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Music and Phone Calls anywhere with SQueo™: Stylish / Ultra-Light Waterproof / Sand Proof Bluetooth Speaker. With Mag Connector & Cord
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The New Fab Four!

Posted by SQueo™ Team (Creator)
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Dear Friends and Backers,

Please find the results for this week's color survey. Petroleum Black is still on top of the list!
Retro Green has remarkably jumped in the 4th position replacing Bananja Yellow, with Minimal White right behind!

At the end of the Campaign, as from your preferences, we will declare the 4 winning colors that will actually go to production.

Thanks for your support, please keep voting and share with everybody!

SQueo Team

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    1. Missing avatar


      One more vote for Retro Green, I love it!

    2. Sarah Alberg Kuns on

      Retro Green is absolutely the best color. It would be super visible if you dropped it in shallow water and would stand out from dirt or sand.

    3. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ Danial - Hi Danial, yes it is a really cool one and very coherent with the retro-future concept of SQueo. Oxygen should have its way to production anyway as it is one of the most loved colors here! Thanks

    4. Danial Mahadi on

      Glad to see the retro green moves into the fab 4. Hope it stays there along with oxygen blue *fingers cross*

    5. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ Jessica - Thanks! got notes :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Jessica Lam on

      My #1 choice is white, #2 is black, and #3 is green. :)

    7. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ Alex - Thanks Alex, got it! Cheers

    8. Alex Turner on

      I vote for fluro green if it wasnt obvious from my last comment

    9. Alex Turner on

      Fluro green looks cool

    10. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ James - Thanks for voting James!

    11. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ Ehmikayewhy - Thanks for your choices Ehmikayewhy, there's still time until next week to get to the final verdict, I bet Bananja can come back to the top four! please keep sharing

    12. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ Vinícius - Hi Vinícius, luckily SQueo is getting more attention from relevant media and more people are becoming aware of this campaign.
      Probably we can't lower the funding target, because of Kickstarter regulations and because we are all nice guys here but we're not rich enough to afford such a production :-)
      However if each of us keeps sharing the campaign on their social networks and tell friends we will definitely end the campaign with a shiny new SQueo for each of us!
      here's again the url to SQueo:
      Thanks for your awesome support!

    13. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @Vinícius Mussato:

      Hi Vinícius, tried to answer from my phone but it just messed up :-) will reply later. Thanks for your support!

    14. James Weidman on

      Fluo Yellow, and Retro Green are my fav :)

    15. Ehmikayewhy Bee on

      Those top colours are LAME >.<
      I want Banana Yellow!!! (sorry for my whineyness)
      OR Fluo Yellow or Even white!

    16. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @Jessica Lam:

      Hi Jessica, please just leave a comment here in the comment section :-) Thanks!

    17. Vinícius Mussato on

      U guys should low your pledge, theres already 500+ orders, will the project fail if u dont reach the 90k? Cause i really, really want a squeo.