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Music and Phone Calls anywhere with SQueo™: Stylish / Ultra-Light Waterproof / Sand Proof Bluetooth Speaker. With Mag Connector & Cord
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Pick your favourite SQueo color!

Posted by SQueo™ Team (Creator)

Hi everybody, thanks for your support!

As from your requests, please find attached the SQueo color range and color names.
From here you have a better understanding how they will look like.

Thanks again and please share this image with your friends :-)

SQueo Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Davide Metrangolo on

      #2, #6 and #5! Let's go! :-)

    2. Adam Westwell on

      Minimal white #1 for me

    3. José Luis Cob on

      I'd go for #6 too, but as Cacio said a "Ferrari Red" would be awesome :)

    4. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @Robert Khoe:

      Thanks Robert!

    5. Robert Khoe

      Petroleum Black

    6. Missing avatar

      Ali on

      So, colour #2 is only available on kickstarter and not gonna be available on your webpage after campaign in done?

    7. Missing avatar

      Ali on

      #2 and #5 my fav :D
      i like number #6 too

    8. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      Thank you! please keep watching this space to find out what are the most voted colors

    9. Cacio on

      Petroleum Black.. and I am missing an option "Ferrari Red".. arent you from Italy after all?

    10. Christina

      I don't see any suggestion saying to vote - I think they are all options to choose from.

    11. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      bananjas! ;)

    12. Jessica Moss on

      2 and 4. 4 will never win though. �

    13. JK on

      Either Awesome Red or Petroleum Black :)

    14. Laurence Freedman on

      I'd say Retro Green if it was the color you offered exclusively on Kickstarter (Kickstarter green is the default for backers only in most campaigns after all).

    15. Zach Loveless on

      I stand by my earlier post in the comments. Retro green is where it's at.

    16. Cristiano Orlandi

      Bananja Yellow is awesome!