SQueo: Advanced Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

by SQueo™ Team

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    1. Nio on

      The 3 for 2 deal is when we reach 90.500 or 90000?

    2. Pushkal Srivastava on

      Bumped my pledge, added $49 for another Squeo. Hopefully we reach the goal and we all get an additional one!

    3. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ Nio - Yes Neo! the extra 500 are for motivational purposes :-)

    4. Brad Hermann

      Wait, so you could end up with a bunch of extra $ on pledges but not for speakers if the project is funded but not to $90,500? Would people that back the $49 extra just get 1 extra SQueo or no extra SQueos since it isn't the full add-on price? In other words, would my $128 just get me 1 SQueo if the funding doesn't reach $90,500? This could be a deal-breaker.

    5. Brad Hermann

      In other words, will those that added $49 to their pledge still get 2 SQueos if funding doesn't hit $90,500? To be clear, that same pledge will NOT receive 3 SQueos if the project is funded but not to $90,500? Will they (I) at least receive the 2?

    6. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ Brad - Of course you'll get at least the 2 SQueo Brad! the 90K goal is the real one, the +500 is to get people motivated by this great offer.
      We're confident we'll reach for sure $90,500 but please keep spreading the word and telling friends :-)

    7. James Weidman on

      This is a bit confusing. So I did the 2 and get a 3rd for free. Then added another 100 to get the 49 for each additional so I would have 5, now if I add another 49 I get 3 more? I bumped up my pledge just Incase that the way but would like some clarification.