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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, May 2 2014 2:02 PM UTC +00:00

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New gameplay teaser trailer!

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

Dear friends!

It’s exciting news today as we bring you the first glimpse of what it’ll be like to play Death In Candlewood – check out the new gameplay teaser trailer here!

It’s still a work in progress and we’ve not forgotten your concerns about framerates – this is not final product stuff, but we thought we’d let you have a sneak peek of the gameplay as it stands. Let us know what you think! There’s much more where this came from, so stay tuned.

Many many thanks all of you for your support!


Candlewood Town Map

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

Dear backers!

Today we would like to explain the idea of Candlewood. Is Candlewood based on a real area in U.S.?

We have been asked this question several times from our dear backers! No, Candlewood is actually invented by us. Why Northeast U.S.? We always thought that the northeast of U.S. is a very good location for this kind of stories, we have seen it very often in horror and fantasy literatures. Indeed we did some research before deciding the final setting to have references, and some Connecticut areas are the ones that helped us most, but the game is not based in any concrete area.

So by demand of our friends today we present a simplified map of Candlewood Town area only, along with some screenshots to illustrate how the city looks like.

East Side Candlewood:

Opium Den in Chinatown:

West Side Candlewood:


Shouts for some interesting Kickstarter projects

The Weird Story of Waldemar

The Warlock Do you enjoy solving riddles and puzzles while immersed in a vintage horror story spiked with dark comedy? Do you want to walk through lovingly painted backgrounds, surrounded by haunting music? Then why not support The Weird Story Of Waldemar The Warlock?

The Breakout

'The Breakout' is a Point n Click adventure where you play Guy Kassell, a captured pilot who has to escape from a POW camp in WW2. But this just ain't any old camp, this is the infamous Verdammen Hof, ruthlessly ruled by Col. Schvarzer and his men who have been instructed to deal with escapees with extreme measures.

Guy yearns for his freedom and to return home to his beloved Fiancée but to stand any chance of escape he will have to team up with some of the camps most notorious inmates and utilise their skills to concoct their most ingenious escape plan yet.

This is an adventure game for adults, with real life n death consequences where your stealth, preparation and adequate supplies are vital to your chances of success. Add in a tense and captivating storyline, a bunch of evil nazi's, a classic A-team style partnership and an atmospheric score and you have 'The Breakout'.

The Red Solstice

The Red Solstice is an intense science fiction coop strategy/RPG game with a substantial dramatic singleplayer campaign as well. The setting and the story are inspired by classics such as Dawn of War, X-COM and Syndicate. In the game players need to survive the hostile environment of Mars during huge storm called the Red Solstice while trying to discover what happened to the capital colony Tharsis.

Grave: Open World Survival Horror

Grave is an open-world, surrealist-inspired, procedural survival horror experience. Their goal is to provide a much needed update to the survival horror formula, injecting it with the tension and fear of modern horror games while still retaining the strategy and survival elements of classic genre staples.

The Making of Candlewood

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

Dear friends! Many thanks for your support!

 Hi! I’m Olivier de Cafmeyer (“Botumys”), Environment Artist, and today I’m going to explain the process of making the mountains for Death in Candlewood. Of course, as the city and surrounding area of Candlewood is big this is just a small part of the world. Here's a little time lapse video showing the placement of objects, painting textures and vegetation and geometric ground sculpting. Hope you like it!

 Once the concept artist has the reference map ready, I build the height map and splat map in World Machine. World Machine is a fantastic tool for generating terrain, and allows me to create shapes or insert roads easily.

 Afterwards, in Unity, I import the height map generated with values specific to that area (e.g. width 2.048, length 2.048, and height 450). I then create an alpha channel in Photoshop and import the splat map using a tool in the EasyRoads3D Unity Package to save and restore terrain information. Then all I have to do is to replace the map generated by EasyRoads3D with mine and restore the splat map.

 That’s the base done, so I can begin to paint, sculpt and plant everything in Unity. In total, around 2% of my environment work is done in World Machine and 98% in Unity. I start by placing trees in the background and some rocks on the slope, changing the rock colours to blend smoothly between rocks and terrain.

 Texture choice is also important and the brightness, contrast and saturation must match. I’ll continue to add plants, rocks and details to the landscape, from time to time swapping between different trees to avoid repetition. I place all rocks manually (!) – first I find a location near the player’s space where an elevation exists, then place rocks manually in the area of the player's field of view. 

 Too many rocks will kill the game’s frame rate, so I keep the main terrain but sculpt and adapt the shape of the terrain based on placed rocks. Afterwards, I paint textures to blend the terrain and the rocks together. In this case, it is useful to use textures with the same color values as one another.

 I paint dirt with low opacity and target strength on the rocks to add a brown color. Finally, I add bushes and grass – blending rocks with the ground is mainly a question of textures. 

 If the joint between rock and ground is too visible, I mix 2 – 3 textures together, usually gravel with larger gravel on top followed by bushes and grass. When the vegetation is done, I paint it all again but include grass and plants to mix the vegetation and the terrain as we’ve just done to the rocks and terrain.

 I then create borders to prevent the player walking around, adding volumetric moving fog with the particles system. For performance reasons I usually use big particles with low opacity and a cloud texture.

 Finally, I run several lighting tests, and later the artists and game designers work on adding the necessary assets such as barns, signs, a gas station, etc.

I tried to summarize this process in few words, but the work really took me months to complete! I hope you’ve found it interesting – it’s been an honor to talk about my work with you. If anyone’s interested in seeing more, you can visit my website at


Edgar Allan Poe

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

 ‘Smoke portrait’ of Edgar Allan Poe (photographed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London)

  Today I’d like to speak about the master of the macabre and the biggest influence on Death In Candlewood: Edgar Allen Poe. I found the photo above by chance in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum in Piccadilly Circus. A genius artist (whose name I can’t find anywhere) held pieces of paper over an open flame and ‘painted’ this collage of Poe. It’s incredible in real life, which is why it’s in a ‘Believe It or Not’ museum, I suppose, and I think Poe would have approved. 

  I’ve been obsessed with Poe’s stories since I was a child. His gothic narratives have inspired many films over the years, but I always wondered why his influence hasn’t been stronger in video games. H. P. Lovecraft, another famous American gothic writer, has left a much stronger legacy – I can still remember playing BioShock for the first time and thinking it reminded me of the hair-raising Lovecraft novella, At the Mountains of Madness. Still gives me the chills.

  The reason I’m surprised Poe hasn’t had more of an effect on games is because he’s such a good source for puzzles, investigative narratives and exploration, as well as being a phenomenal source for twisted psychologies. That would all fit perfectly into a number of different genres, from point-and-click adventures to RPGs and action games. 

  A number of people have asked me in particular about Elizabeth Caravan: is she alive? Is she dead? Is she somewhere in between the two?! I can only say that she’s one of the most Poe-esque characters in the game. Think of her situation: bed-ridden in a mansion with a tormented husband and little hope of survival. In her portraits, she sometimes looks like she’s smiling – other times you might pass and think how serious she looks. What do you make of that, eh?

  So Poe’s general sense of mystery, madness and death is the huge influence on Death In Candlewood’s atmosphere. However, there are three works in particular which are key: the nightmarish ‘Ligeia’ (1838), the infamous ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ (1839) and the gruesome ‘The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar’ (1845). Now, I don’t want to give too much away about Death In Candlewood, but if you have a read of these three stories I’d be very interested to hear what ideas, scenes or themes you think might have found their way into my game…

Ravings of love & death

  Ah! I couldn’t finish an update all about Poe without recommending another Kickstarter project dedicated specially to him. I present: 

  It’s aimed at funding a beautiful artistic anthology of Poe stories and poems, every page colour illustrated and designed by the phenomenal artist David G. Fores. You really need to check it out – there’s only a few days left before it closes, and it’s right on the cusp of reaching its goal!

The Music Update, New Reward Images and the Weapons

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

The Music

Next update! Today we're going to give you a preview of the main theme of Death In Candlewood, composed by Patrick Smith. Here it is:

To put the music in context, we’ve set it against the brooding backdrop of Candlewood Mountains. What do you think? We really think it fits the look and feel of the game. We haven’t finalised the rest of the soundtrack yet, but we will make sure this instrumental, atmospheric feel remains throughout the OST. We’re also using underscores and natural effects to carry Ray on his journey though Candlewood (and perhaps beyond…).

Reward images

We want to continue making the rewards better and better looking, so you might find some changes later on!

Weaponry unveiled!

Last weekend we unveiled the weaponry for the game. Melee and short-range fire weapons will be more common throughout Ray’s quests, while the rest will be rarely seen – you can only purchase them at Candlewood’s gun shops.

Weapons are organized into categories (melee, shotgun, etc) and Ray can only carry one of each category at any time. While we hope you have one or two firm favourites within our lovely arsenal, you’ll find it worth your while to chop and change, using different weapons for different situations. A machine gun might be a good way to take out three or four enemies in an ambush in the woods, but it’s going to ruin your attempts to sneak undetected into a facility.

Knives can be thrown and all weapons have a ‘secondary fire’/melee option, but you’ll find that ammunition is a valuable commodity in Candlewood and Ray is often forced to resort to melee weapons. The inhabitants of Candlewood get you through a considerable amount of ammo…

Very interesting project on Kickstarter

Ah! And I couldn’t finish this update without recommending a Kickstarter project I just came across recently. "Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today" Is a fantastic dark point and click adventure with space-time distortions and a dystopian atmosphere!

Only 3 days left for them so hurry up and back this game already! You won't regret!