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Pseudopod the weekly short horror fiction podcast is celebrating its 10th Halloween and is raising funds to pay their narrators.
Pseudopod the weekly short horror fiction podcast is celebrating its 10th Halloween and is raising funds to pay their narrators.
495 backers pledged $33,677 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. John Ickes on February 1

      Progress Report Please?

    2. John Ickes on December 28

      Progress report please?

    3. Professor Stephen Candy
      on November 23

      Congratulations on funding! :o)

    4. Joe MacDonald on November 23

      @jchaffin Seconded! I started supporting Escape Artists because I wanted to Feed the Pod, I became a sponsor well before the dark days when it looked like EA may not make it through the end of the year (was that 2014? I forget now) and I'm happy to have been a part of this, even though we didn't hit any of the stretch goals. Congratulations to everyone trapped in / bound to / worshipping at Pseudopod Tower. You can count on me to continue making my small, monthly sacrifices in your dark name as long as you need! :-D

    5. Jonathan Chaffin on November 22

      Congratulations on your excellent campaign, and on still more awesome things to come from Pseudopod and Escape Artists. Happy to help Feed The 'Pod!

    6. Escape Artists Inc. Creator on November 21

      MsMeglet, send us a Message and we'll see what we can do.

    7. MsMeglet on November 21

      I am late to becoming a backer, but I do have a question! I really don't have any interest in the physical rewards, but would love the ebook bundle. Is there a reason that the $42 level is limited? If it was an "early bird" reward, is there any chance of opening a higher tier ($45 or $50, maybe?) level for those of us showing up late? If not, that's totally fine. I just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask! So glad to see the project get funded! :)

    8. TacoWaffle on November 21

      Woooooooooo! We have fundage!

    9. Missing avatar

      Beth House on November 21

      So glad it funded!! Congratulations to you all!!!

    10. Amelia Faulkner on November 20

      There you go, Al. Take my money! :D


    11. Escape Artists Inc. Creator on November 12

      Thanks, Lissa! Once we hit our funding goal, we're looking at getting some new bookmarks made. We've just about run out the old stock completely!

    12. Lissa on November 11

      My first introduction to Pseudopod was years ago at DragonCon; a glossy bookmark caught my eye on one of the freebie tables and I picked it up, intending to share it with a friend who loves Lovecraft. Needless to say it got misplaced afterwards and I forgot all about it, before stumbling back across it a couple years later while cleaning. On a whim I decided to see just what it was. That was back at episode 80, and I've been hooked ever since. I never thought I liked horror; but this podcast has proven just how wrong I was. Thank you to Alasdair and all the rest, and here's to 10 more years!

    13. Tom Tancredi on October 30

      Just back the Hipparch Book Lover level. I'd love to pay MORE if I could get less ebooks and more print books. Just saying....

    14. Escape Artists Inc. Creator on October 25

      Alasdair here. I agree with the Professor. Especially the Indiana Jones part. Cheers!

    15. Professor Stephen Candy
      on October 25

      While I've got the comments section to myself, I am going to chime in on international shipping costs. It may appear expensive to pay $50 shipping for a $40 mug, but remember this is a fragile ceramic item. I have received every mug Horror in Clay have made and they have all arrived almost comically well packaged. (Think unpackaging a museum exhibit's packing crate in an Indiana Jones type film.) This means I have never had the sadness of a broken item arriving. Then there's the fact that posting stuff across an ocean just COSTS A LOT THESE DAYS! There's no getting away from the fact that it's just a pricey thing to do.

      A final word, for my fellow international backers (of which I hope there will be many): Please do your homework on import taxes, VAT and similar for your country. It is possible that you may be liable for duty, tax or fees on items imported. (For example, in the UK anything over $20 in value attracts VAT at 20% plus an £8-£12 handling fee.) If you know in advance at least it's not a shock if it happens on delivery. These fees and taxes aren't down to the shipping agent or the creator, it's simply the tax law of your land. (Don't tell the revenue men, but sometimes they miss items and the tax isn't charged - however you can't guarantee this.)

      Apologies to Pseudopod for vomiting words all over your comments section! I'm very excited for this project. :o)

    16. Professor Stephen Candy
      on October 25

      I have found my way here thanks to the efforts of that Horror in Clay chap. Anything Jonathan creates is something well worth owning. :o)
      All the best for a great project - I shall tell all my cultist friends about it. Onward and Wayward!