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Music and Phone Calls anywhere with SQueo™: Stylish / Ultra-Light Waterproof / Sand Proof Bluetooth Speaker. With Mag Connector & Cord
631 backers pledged $92,022 to help bring this project to life.

2 Days Left - We Can Make It!

Posted by SQueo™ Team (Creator)

Dear Friends and Backers, 

2 days left and 3/4 of the funding is covered! 
We did the very best we could to fire up the campaign but we still need some more help from everybody. 

Friends, do you really want a cool SQueo for Xmas?

Do you want this Great Deal "PLEDGE FOR 2 GET THE 3rd FREE" to come true?

We are all part of the Team here and if we want to send this fantastic device to production we all need to get involved.

Here are 3 ways you can help: 

1) Bring a new friend. If half of us can introduce a new friend there will be 300 new people pledging $79=$23,700 and the GOAL IS REACHED! 

2) If you haven’t done so, you can take full advantage of the Great Deal “PLEDGE FOR 2 GET THE 3rd FREE” and may raise your pledge. If the majority of the Backers does that the GOAL IS REACHED! 

3) Keep sharing the smart-link on your Social Networks and email it to every friend, collegue and family member. The link displays the main image of the Campaign with the Great Deal sign “PLEDGE FOR 2 GET THE 3rd FREE”. If we get 300 new enthusiastic Bakers pledging for 1 SQueo or 150 pledging for 2 SQueo (and getting a 3rd Free) the GOAL IS REACHED!

Thanks for your support!

SQueo Team

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    1. Nina Cababa on

      hi can you please tell me how to add an extra squeo for $49? and how to add the $5 connector? thanks :)

    2. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @Sem ASdfkjwerj:

      Hi Sem, we want to go to production to have a solid base for further development and improvements! After the campaign we'll set up a page where people may still preorder (but no longer with the Kickstarter promotions) and from there until production we'll look into all the possibilities to make upgrade and refinements to SQueo.
      In the end we really want SQueo to be the coolest Speaker in the market.
      Thanks for your appreciation

    3. Sem Schilder on

      What are your plans after the campaign? I see a lot of campaigns stopping after they haven't fully funded... And thats too bad!

      I hope you could continue somehow... Maybe do pre-orders on your site so that you are not entitled to an end date..?

    4. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ Sem - Thanks Sem, yes in Europe cc are not so common and people are not used to KS even if you now have your own there.
      We'll do our best! Thanks again

    5. Sem Schilder on

      I think there would be great interest in it here in The Netherlands but infortunately, a creditcard here isn't as common as in the US...

      So it's hard for me to find another friend who wants to pledge!

    6. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      Grazie Filippo

    7. Filippo Falleroni Bertoni on

      Incrociamo le dita!! ��