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Pseudopod the weekly short horror fiction podcast is celebrating its 10th Halloween and is raising funds to pay their narrators.
Pseudopod the weekly short horror fiction podcast is celebrating its 10th Halloween and is raising funds to pay their narrators.
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First update and Personal Essay: Alex Hofelich

Posted by Escape Artists Inc. (Creator)

Alex here.

Thanks to all the folks who have backed and shared already. We are humbled by the response and we look forward to working with all of you and more! 

We'll be revealing the Table of Contents here in the next couple days, along with a tease of the cover art by Hugo Award winning artist Elizabeth Leggett. We're going to be sharing daily personal essays from members of the Escape Artists family including staff, narrators, and authors. My personal essay gets to go first to set the bar nice and low before we roll the good stuff out. A quick thanks to Mur, Ben, Alasdair, and Shawn, who set the foundation, and also to everyone else in the Escape Artists family that helps to ensure delivery of a quality product. 


I came to horror literature late. You might count The Three Investigators as an early entry, but I think my journey started in earnest with IT during the summer between 9th and 10th grade and spent many sleepless nights in the sweltering Georgia humidity. This planted the seeds of a growing obsession. While attending Georgia Tech, I became close friends with a gloomy cynic who is still the only person I’ve found who could make Wraith: the Oblivion a compelling game. He pressed on me My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and Lovecraft and the sickness stretched and deepened. This friend, Ben Phillips, hung out with a bunch of writers and was involved in some internet thing.  

Fast forward a couple years and I start listening to these things my friend made. I couldn’t get enough. Great Tsathoggua, this stuff was good! When he moved off to Children of the Corn Country, he needed to step back from his role as Editor of Pseudopod. He moved Shawn to the Big Chair and threw me into the story mines. I thought I knew stuff. I was wrong.  

Shawn has forgotten more about horror than I knew (and that’s quite possibly still the case). I started consuming everything I could. Anthologies. Collections. Convincing my book club to do the History and Evolution of Horror. Literary analysis. The Rural Gothic in American Popular Culture: Backwoods Horror and Terror in the Wilderness is shockingly readable for literary and anthropological analysis, but check it out from your library because it’s pricy. I’m digging into Horror: A Literary History right now. I have come to realize that I’m not behind, there’s just always more to learn.

Alex Hofelich is Co-Editor of Pseudopod and pictured here at Trader Vic's Atlanta.


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    1. Escape Artists Inc. Creator on

      There is almost no statement more positive and more encouraging in the English language than 'there's always more to learn':) That openness and enthusiasm is inspiring every single day, Alex and a big part of why I love the job so much. Thank for the incredible work you do, especially here and happy Turkey day:)

    2. Missing avatar

      Shawn M. Garrett on

      Thanks so much, Alex! Always proud to have you at the wheel!

    3. Escape Artists Inc. Creator on

      Probably a pina colada he's drinking. Potential werewolf sighting.

    4. Ben Phillips on

      Ah the memories. Thanks, man. BTW, in this picture, I'm really hoping the terrifying individual on the right is a perfectly normal Atlanta denizen who's the victim of a freak accident of photography here.

    5. Escape Artists Inc. Creator on

      You give me enough nightmares. But a Wraith game with you would be an experience to remember!

    6. Sandra M. Odell on

      I have a deep, chilling love of ARAITH: The Oblivion, otherwise known as Sandra Isn't Allowed To Run This Game Anymore.