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Music and Phone Calls anywhere with SQueo™: Stylish / Ultra-Light Waterproof / Sand Proof Bluetooth Speaker. With Mag Connector & Cord
Music and Phone Calls anywhere with SQueo™: Stylish / Ultra-Light Waterproof / Sand Proof Bluetooth Speaker. With Mag Connector & Cord
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    1. Missing avatar

      sm on

      Very disappointing; sound quality is terrible - describing it as "tinny" and "under-powered" would be tremendously generous. This turned me off to KS for a while; very very poor product.

    2. Sem Schilder on

      Still don't like them

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph Maiorana on

      Utter garbage. No volume and they stop charging.

    4. Samuel Zhang on

      Still have not received my speakers

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      I received 3 units. However all 3 do not work. 2 will not charge the last one would not pair I was emailing them in November when I found out this issue and their suggestion was to watch a youtube video on how to use them properly. However they are all DOA they have not gotten back to me. This was a neat idea, however in practise it is not.

    6. Jordan Ballment on

      Still have not received my speakers

    7. Jordan Ballment on

      Still not received my speakers....

    8. Giuseppe Saporetti on

      I can not turn on my Squeo. I tried repeatedly to press the power button and keep the device in charge for several hours but nothing. Is it broken? How can I have assistance?

    9. Jordan Ballment on

      I have yet to receive my speakers....

    10. Gevs Melkumyan on

      @Jauvane Oliveira don't be a scam please

    11. Jauvane Oliveira

      My Squeo speakers still work fine with a maximum volume I find too loud to listen to while taking a shower late at night. Perhaps those complaining of low volume have the speaker in the default private mode, or a defective one? I am happy to have pledged for three of these and would do it again in a heartbeat.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gregory Schmeer on

      Shysters. These guys made a subpar product that is unusable and waste of money and effort and creativity to fail at the one thing a speaker can not do wrong. This speaker is awful quality. Being waterproof doesn't matter. My iPhone would sound better underwater. They should have refunded everybody and ate the costs. As it stand they are fraudsters and deceptive and bad business. Turned me off of Kickstarter for a long while.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Mathers on

      Sounds like I'm not the only one that forgot what drawer I shoved this piece of shit into.

    14. Gevs Melkumyan on

      Dear @Creator, this product should be as a Loudspeaker, not a speak that sounds lower than the actual phones speaker. The product is not as advertised. Please respond.

    15. Missing avatar

      gryknight9 on

      I noticed using the Speakerphone button (left side top button above the volume controls) makes the speaker much louder while streaming media. I did have a bad Squeo delivered during the first delivery cycle and after requesting assistance the Squeo team has sent me out a new one that is working! I would be careful around charging. The magnet on the charging port aren't strong enough to hold if something bumps the device. I had my Squeo charging via the USB on my computer, my cat bumped the device and knocked it off charging and the computer complained that the USB had received a over voltage event. I've used the speakerphone option with some success (at times the people on the other end would say it sounded like I was far away and other calls I was heard well.) Thanks for your support Squeo Team and good luck. Take what you've learned and do something better!

    16. Danial Mahadi on

      Very disappointed with this product. Try to break it into 40 hours of playing and the sound quality never got any better.The sound can't even beat the shower head on full at times. Currently this so called speaker is just lying in my drawer and probably will never be use again.

    17. nama0011

      Got my Squeos today.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rakesh Patel

      To all who have been duped by the promise of actually effective speakers - these speakers are of such low quality that the kids now playing with them as toys, as far as working as speakers that's exactly what these are not!

    19. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      Dear Friends and Backers, we've been busy as we moved office.
      We replied today to all the messages we found in our mailbox.
      There are just few people that didn't receive their rewards because for some reasons or wrong addresses the shipments came back to us.
      We are resending the last rewards between tomorrow and Wednesday so they'll reach their backers shortly.

      SQueo Team

    20. Gevs Melkumyan on

      Wait a minute!!!!!!!!!!! Who is responsible for this situation? The creators are not responding, and Kickstarter says we can not do anything.

    21. Jordan Ballment on

      I've sent messages and comments here for about a month and a half. Not a single response. It's been well over a year since the campaign has finished with products shipping 10 months ago. This is beyond ridiculous.

    22. nama0011

      Last login from SQueo Team was on Sep 7.
      Still waiting for my 3 SQueos but they don't login to kickstarter so they don't read theit PM and I didn't get any reply to the mail I sent to

    23. Raffy Espiritu on

      Left a message nearly a month ago requesting help for my SQueo (it had stopped charging and wouldn't switch on) and haven't heard back. My unit stopped working a month after it had been shipped.

      I am respectfully and with all consideration suggesting that anyone still on the fence about purchasing this product stay right there on the fence. There are literally dozens of similar products online that can provide the same service and performance as this device at a quarter of the cost.

    24. Hochiminh Rosario on

      Yup, useless speakers!

    25. Laurel Baeder on

      FWIW, my Squeo is pretty useless, so you're not missing out on much.

    26. Jordan Ballment on

      Still no response or my items

    27. nama0011

      Same here, wasn't home when FedEx tried to deliver package and they didn't leave any messages. So they sent it back. Trying to reach someone from SQueo via pm and mail to but didn't get any answer.

    28. Jordan Ballment on

      Still have not received a response or my items

    29. Richard rusling on

      Is it possible that the charging terminals can be corroding? I can't charge on of mine any more

    30. Jordan Ballment on

      Still haven't received my items, this is really frustrating

    31. Missing avatar

      Maike Jacobs on

      Mine was supposedly sent out on the 3rd of September but I still haven't received anything. Also haven't received an answer to my messages so far. This is disappointing.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ali on

      I just got a call on Friday from FedEx to pick up my package, didn't received any tracking number or any notice paper from FedEx

    33. nama0011

      Also witing for mine. My package was sent back to Italy as I wasn't home when package arrived and FedEx didn't leave a notice.
      Already sent a pm to SQueo bit didn't get a reply.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ali on

      Hi Jordan,
      you are not the only one i'm still waiting for mine too, i have send them direct messages but no reply yet

    35. Jordan Ballment on

      I sent a message 2 weeks ago about not receiving mine yet. Have yet to receive a response or my squeo's. My address has not changed since the survey was sent out. I would love some feedback as to where my products are!!

    36. JieHui Gan on

      Thanks for the video!! It helps so much!!
      Sorry for the late response kinda busy over here.
      Apparently only 1 out of 3 of my Squeo looked like what you have in the video. (The other 2 Squeo pairs with only blinking red leds)
      @Squeo Do blinking red led are a indicator for something else? Like non-connection? Or the circuit just missed the blue led?

      Also, I believed either my 2nd package is mis-delivered or they're on their way back to you guys.
      I recieved no note at my door or a parcel number to check with my local post office so I couldn't check where is it currently at.

      Just to let you guys know about it. Hope it doesn't goes missing.

    37. Jessica Moss on

      @Laurel That sucks so much!!! :(

    38. Laurel Baeder on

      @Maike they ship really fast. If you haven't gotten it yet you should PM SQueo. They don't have tracking numbers but they might be able to help you.

      Also, further update, and using for a couple weeks in the shower I have noticed rust on the contacts at the bottom of my squeo... :(

    39. Jessica Moss on

      If we needed to break them in you, SQueo team, should have communicated that to us beforehand. Maybe if we had known that there wouldn't be so many complaints.

      I haven't tried mine out yet. I've been too busy away from home the last couple of weeks. But all of the complaints haven't made me super eager to get home and charge it up.

    40. Missing avatar

      Maike Jacobs on

      Did anybody receive any tracking number?
      My SQueo was apparently shipped out about two and a half weeks ago and I haven't received anything as of yet. I'm curious how long the shipment is supposed to take and if there is any way to track it?

    41. Laurel Baeder on

      Despite my initial disappointment, I have figured out how to make this work. The volume level has improved with time it is much louder than it was on day one. I also noticed that if I placed it out of the way of the water, and in a corner in the shower where sound could reflect I could get the speaker to work well enough.
      I purchased one to give to my friend who lives on the beach. I don't know how useful this will be for the beach as it has a low sound output. But for the shower, I believe it is good enough.

    42. Trevor Joy

      Sorry, under delivered, the sound is crap, doesn't even come up to my lowest expectations.

    43. Jauvane Oliveira

      One of the three units I got was for a friend who expected to use it in his boat. Last week I finally met him to handle his squeo (it became a gift as his birthday was just a bit after the arrival of the parcel). He was quite happy with the device. The volume sounded reasonable and he was pleased with the phone mode. He expects to use it daily now. He regrets for the color choice he made (thinking about the boat), as for everyday use he'd rather take my color choice (black).

      Interesting the idea of sound improvement as time goes by. I don't usually need to go as high as the maximum volume for the sound to be loud enough to listen during a shower. I did not have a chance to use it in my kayak yet, but I am poised to enjoy it. The sound is definitively louder (and crisper) than the iPhone itself (I use my iPhone in a LifeProof case). I did find the sound to be louder lately than the day I started it up the first time around.

      By the way, I was VERY pleased by the unexpected fact that the parcel was shipped with import fees pre-paid. With that I received it at my door and did not need to pay the local fees. You guys did not need to do that, but I do appreciate it!

    44. Missing avatar

      Ali on

      I still didn't received mine, could you please help me in this matter,
      I'm waiting for 2 green and one blue

    45. Missing avatar

      Logan Ayotte on

      I'm having a hard time understanding how a product that was advertised to be:

      - "Loud and Clear Sound Speaker"
      - "SQueo™ gives you great sound. Upgrade the audio experience for your music, videos and games."
      - "For a crystal clear and loud sound"

      To now "reasonably good sound but, more than ever, a bit more of freedom in our everyday life."

      I'm sorry but my audio experience has not be upgraded, the crackling and muffled sound go against the idea of crystal clear, and loud is a very far cry. My freedom with portable music has not changed. My phone in a life proof case performs better plus it takes pictures woohoo!

      For the record, most products are ready to use out of the box, no having to "break them in" and wasting time trying to get them to work as advertised. Things normally work exactly as intended.

      The design is A+ but unfortunately my three SQueo's are too light to use as pretty paper weights.

    46. SQueo™ Team 2-time creator on

      @CJ - Hi CJ, thanks for taking the time to write this very accurate review and also thanks for appreciating and understanding the real spirit of SQueo, which is of course a reasonably good sound but, more than ever, a bit more of freedom in our everyday life.
      It's true that as a new product, freshly backed from production line, SQueo needs some time to adjust itself and the longer you play it the better it sounds.
      Thanks for your suggestions at the end of the review, we're very happy to receive constructive notes.
      The SQueo design and development process was an exciting and tuff experience at the same time and we're making treasure of every helpful tip for further developments. Best!

    47. Michael DeLigny on

      I have had mine for about 3 weeks now. Can really only be used for voice calls. Music doesn't sound good since it doesn't put out any low frequencies at all. I can only compare this to what is out there and what I have and the weight is great ( maybe too light ) but really needs better sound for music/video. I also have a Nuu Wake waterproof/sandproof speaker and the sound is much different. Maybe version two will sound a little better and not like tin can. I do like the screwless design and magnetic charger port. Eventually all devices will have magnetic charging ports. Thanks.

    48. Missing avatar

      CJ Emanuels

      -Charge your Squeo upon receiving it for a while. I did 6 hours as a first charge as I do with all electronics, to be safe. The blue light on the side will turn on once it's fully charged.
      -The lower the battery, the lower the volume will be. So if the volume sounds lower than it should it might need a charge.
      -To pair, hold the middle button until the red and blue lights both flash. Then pair from your device.
      -It automatically turns on in private mode. The button above the volume buttons is to switch from the small, private speaker to the one on the other side, which would be the public one.
      -Choose one song as a "break-in song". Play this song fully several times, starting at the lowest public speaker volume and going up once every time the song ends. Also, note that it takes a while playing at higher volume for it to sound optimal.

      Summary: I'm a satisfied customer.

      I just received mine two days ago, and even though it took longer than expected to arrive I can't say I was disappointed with the waiting time, as where I live doesn't have the luxury of a top notch mail system, so I'm not as impatient as most.

      Sound: Personally I have no qualms with the sound quality. The volume goes up high enough for me, and I'm used to having my earphones in at full volume. This is definitely way louder than my phone's speaker as well. I wasn't looking for Shure SE315 quality here, and for the retail price I think the Squeo is more than a fair deal. Some songs sound better than others, but as someone noted before, take the speaker break-in time into account. I don't have any technical explanation for it, but the more you have the Squeo at full volume the better it sounds. I have a particular song I've been using to test that theory, and today it sounds better than it did yesterday. (In between using other speakers and headphones)

      Look and feel: In a word: good. I would say a little more weight is welcome, but if you like lightness the Squeo will probably pleasantly surprise you. The slight rubber-like feel is nice.

      As a phone: pretty good. I've been having problems with people saying they can't hear me well when I speak on my cell phone. I don't know if it's reception issues or the mic or whatever, but when I use the Squeo as a phone it seems to eliminate those problems. Only issue I've had with that is switching to phone mode at times; since there's no quick way of knowing which mode it's in you have to rely on hearing the ring and stuff, which at times can be an issue.

      Favorite uses:
      -As a phone
      -Listening to podcasts before bed
      -Listen to music during showers

      To the makers:
      I have a few things that might make for decent improvements.
      Suggesting a longer range and a better speaker is not something I will do, simply because those are things I know you already take into account. Nobody says "let's make the range a bit shorter than we can".

      - I don't know if there's a way to do this, but if you can have it turn on in public mode as default and automatically go to private mode when you answer a call, that would be cool.
      - A quick and easy way to tell which mode it is in would be great. Maybe a light on the "phone" side that shows it's in private mode? Or a switch instead of a button to flip between modes.
      - A bit more weight. This could be a personal thing, so take it with a grain of salt.

      That's about it. In short, the Squeo works for me, and I dig it. If you're looking for ultra high quality sound, your best bet is ear buds or headphones. If you're looking for a waterproof, portable speaker with good battery life and decent sound that works well as a cell phone handset, I recommend the Squeo.

    49. Hochiminh Rosario on

      I feel like Joe on this, the only difference is a paid a lot more for six speakers and I can't find an excuse to the wife to say that it was worth it. Very happy with a lot of Kickstarter projects, not with this one. Sorry guys, huge disappointment with SQueo.

    50. Joe on

      This could be one of the most useful devices I have ever purchased, but can't hear it! The features of this device was something I hunted for a long time and this kickstarter showed up was so excited. Private calls! Control of my iphone music, water proof and sand proof! and a speaker! I am always at the Beach and this was going to do everything I wanted in a device. But when at the beach, on full blast, Can't hear it over the sounds there. Muffled, cracking sounds, and not loud enough. Without that not sure this was worth the purchase, and can only hope they improve upon the sound quality and volume in the future. Would have paid more for better sound, but with the $69 I paid, don't care how long it took wish, it took longer, I feel a little cheated.

      This invention was ingenuous, but just wishing it was slightly better.

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