global community for contributing to scientific advances!

Besides, we built a mobile companion app that can find your PiGrid device on the network. You can fetch it for free on Google Play and soon on F-Droid.

Get upgraded:

Please send a mail to to tell us your current shipping address for delivery. In case you changed your kickstarter mail address, please also include your individual token which you received during our campaign for verification. If you did not participate, you can follow us on twitter and grab a new full version of our software at

Keep crunching for science and progress!
Best regards, Max

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