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Music and Phone Calls anywhere with SQueo™: Stylish / Ultra-Light Waterproof / Sand Proof Bluetooth Speaker. With Mag Connector & Cord
631 backers pledged $92,022 to help bring this project to life.

Extra SQueo Magnetic Connector / Power Cord!

Posted by SQueo™ Team (Creator)

Dear Friends and Backers,

As suggested by some passionate supporters, you can now get an extra SQueo Magnetic Connector and charge in multiple places for $5!

You will help us further to speed up the funding of the Campaign and you can now leave one Magnetic Connector at home and take the other with you everywhere!

You can upgrade your pledge by adding $5 for each extra Magnetic Connector.

Thanks for your love and support!

SQueo Team

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    1. Ehmikayewhy Bee on

      Updated my pledge and got an extra chord(:

    2. Cristiano Orlandi

      Done! Good luck!

    3. Bruce Hertzberg on

      Thanks. All my chargers are plugged into a UPS (for the surge protection) on the floor by my desk, The usual length cord is just short enough to be inconvenient to keep everything charging at once.

    4. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @ Bruce - Hi Bruce, when we go to production we'll definitely consider making it long enough for everybody to be comfortable with it.
      What it is shown in the campaign is a perfectly working prototype that can be upgraded as we wish. The main point was to get the technology right and fortunately this is already in place! everything else will be easier :-) Thanks again

    5. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      Thank You!

    6. Bruce Hertzberg on

      I like the idea of another cable, but can you make it longer? I typically buy the 9' charger cables when I can find them. 6' as the minimum.