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A classic JRPG adventure that combines a fantasy world full of magic with mechs and airships.
A classic JRPG adventure that combines a fantasy world full of magic with mechs and airships.
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Posted by Matthias Linda (Creator)

We did it guys! Your favorite stretch goal has been met! Chained Echoes is on the Nintendo Switch and with physical copies! Thank you everyone for your support. And we haven't even reached the last 48 hours yet! Let's aim for the Playstation 4 goal as well!

Let me explain now how to get your physical copy.

There are two versions: The regular version and the limited version. Both versions will get an alternate slipcase design and an additional exclusive collector's coin if you get them during the Kickstarter and late backing campaign.

mock-up - subject to change
mock-up - subject to change
  • Game medium
  • Case
  • Backing campaign’s exclusive slipcase
  • Manual
  • Silver coin
  • Backing campaign’s exclusive bronze coin

PC/Mac/Linux: 42€ | Nintendo Switch: 50€ 

mock-up - subject to change
mock-up - subject to change
  • Game medium
  • Case
  • Backing campaign’s exclusive slipcase
  • Manual
  • Softcover Artbook
  • Poster with game’s artwork
  • Outer box to hold all contents of the limited edition, including an inlay
  • Silver coin
  • Backing campaign’s exclusive bronze coin

PC/Mac/Linux: 67€ | Nintendo Switch: 75€ 

The Limited Edition is also limited by number. There are 1000 copies of the Nintendo Switch and 500 copies of the PC/Mac/Linux version. The Limited Edition will be sold in 2 batches with 500/250 copies each.

The first batch will be released 11:00 PM CET on 5th of March 2019.

The second batch will be released 11:00 AM CET on 7th of March 2019.

The Regular Edition is available right NOW!

(Once we hit the Playstation 4 stretch goal additional batches for the PS4 Limited Edition will be offered)

How to get the Regular Physical Edition

The Regular Edition is an add-on. There is no need to change your tier! The easiest way to get the regular physical copy is through our paypal website. For Kickstarter just follow the same steps when buying an add-on and you are good to go. 

Add the physical copy’s price and the shipping cost to your pledge. If you have a digital copy of the game in your tier, you can upgrade it; instead of adding the full price of a physical copy, you need to add 15€ less to your pledge. Shipping is 8€ worldwide and included in the following examples.

You want the PC/Mac/Linux version? You already have a digital game copy in your tier?

Add 35€ to your pledge.

You want the Nintendo Switch version? You already have a digital game copy in your tier?

Add 43€ to your pledge.

You have already upgraded your digital copies and want another one?

You now need to pay full: Add 50€ for PC/Mac/Linux or 58€ for Nintendo Switch.

That’s it! Once the campaign ends you will get a survey asking what your money is supposed to be used for. 

How to get the Limited Physical Edition

You need to have the Regular Edition first! Then - once the first batch goes live - go to our PayPal store and choose "Upgrade to Limited Physical Edition". 

You can grab the Regular Edition in preperation for the Limited Edition batch right now if you like.

If you do not own the regular edition and try to buy the “Upgrade to Limited Edition,” your purchase will be canceled! 

Additional notes:

  • Since the physical copies are distributed through our publisher, you need to add shipping costs, despite having already paid for shipping for your tier or other add-ons. The worldwide shipping costs for the regular edition is 8€, for the limited edtion 12€ per copy. Please keep in mind that depending on where you live, you may need to pay for customs duty.
  • Depending on Nintendo’s production pipeline, it can possibly take up to 5 months for the physical copy to arrive after the game’s release. For this reason, every buyer who purchases at least one physical copy will get a single digital version for FREE.
  • Since the physical copies will be distributed by our publisher, your shipping information will need to be shared with them.

Thank you for reading.


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    1. Matthias Linda Creator on

      @Tim yes you can do it that way.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tim Johansson on

      I got 5€ pledge, so do I buy first BASIC PACK then i can upgrade to regular physical edition and last upgrade to limited physical edition?

    3. Joey on

      Do I need to update anything to get the digital copy of the game on the Switch?

    4. Missing avatar

      AJ Norman on

      Got my order in for the Limited Edition! Super excited on this. Best of luck making the game! Looking forward to following along with development and cannot wait to finally play it!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonas Stade on

      Waiting mode ;)

    6. Matthias Linda Creator on

      @Sergio Hey, everything is right. The shipping for the physical is done through my publisher so the price is a little different. Thank you for your support!

    7. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      Hi Matthias! First of all, congratulations for the project! Now I have a question xD

      I just updated my pledge with a digital copy through PayPal to obtain a standard physical copy for Nintendo Switch.

      I paid 43 euros but I don’t know if this would need to be 40 euros because I’m from Europe (in the Add-Ons part it says that Europe shipments except physical artbooks are 5 euros so I have this doubt).

      Thank you in advance!

    8. Matthias Linda Creator on

      @Jonas only the additional 4€
      @RJ You are fine RJ!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonas Stade on

      I just want to asked in preparation. I have a 40€ Kickstarter pledge and upgraded the game via PayPal to physical copy with 8€ shipping cost. So when I will buy limited in a few hours, will I have to pay 12€ shipping costs more or just the additional 4€?

    10. RJ Askoff on

      So i think I followed the instructions right.. I added 43 to my kickstarter pledge for the regular edition and will wait until tomorrow to upgrade to limited. right? Or I need to buy on paypal now?

    11. Tyrax Lightning on

      I dig the humor of the mock SNES Box. :D

    12. Metafogos on

      Gogog for more characters!!! :D

    13. Missing avatar

      kraken999 on

      I updated my kick backup to physical and bought another physical for ma bro, i hope to get a limited edition

    14. Missing avatar

      Ammers on

      Congrats!! Do our physical edition upgrades count toward additional stretch goals?

    15. Carmine Red

      Awesome to read that upgrading to a Physical copy lets us still get the initial digital copy. Thank you!

    16. Lee Brown on

      So I've pledged €60 and have to add another €43 to get a regular switch physical version?

    17. Matthias Linda Creator on

      @Darius shipping for the physical is done by my publisher not me, that's why the shipping costs are different.
      @Phil Yes!
      @Ian Thank you! Yes it will.

    18. Phil Flanagan on

      I backed the basic pack digital tier. Is digital Switch version an option under this selection?

    19. Ian Morley on

      I've upgraded via PayPal! Awesome news guys. This will be awesome on the Switch. Here's to the next stretch goals.

      I assume late backers totals will still go towards the rest of the stretch goals?

    20. Missing avatar

      Darius Foltete on

      I only used my mail adress and it worked. But I had to pay the full 8 Euro for shipping even so I'm living in Germany where shipping costs less. Can I somehow change it?

    21. Jop

      How will it notice that you dont have the regular physical edition when upgrading to the limited edition?

    22. Matthias Linda Creator on

      You don't need anymore. Kickstarter has it pretty good hidden in your profile. So just enter your kickstarter mail! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Darius Foltete on

      Where can I find my Backer ID?

    24. Missing avatar

      Brandon Smith on

      Actually, wait... the price for the physical edition above apparently includes shipping so my total should be 63 Euro.

    25. Missing avatar


      Actually, never mind the thing I just said. I just noticed that physical copies come with a digital version free, so that'll save me a bit.

    26. Missing avatar


      I want to add a physical Switch copy in addition to my digital PC copy, but I don't seem to be able to find my backer ID anywhere. (I'm not sure whether I have an actual backer ID number until the campaign ends?) I guess it shouldn't be too hard to sort out the details later as long as I add the right amount to my pledge, though?

    27. Missing avatar

      Brandon Smith on

      OK, so math time.

      I'm in the early bird tier at 15 Euro.
      I want the soundtrack which is 5 Euro.
      I want the Regular Physical Edition for Switch which is 43 Euro
      I need to pay for shipping so that's 8 Euro

      Total: 71 Euro

      Updating now.